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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

I work from home two days a week, which is super-crazy-awesome because it allows me to get in a lunchtime workout that I don’t normally get when I work from the office. Sometimes I’ll go to the gym and run four miles, but lately I’ve been loving these little 20 minute HIIT runs I’ve been doing at home (also on the treadmill).

They look like this:

  • 1 mile @ 10:00 (warm up)
  • 1.15 mile alternating every 30 seconds @ 7:30 and 10:00

That second mile is so hard that by the end of it, I can barely breathe, my legs are weak, and I feel like I got in a much longer workout. I’ve done this same run three times now and it’s so challenging, I haven’t had to change it up yet. Once I cool down, I have a crazy burst of energy which I need now that I’ve broken up with my secret lover…Diet Coke.

Why yes, I did spend time making that graphic.

I think I mentioned awhile ago that I was quitting Diet Coke. Well, that was going fairly well until Texas happened. During my two weeks there, I drank so much Diet Coke that it reached lab rat proportions. Not only was I drinking cans of it all day long but I was getting the fountain drinks at lunch too. Once I got back to Orlando, things didn’t change. I stopped the fountain drinks but could easily drink four cans a day, which I know is not good for me but it’s also not black tar heroine so get off my ass!

Sorry, that’s the Diet Coke talking.

Anyway, five days ago I decided that Diet Coke and I needed to go on a break again. I tell myself that I can have one Diet Coke if I really want it, but so far I haven’t. I even brought a Diet Coke to work yesterday just in case I became a raging bitch but I didn’t even feel like I needed it. You know what the Japanese call that?

I’m back to drinking water and sparkling water and I’ve been feeling pretty good so far. I haven’t had headaches from the lack of caffeine like I expected, but holy crap am I tired all.the.time now. I’m pretty sure I have been kept alive and preserved solely by Diet Coke. Without it, I’m relying on those 20 minute lunchtime runs to keep me awake the rest of the work day. I find staying awake really helpful when you want to remain employed and not homeless.




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