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No Equipment Leg and Ab Workout

I haven’t talked about Crossfit in awhile, but I’m still going three times a week, and it still kicks my butt every time. Most of my workouts have been the same or similar to what I’ve posted in the past, so I guess I thought it would be silly to post them again. However, I finally have something new to share – a no equipment leg and ab workout that I did recently.

To make this workout more challenging, do it for time. I found it fairly easy until the second half of the third set. That’s when I started to really feel the burn in my legs. The workout is sneaky like that. So don’t give up if you’re half way through and feel like you’re not working hard enough.

You can check out some of my past workouts on my Crossfit page if you haven’t seen them before. I also post them on the blog Facebook page.

Now I’m off to the gym. I have a 6 mile speed run on my training schedule today.


For the three of you that like the AHS recaps, it’s half way done and should be up tomorrow sometime. Smile


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Rock Your BodyBugg

A little over a month ago, I bought a BodyBugg.

BodyBugg is a device attached to an armband that tracks the number of calories your body burns at any given time. The armband is worn on the back of your tricep. (Which means, contrary to popular belief, that is not a picture of my back.)

Before I say any more, it should be noted that I paid for the BodyBugg myself and am not getting any compensation for this post. I am not a cool enough blogger to get a BodyBugg for free. Or a Garmin Forerunner 10. What? Anyway, I’ve wanted to try one out for a long time but they were a little too expensive. So, when Michelle found one on sale online for $89.00, I grabbed it.

I wore the band for the first 24 hours just to track my resting/sleeping calorie burn, which averages between one and two calories a minute. As you can imagine, it made me love Breaking Bad even more when I realized that I burned about 90 calories while sitting on the couch watching it. Can Breaking Bad do any wrong? I’m thinking no.

There’s no way to read your calorie burn on the device itself, so you have to pop the Bodybugg out of the armband and hook it up to your computer by the USB cable that comes with it.

To get your calorie burn, you have to log into their Web site. When you log in for the first time, you have to register your device (which was a pain for me but their 24-hour service center was super helpful) and then enter your weight, age, sex, etc so it can accurately track your information.

The information from the Bodybugg syncs with the Web site and you can see your calories burned, and calories consumed if you log your daily food into their site (which I don’t because I use My FitnessPal instead). The site basically allows you to keep track of your entire exercise and nutrition plan, but I just use it to view specific calorie burn.

I wear the BodyBugg mainly for workouts. My main goal is to figure out which of my activities burn the most calories and I wanted to use something with more accuracy because cardio machines are notoriously off by about 20%. While a lot of the activities that I do averaged close to the amount of calories I predicted, there were a few surprises.

Remember that time I did Yoga? That hour and 15 minute session burned 174 calories, or what I like to call, “two Breaking Bad episodes.” The other day I wore my BodyBugg to Crossfit. We did the Filthy 50 workout and it took me 58 minutes to finish. My perceived exertion during that workout is extremely high. In other words, I feel like I’m going to die at any moment.

This is the workout, if you’re not familiar.

That workout burned 415 calories – about 150 short of my estimate.

I’ve worn the BodyBugg for several of those two-mile HIIT workouts I’ve been doing lately as well. Those runs burn about 325 calories in 20 minutes – about 75 calories more than I estimated. Pretty good for only 20 minutes of exercise.

So basically, I’ve been keeping a more accurate track of what I burn and have lost 5 lbs in the past three weeks. I’m not saying the Bodybugg is solely responsible for my weight loss because I’ve also been eating fairly well and doing two extra workouts a week (those HIIT 20-minute workouts), but I think it’s helped.

Overall, it’s made me more aware so that it’s easier to plan what I’m eating that day based on what workout I’ll be doing.




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Running Drama

I had a really good run on Tuesday. According to my training schedule, I  was supposed to do a 2 mile easy run but I felt so good that I decided to do the next day’s tempo run instead. I ran 5 miles and I could have run more but I had to get home and get some work done. This is what I did:

  • 1 @ 10:00
  • 3 @ 9:06
  • 1 @ 9:40

I haven’t been able to run five consecutive miles, much less maintain a 9:06 pace for 3 miles in a long time. I didn’t stop to walk and I didn’t stop for “other things.” It was amazing. While I was on the treadmill, I really wished I had worn my special occasion rip-away clothes, because I was all like…

Wednesday, I went to the gym to do the easy run I skipped the day before. The schedule was 2 miles at a 10:43 pace which, on the crappiest of days, is a little on the slow side for me unless I’m running long. Knowing I was only supposed to do two slower miles must have helped me mentally because once I got going, I felt so good that I ended up running 3 miles and increased my speed for every mile (9:40 average). Then I was all like…


After two awesome runs, I was super psyched for my first long run in awhile on Saturday morning. Third times a charm, right? First I had to get through Friday’s Crossfit workout. (Not the best idea before a long run, by the way.)

No equipment needed for that workout. We did the burpees for 25 feet, which I think equaled to about 10 of them (I wasn’t counting). I was, however, waddling instead of walking afterwards because my legs were so weak. When my trainer told me what I’d be doing beforehand, I thought it sounded easy. It wasn’t. Trust me. It didn’t take long to do but it was super tiring and my butt was sore the next day.

Saturday morning, I met my group for a long run. I had eight miles on the schedule but was willing to do ten if I was feeling good. I haven’t run long in at least five weeks, so hopefully that will give you some indication of how it went.

Four miles in, I wanted to turn back but the whole group was going a different direction and it was still pitch black out. I received this email from my old group a few days earlier, so I decided I’d rather run some seriously shitty miles than get molested.

WARNING! We need to be on the lookout for “the weird Brazilian kick boxer guy” (yes, that’s what we call him). He likes to touch women and will just jump in and start running with any group. Call the police immediately if you see him (you’ll know him) and remember to NEVER run alone, even in beautiful Winter Park! So, this means, if you break away from the group for some reason, be sure someone is with you!!

By the time it was light out and I felt comfortable breaking away from the group, I was eight miles into the run and four miles away from my car. So that meant I had no choice but to do them.


I ran 11 miles, walked one, and stopped my Garmin whenever I walked. I’m really surprised I had a 10:33 average pace. It was so humid, I expected it to be worse. Either way, it was a terrible run and I hope next week goes better.

And now for the drama…

I hate my new running group. So much. I mean, I like that it’s a faster group and that my friend Brad is in it but I hate everything else. One of the pace leaders doesn’t give a shit who he leaves behind. He just keeps running and doesn’t watch out for people who may be having bad days. I was left behind at a water stop Saturday morning. It was dark out and I didn’t know the route, so I was really lucky that Brad knew where he was going so we could catch up. The other pace leader never finishes with the group. He lives in the neighborhoods we run through, so he always leaves at some point and runs back home and no one knows where he is. Honestly, the only thing keeping me in the group is Brad. I love running with him because we are basically pace twins and he keeps me motivated. (Our half marathon PRs are exactly the same – down to the second. And we ran them in different races.)

So, I’m not sure what to do. Go back to my old, slower, Brad-less group that I love and possibly not improve my speed? Or stop being a complaining jerkface and just run in the new, faster group with Brad and try to ignore the fact that the pace leaders suck and start bringing GPS for when (not if) I get lost?





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Back to Running

The running thing has slowly been getting better for me. I’m not hating it like I was and now I’m running about three times a week, up from…none times. I’m thinking that’s an improvement. My long run with my group this morning was only 6 miles (since I had a Crossfit afterwards) and it felt like I was running an 8 minute mile. I felt like I was one with the wind, like nothing could hold me back. Then I felt like a jerk when I looked at my Garmin and saw I was actually running a 10 minute mile.

Running in the humidity is pure misery. It was miserable last year too but this year seems so much worse. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s actually more humid out or trying to keep up with a faster pace group is kicking me square in the lady parts. Probably both.

That’s not going to bode well for when I visit Melissa next weekend. We’re planning on running together and she’s fast. But I agreed to the run only if she promised to run slower for me, but I’m not sure she can be trusted.

You know what else kicked me in the lady parts? This workout that I did last night.

All the exercises in that workout are inconsequential. It’s the 2.5 minutes on the treadmill that will kill you. I started out at a 4.0 speed and couldn’t get my breathing under control. So my trainer lowered the speed to 3.5, which I could only handle for a few repetitions. When it was getting to be too much, I dropped to a 3.2 or 3.3. I felt dread at the end of each set of squats because I knew I had to get back on the treadmill. Dread! But then afterwards, I thought I was awesome. So try it out. This workout will raise your level of awesome exponentially.

Hubs and I also saw Ice Age 4 yesterday.

It was really cute, but the others were better and funnier in my opinion. Still worth seeing, though.

Before the movie, there was a trailer that looks like all my nightmares joining forces and coming true. It’s called The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure. I don’t know what Oogieloves are, but I almost couldn’t make it through the trailer (<— watch it if you dare). It was that annoying. After it was over, I felt dizzy, confused, and was all…

Then I was never happier than bunnies can’t talk. (Sorry, Pants) So, if you have young kids, just know that movie is out there. And it’s coming for you.



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Things That Aren't Depressing

The weekend is almost over which totally bums me out. I feel like I could be a professional weekender. I’m really good at them. I don’t normally enjoy Sundays though because I spend a good portion of them mourning the end of the weekend and the start of a new work week. My glass is half empty, thankyouverymuch.

So, instead of being a pouty pants, I’m going to talk about the fun stuff this weekend. Then go back to being a pouty pants.

It started on Friday morning when hubs and I went to Crossfit. Only, our trainer forgot he had an appointment with us. So, we did the only thing we could to cope with the sadness. We got frostys.

I love when I can blame an unscheduled rest day on someone else. And yes I looked up that date. My jokes may be terrible but they are accurate.

Friday night, we went to see a late showing of Brave.

For a 10:45pm show, there were a LOT of young kids in the movie. Like, whiny, past their bedtime kids. Since when do 5-8 year old kids get to stay up that late?

We didn’t see it in 3D since we are total 3D haters, but this girl says the 3D is awesome. Anyway, we both still really liked it. It’s not one of my favorite Pixar movies (Toy Story, Wall-E, Nemo) but it’s really worth seeing. I could listen to Scottish accents all day. Americans really got shafted in the accent department, if you ask me. It’s like people with English, Scottish, South African, and Australian accents can say the stupidest shit and I would agree with whatever they said because it sounds cool. What am I talking about? Oh right. The Pixar short before the movie was cute too but hubs and I both thought it was our least favorite of the shorts so far. But still, go see it. It’s worth seeing in the theatre instead of waiting for video.

I didn’t get to bed until after 1:00am but still managed a 4:45am wake up for a run with my group.

My right hamstring is still bothering me (from a speed run I didn’t warm up enough for) and I was going to quit at mile 4 but then it seemed to become more manageable as I warmed up. So I upped my intended six miles to eight.

After the run, I not only came home and cleaned for 2 hours like the domesticated woman I am, but with the help of some caffeine, I went to Crossfit.

* Example of a good morning
* Example of a ball exchange

Before the workout, my trainer rolled my bad hamstring and calves (using The Stick) and holy shit that hurt. I was crawling away from him while hubs watched and laughed. I don’t know how you guys can stick yourselves. (Ha!?)  Hurts so good, my ass. I am way too much of a baby. But I’m still going to buy one because I don’t think I foam roll correctly. And with The Stick, at least I don’t have to look like a moron rolling all over the floor to use it.

After Crossfit, I got another shellac manicure because I am now addicted to them.

My last one lasted 2 weeks until I thought it looked dumb because my nails were growing out. But it never chipped (and I often do dishes by hand). Did you know that salons charge to remove old shellac polish? $5.00! I had already peeled off three of the nails by the time I went in. Shouldn’t I get a discount for that?

Then Saturday night, I did the thing that I said I wouldn’t do again: I saw LMFAO in concert. And it was way better than last time. But I’ll save that for another post because this is long and I am tired. But here’s a couple pictures to delight you until then.

Are you sufficiently delighted?


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Working from Home

I think I briefly mentioned that I started a new project at work not so long ago. I don’t usually talk about work on my blog because 1) a lot of things we do is proprietary 2) it’s not professional and 3) I like to talk shit and the last thing I need is for one of those people at work to figure out I have a blog and then realize it’s them I’m shit-talking. Mostly #3.

Anyway, I’ve been working on a new project for a few weeks and this project allows me to work from home 2 days a week. (I’m a technical writer.)

We have a lot of remote employees at my company but I’ve never been one of them. In the almost 9 years I’ve been there, I’ve probably worked from home twice and that was because either my car didn’t start or I had to be home to meet some contractor. Anyway, I always thought working from home was that mystical glitter-pooping unicorn that I always wanted but could never have. Well, let me say, hot damn it is awesome! My desk at home is like the matrix of unnecessary monitors.

Not only do I get to sleep in later, not shower, and work in my jammies, but I save money on gas, tolls, and eating out. I’m also able to spend my breaks doing actual productive things like watching Downton Abbey and spending time with those I love.

Seriously, if you work from home, how in the hell do you not eat all day? The only way I am able to tear myself away from the fridge is to have no food in the house or workout during my lunch break. Since no food makes husband’s angry, I’m going the workout route. And it’s been giving me 3 days of double workouts. It’s great but it’s also exhausting.

So last night I rested and went out with this girl for drinks. It looked JUST like this but with darker hair.

Also, I stole that picture from her blog.

Two bars, several drinks, one story about a wooley mammoth that I probably shouldn’t have told, one long uncomfortable hug (Michelle is NOT a hugger), and five hours later, we went home. It was nice to take a break from working out and finally hang out with Michelle when we didn’t have a race the next day. And we’re doing it again next weekend. 🙂



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Dry Weekend

I made it through the weekend without drinking. I’m sure those of you who don’t drink are thinking, “just don’t drink.” But it’s not that simple. Drinks are delicious and margaritas love it when I drink them. So really I do it for the margaritas. Anyway, this is some sort of milestone for me because I always say I won’t drink and then still end up drinking. So now you’re probably wondering what I did with the rest of my weekend since that freed up about 16 hours of my time.

Friday evening, I went to a terrible spin class where all but two of the songs were low resistance sprints. I almost left the class halfway through but then remembered how much I paid for it. When I got home, I added a 9th color to my hair. You never can have too many in there.

Moar red! I used Emma Stone Copper Shimmer from Feria which made my roots super bright, but eh, I kinda like it. Incidentally, I’m a natural redhead. And for those of you who don’t believe me, including my friends that swear they have never seen my natural hair color, here you go.

I ran 8.5 miles with this girl Saturday morning and didn’t hate it. That’s my longest run in at least 6 weeks. I was feeling pretty good the whole time and we even managed negative splits. Then I got a bonus of seeing EIGHT brown bunnies along the way. The last mile or so was like some crazy bunny love fest just for me.

Let’s not ask the bunnies.

So after a good run and then reading about this marathon bitch-fest (that was somehow still inspiring in its own way) and then hearing about this girl’s 20 minute marathon PR, I remember that I used to like running. So, I might be sort of, kind of looking forward to training for some fall races. Not that the training will start anytime soon because I’ll just burn out more, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

After my run, I went home, took a nap, and then went to Crossfit with hubs (making only one double workout this week, but that’s better than none). It was a deck of cards workout this time.

(If you don’t remember my personally drawn examples of walk-outs and chopsticks, click those links. And be prepared to be taken aback.)

Our trainer wanted us to do quarter mile sprints for the Jokers but I was tired of running, so he picked chopsticks instead. You know what’s worse than sprinting for a quarter mile after running 8.5 miles? 100 chopsticks. TWICE. I feel like I have wobbley turkey neck. Have you ever done so much ab work that just keeping your big ass head off the ground becomes an exercise? That happened to me. It’s hard to hold my head up today because my neck is so sore. Which, I guess, is nice because now I don’t notice the pain my abs are in. So there’s that.

I haven’t shopped in a really long time. Mostly because I hate shopping unless it’s online. So I took care of that one on Saturday too.

I bought a whole bunch of ridiculous things I don’t need from Target, Old Navy, and Kohls, including a necklace that I found to be so ugly that I liked it. It’s like the necklace uglied me into buying it. Is that even possible? I’ll show you all once I figure out what to wear with it.

Then after Shopfest 2012, hubs and I watched approximately 7 hours of Breaking Bad.

Hubs and I finished season 2 on Friday night and my Breaking Bad “dealer” apparently couldn’t read my mind that I needed season 3 in like, twosecondsbeforeIfreakout, so I bought it at Best Buy. I’m that impatient. And no, I don’t have Netflix streaming because it sucks. But I guess in this case it would have been good for something. Cue the entirety of my Saturday and Sunday nights. I’m 7 episodes into season 3 and I think there’s not enough Jesse going on this season, but it looks like that might change after the last episode I watched. Also, I think that he and Demi Moore could make beautiful voice-babies together.

So that’s what happens when you don’t drink. You spend too much money on yourself, you work out too much, and you spend the rest of your time watching too much TV. Let this be a lesson to you all that you should never stop drinking. Unless you’re an alcoholic, then you totally should stop drinking and please don’t send me hate mail.


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Bad to Good

Yesterday, hubs and I went to a Crossfit workout. Once the workout began, I felt super weak and dehydrated. My form was bad and the first set felt like the last set should feel. Our trainer noticed I wasn’t exactly killing it, so he had me do 3 rounds instead of 4. Hubs went on to do the 4 rounds which totally bummed me out because I couldn’t keep up. That didn’t set a good tone for the rest of the day. Either way, the workout was still good (even if I sucked at it) and share-worthy:

In case you’re wondering what a body row looks like < —– click that.

I did progressive push-ups again. If you don’t remember my amazing progressive push-up how-to < —– click that.

Alright, so let’s back it up a bit. I gained 4 lbs on vacation last week. Like, real pounds. Not those water weight pounds that disappear after a week of eating healthy and working out. I know this because I’m still up 4 lbs today. It’s been weighing on me, not only physically, but mentally. So, the weight gain coupled with not being able to finish that workout pretty much shit all over my day. I was just so sad all day long. I had plans with friends that night that I wanted to cancel. Basically, I wanted to sit on the couch and mope.

After talking to my trainer, we think one of my problems is hydration. Now that I’m not running, I forget that I still need to drink water.  So, I went to the grocery store planning to get bottles of water (bottles remind me to drink it for some reason) and healthy meals and snacks for next week. But the only thing I cared about was cream cheese frosted brownies and anything containing the word Entenmmans.


And then it happened. Right in the middle of the grocery store, I just felt like giving up. I eat well most of the time. I workout out more than 99% of the people I know and I just felt like it was getting me nowhere. There may have been a few tears in front of the clearance Easter candy, which made me feel super awesome. I do NOT do emotional in public. I walked down aisles looking downward so no one would notice. I was a mess.


Then a woman that was so overweight she couldn’t walk rolled past me on one of those motorized scooters and made me feel like an asshole. So, I sucked it up, left the brownies on the shelf, and decided not to cancel my plans that night.

I wasn’t going to drink. But I changed my mind about that too. Because watching people drink is probably more depressing than gaining 4 lbs. So, I had drinks at a friend’s house and then I had 3 delicious pieces of extra cheese/extra pepperoni pizza…at midnight.

And the weirdest thing happened when I woke up this morning: I didn’t regret it. Seriously, I am the queen of regretting Saturday nights. But hanging out with friends and not worrying about everything that goes in my mouth (twss?) was worth it.

I took advantage of my good mood this morning and went to a spin class at a new place I found through an Amazon local deal. (10 spin classes for $45 – holy cheap!)

The place is awesome. It’s not close to my house but it’s kinda worth it. They have Keiser bikes which show your mileage, calories burned, watts, RPMs, and time. The room has 2 big screens at the front that show psychedelic images that move to the music. (I think it would be cool if they showed an outdoor scenic bike trip on the screens.)

And the best part of all? They black out the room and turn on black lights. The fluorescent paint on the walls “light” up the room. It’s so fun. I think spin and I are having a little love affair right now.

After class, I was in an even better mood. I wasn’t worried about the 4 lbs that are making my pants tighter or the fact that running and I aren’t on speaking terms. I guess my point to all this is, everyone has shitty days and it’s not the end of the world.

So, today is all about drinking water and wearing elastic. And I’m ok with that.


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HIIT Training

For the month of April, I’ve decided I’m going to make an effort to work out twice a day, a couple times a week. That means, I need to get my butt out of bed early to get it done before work, because the chances of me getting up early on a weekend when I can sleep in is none. It’s not going to be easy because I’m not a morning person. So, that’s also the reason I’m only going to try this for a month. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t keep it up long term. I value being lazy way too much. So, the idea is that my morning workout will be shorter and the evening workout will be a normal workout. Basically, just a little extra exercise in my week to kick start my goal of making my work pants not double as compression pants.


Anyway, it’s not April yet but I decided to try it out today. My personal trainer gave me a HIIT workout that I’ve been wanting to try  (and I think she got the workout from this site). If you don’t already know, HIIT stands for “high intensity interval training.” So, HIIT training is all about speed. The workouts are intended to exhaust your muscles of their stored energy which is the quickest way to burn fat. The best part is they are only 20 minutes or less, so they are really good workouts when you’re short on time but want maximum results.  Or for when you want to sleep in as late as possible but still workout ‘cause you’re a lazy-ass.

Here’s what I did:

The “work” column is all out effort sprinting and the “rest” column is easy running or walking. I did the original workout and hated it. But I’m posting it anyway. Just because I hate it doesn’t mean you will.

I think the original workout would be better outside. It takes about 10 seconds for my treadmill to slow down to a walking pace, so I wasn’t getting much rest. I ended up adding 5 seconds here and there just so I could get a rest in. Then, it was just a big mess trying to figure out where I was in the workout (I had it printed in front of me) because I’m watching the sheet and watching the treadmill time and trying to change speeds. Toward the end, I accidentally sprinted for 50 seconds instead of 10 because I read the sheet wrong. So everything about that workout was annoying to follow. With all my additions, the workout was 18 minutes long and 1.85 miles. Next time, I’m going by my modified version. I haven’t tried it yet so it may still need some tweaking.

(Usually I do a 20 minute workout of 40 seconds work/20 seconds rest which is super easy to do on the treadmill.)

Later in the day, hubs and I went to Crossfit and did a workout that kicked our butts.

Because I can’t get my chest to the floor when I do a regular push-up, I did progressive push-ups. Basically, you do a regular push-up on the way down and then a girly push-up on the way up. Again, I couldn’t find anything online depicting this so…

I know. You don’t have to say it. You love that graphic. I hear progressive push-ups work the best when you’re wearing nothing but blue sneakers too. But seriously, they are supposed to be a good way to get your muscles strong enough to where you can do regular push-ups (chest to ground), which I can’t do. I’ve been doing regular push-ups half way down and thinking that was good enough.

Also, our trainer was telling hubs and I how stiff we looked during our workout. He asked us if we had been on any long car rides or sitting for long periods of time this week. I guess all those extra work hours sitting at my desk have taken a toll. So it makes total sense that I’m sitting at a desk and blogging right now. Guess I should stop being an old lady on the computer and go enjoy my Friday night.

Have a good weekend everyone! 🙂


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Winter Park Road Race 2012

Saturday morning, I ran the Winter Park Road Race Distance Dare (10k plus 2). Friday afternoon, I went to see Hunger Games with my best friend. Then we went to dinner at Ale House so we could get our nerd on and chat about all the things we loved and didn’t love about the movie. During our conversation, I had one six too many of these.

Why yes, that is my first Instagram picture, thanks for noticing. And no, that’s not water. Unless you count the ice. Then it’s totally water.

I knew drinking the night before a race was a bad idea but I was having so much fun I couldn’t help myself. I made sure to drink a lot of water along with the alcohol, so that’s something. Then hubs reminded me that I drank and ate much worse in Vegas when I ran the half marathon and that was a longer distance, so I was good to go. (He’s a helpful guy like that.) The fun continued when I ordered another pre-race tummy no-no, the Captain Jack’s Buried Treasure, also known as the greatest dessert in the UNIVERSE.

That dessert went really well with my mini Mint Oreo Blizzard earlier in the day. Smile  Anyway, just know that fun was had all day long, little sleep was gotten, and Saturday morning reared it’s ugly head for a 5:45 wake-up.

When I woke up, I didn’t feel great (surprise, surprise), so I didn’t eat breakfast because I wasn’t sure if I could keep anything down. Instead, I chugged some water, got ready, and waited for Michelle to pick me up.

We made the 15 minute drive to the race start, found parking pretty quickly, and had over a half a mile walk to the start of the first race – the 2 miler. We made it with 5 minutes to spare, cut in front of people at the front of the start line (since there was no start timing, only finish) and we were off.

By the time I got to the first mile marker, I was sure I had already run a mile and a half. That and the fact that eight year olds were passing me the whole time was a little disconcerting. Clock time for the first mile said 8:08 which made me feel all fast and giddy for about 3 seconds. Then I remembered I still had a mile left and wanted to die.

2 Mile Finish: 17:39 (8:50 pace)

Thankfully they had cold water bottles after the 2 miler because I was so thirsty. I took two of them, chugged one, and kept the other one for the 10k. Then I found Michelle chatting with an old co-worker that she randomly ran into. We all talked for a couple minutes and then made our way to the 10k start. (We had a little over 10 minutes between the end of the 2 miler and the start of the 10k.)

We got in the 8:30 pacing area, which is the pace I run in my dreams, so I guess that counts in reality. That’s when we noticed we were behind this guy.

Yeah, those shorts are pinned on both sides so they don’t fall down. Time for new shorts, my friend.

I gotta say, that 2 miler really pooped me out. I was feeling better finally but I was not in the mood to race a 10k at that point. So, I didn’t. I ran what felt comfortable. Sometimes I felt a burst of energy and went faster, sometimes my legs felt heavy and I went slower. A lot of the race was on uneven brick roads, so I spent my time trying not to faceplant.

The course was mostly shaded and I was really familiar with it since it’s where all my training runs with Marathonfest happened last year. It was nice to run some familiar roads. There were a lot of hills, which I didn’t expect. I’m pretty sure my group planned our runs around those because I would have been bitching about them way more last summer if I had to run them all the time.

10k Finish:  1:03:56  (I’m too lazy to figure out that pace. 10:20 ish?)

I know I can race that in under an hour. Maybe next year I’ll try not to drink all night beforehand and make that happen. Either way, that’s a PR because I’ve never run an official 10k before.

After the race, we found Michelle’s friend again. He just ran his first full marathon a couple months ago in Miami.

Someday I’m going to remember to take my headphones off for pictures.

Shortly after, we found Michelle’s husband, Dan, who was there to drop off the kids because he had to get to work. After Dan left, the four of us headed over to the VIP area that Michelle paid extra for because the proceeds go to charity there was beer.

I didn’t pay for VIP, so I stood on the outside of the fence looking in like a lost puppy. I waited with the kids while Michelle got her beer and when she came back, Livie really wanted a sip. I took this picture about 2 seconds after Michelle told her no.

I look the SAME way when I can’t have beer.

We hung around for a bit and did our picture thing. (One metal for the 10k and one for the Distance Dare.)

B played on his iPad the whole time and ignored everything around him while Livie flirted with 2 different guys and fist-bumped 8 strangers twice. The girl is not shy. I would totally take her out with me if I wanted to pick up some guys but not do any of the work.

Then, my favorite race picture of all time happened and my race season was complete.

I was all over that Nesquik bunny. Poor guy.

Overall, I really liked this race. It’s a nice course, close to home, the post race party is fun and has bunnies, and they give you a lot of goodies including an extra medal and a glass for everyone that completed the Distance Dare.

Michelle and I both agreed we’d do this race again, but will probably skip the 2 miler and just stick with the 10k next year.

When I got home, I was feeling especially energetic so I joined the Over-Exercising Bloggers Club and went to Crossfit with the hubs. I thought I’d share this workout since you don’t need any equipment for it. (Pretend your jump roping if you don’t have one and do it as fast as you can (with good form) for a good cardio workout.)

That workout took care of any energy I had left.

So this race officially ends my race season. My next race isn’t until the end of September and there’s only one other I have my eye on for now. I’m not planning my races in advance this year like I did last year. I think I want to do some fun destination races next, but I’m not sure where. So, we’ll see how it goes.  🙂


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