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Greetings from San Diego!

I made it safe and sound to the West coast – although a couple hours late. It’s nice to be out here visiting my mom, oldest wisest brother, SIL, and cutie pie niece and nephews.

My big bro hooked me up with a laptop without me even asking. I’m pretty sure he can’t get enough of my blog and a week without it is too much for him to handle. So, you can all blame thank my brother for this post.
Today is pretty gloomy, so my SIL, neice, and hubs are going to hit up a kettle bell class at the gym and then go to the mall to buy ourselves things we don’t need.

The backyard, currently turning into a lake


Speaking of things we don’t need, tis the season for giving….a gift to myself!

How cute is this runner charm? I’ve been wanting to post a pic of it forever but I bought one for my friend Tiffany and I didn’t want her to beat me up for this one when she was getting one of her own for Christmas.

Since arriving, I signed up for the Melbourne Half Marathon, I’ve managed to eat my weight in lasagna and cheesecake. To counter balance the food, I ran one mile. Then stopped. Hills in San Diego do not mess around.

When you're used to running in flat Orlando, this is like Mt. Everest.


I’ve seen a few movies…

I bought some clothes at Papaya that I’m pretty sure only people my neice’s age should be wearing…

Doing her best cat lady impression

Visited a pet store that had a dog the hubs said reminded him of Samuel L Jackson…

I can SO see it.

And then last night we hit up a show at Belly Up to see Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven. First, we stopped for some dinner at the adjoining restaurant, the Wild Note Cafe.

To say this restaurant had food that would rock your world is an understatement.

Lobster Dumplings in a port wine sauce. I will rub these all over my body.


We headed over to the show where we discovered that Camper Van Beethoven IS Cracker. Yeah. Same band members, different name. Kinda takes that element of excitement out of seeing the headlining band come on stage for the first time.

That's Camper Van Beethoven, I mean, Cracker


Belly Up is a super small venue, so it’s awesome for seeing shows. We all had a good time and might return on Thursday for some more food another show.


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