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Five for Friday – Lame Confessions

Workout: Ran 2.1 miles on treadmill (9:41 pace), walked .6 miles

I woke up before my alarm this morning so I decided to get a couple miles in on the treadmill instead of going back to sleep. This is amazing for two reasons: 1) I don’t do mornings and 2) our A/C stopped working last night and the house was hot. I kept it at a 9:41 pace and didn’t push it because the run felt really good! I even planned on doing 2.5 miles at first, but I didn’t want to loathe the last .4 so I stopped while my “running happy” was in full force.

Junk miles Leisure runs = SO nice.

Rewind to last night. When we realized the A/C wasn’t working, hubs and I checked out the A/C unit and found that the air filter had frozen to a block of ice. (He couldn’t get it out it was so frozen.)

I’m pretty sure this is all my fault because I put the A/C up when I leave for work and down when I get home, so with all the humidity lately I’m sure the A/C had to work overtime to cool the house and just pooped out.

We turned the A/C off last night, the filter was thawed this morning, and seemed to work again once we turned it back on. *whew*  $5000 dollar crisis averted.

I’m going to take a cue from my girl Michelle and write a Five for Friday. Five (lame) confessions, that is. So, let’s get to it.

1.  I watched Monday’s episode of Chuck last night on the DVR – and I cried at the end.

I cry at EVERYTHING. It’s ridiculous. And the hubs calls me out all.the.time. Annoying! I’m gonna call him out everytime he loses a match playing Street Fighter and see if he likes it.

2.  While I’m at it, I cried at the end of this week’s episode of House too, which wasn’t even sad. I’m just that much of a wuss.

3.  I didn’t do anything to my hair today. And it looks like hell (unless you apply 3 photo effects like I did).

I love choppy hair cuts but I think my cut is too choppy. One indicator of a good haircut is that it looks good unstyled. I just look like a fluff ball. I’m hoping that will work itself out when it grows out an inch.

4.  Today at work someone told me they liked my belt.  Then added, “I had one like that in high school.” 

Is that still a compliment?

“Hey, I love your haircut! I had one like that in high school!”

5. I’m wearing the same jeans today that I wore on Wednesday…and I didn’t wash them.


Random picture of my bunny time! She says Happy Easter!


Alright, now someone please make this work day go faster. I’m seeing Ke$ha tonight at House of Blues and I am freakin’ psyched! Expect a Ke$ha filled post this weekend. And expect drunk Tweets tonight. And maybe some pictures of the day on Facebook that won’t make the blog that might be embarrasing.

I hope you all respect me in the morning.

What’s you lame confession today?

How many times do you wear your jeans before you wash them? (If there isn’t a noticeable stain, I can wear jeans 4 or 5 times without washing them. Can I sit on your lap?)


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