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Progress So Far

First, I would like to welcome the person that found my site today by googling “unicorn poop cupcakes.” I hope my blog does not disappoint you.

And second, I hope you all like really unattractive pictures of me, cuz that’s what you’re about to get. After this, I will only post glamour shots of myself or those that have been digitally altered to make me look wicked awesome.

In time, those awesome pictures will make you forget all about the ones you are about to see of me and my first chemical peel.

Day 1:  This was taken about 10 minutes after I got my chemical peel. Not too bad. I was a little red and my skin felt like burning.

I was instructed to keep the peel on for as long as possible – at least 4 hours. I think I splashed my face with some water after 6 hours.


Day 2: Much more red although this picture doesn’t seem to do it justice. You can see the redness more if you look at either the color of my neck in comparison or my awesome raccoon eyes.

When you look like this. There is no need to dry your hair. But I did take a shower which is more than I can say for most days.


On Day 2 I decided to do some miles on the treadmill at home. I did 4.5 miles that I didn’t feel like doing and they were a mix between running, sprinting, incline, and walking. Mostly walking. All of it sucked. Afterwards, my skin started to boil.

Can you see the little bumps on my forehead? They were all over my face.

Husband’s reply to said boils:  “Eeeeeeewwww.”


The evening of Day 2, my skin started to peel.

Here’s Day 3:

My skin felt really tight, which you can see from my forehead. Everything started to peel around my mouth area first. It was like foaming at the mouth, but instead of foam…it was skin. (You’re welcome for that visual.)


The dermatologist said not to pick at my face.

Easier said than done my dermatologist friend. When you have a flaky piece of skin in your field of vision, YOU try to not peel it off.

Day 4: I made my first public appearance today…at Sweet Tomatoes. I would have taken a picture of my awesome salad, but do you really want to see another picture of a salad I’ve eaten? Probably not.

Instead, I’ll show you more pics of my peely face! I’m not sure if you can see the uneven skin tone from this picture, but the darker areas have not peeled yet and the more pink areas have.


Oh, I showered again. And I even smiled for you.


Today my face feels SUPER dry. It’s still peeling and looks a little on the pink side from all the peeling. I’m using all the lotion and sunscreen the dermatologist gave me which helps with the dryness, but only a little.

In a couple days, I’ll post the before and after once I’m all healed and you can decide if my $250 was worth it. I can tell that my skin is much smoother and “fresher,” if that makes sense. So, I can see a difference already and I guess that’s what really matters.

I’ve been assured I will look like this by Day 6:


Is it even fair that one woman can hit the gene pool lottery like that? I think not.

Honestly, I thought how I was going to look would be way worse than it was. My other friends literally looked like they walked through fire, so although I still wouldn’t want to go out in the public (and my skin was just too sensitive to put on makeup), I don’t think how I looked was that bad.

I’m looking forward to wearing makeup again. And maybe tonight I can even get a longer run in before the Gasparilla half marathon on Sunday. 🙂


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Everything Feels Like Burning

I got my first chemical peel today. And it was a lot faster and easier than I thought it would be.

There are several kinds of chemical peels and they range in intensity. I got the big daddy chemical peel because I thought…why not? I have a 4 day weekend. Let’s spend it inside picking at my own skin like Goldmember.

My friend Ali, from college, had a totally different experience with her chemical peel. (Click that link if you want to read about hers and see her sexy post-peel pic.)

I got my peel done at Reflections Dermatology in Baldwin Park (click on that link if you want to be annoyed by a Web site. Who does intros anymore? Lame).


It seems the less deep the chemical peel penetrates the skin, the more preparation the dermatologist does beforehand (like extracting blackheads, facial scrubs, etc). Because I got the burn-your-face-off-enough-so-your-husband-won’t-kiss-you peel, it was literally only 2 steps.

  1. An alcohol pad was used to get all the oil off my skin.
  2. A bottle of thin liquid that smelled like formaldehyde was applied in layers to my skin with a cotton round until  the bottle was used up.

That’s it. It took maybe 30 minutes.

That thin liquid definitely burned. The dermatologist gave me a fan to fan myself while she was applying it to lessen the burn. When she was done, she told me not to wash my face for 4 hours unless I just couldn’t stand the burning anymore.

Honestly, the silk peel I got a few months ago there was way worse. There was a lot of steaming and poking and picking and it was really uncomfortable. (That’s what she said.)

I got some goodies to apply to my face over the next 6 days.


The packets are for tonight and tomorrow night. (She said, “Those will burn. Use it anyway.” Looking forward to that.) There is also sunscreen for the daytime and a moisturizer for the nighttime.

Right now, I feel and look like I have a sunburn on my face, but it’s really not that bad.

Here’s me before the appointment:


THIS is why I wear makeup no matter where I go and why high definition should have never been invented. Hopefully my fake eyelashes will distract you from my horri-skin.

Here’s me now:


I’m sure the fun will come in the next few days when the dermatologist said I will “peel like a snake.”

I’ll post some pictures of my progress as I go. Has anyone else had a chemical peel? I have a good amount of friends who have and they have all had totally different experiences. Tell me about yours!


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