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Three, er, Six Things Thursday

Get ready to be inundated with photos. You’ve been warned. šŸ™‚

I met my best friend, Lisa, when I was about six years old. Our mothers worked as RNs in the same hospital and decided to introduce us. Best decision they’ve ever made…besides birthing us of course.


For the first four or so years, we only saw each other on our birthdays. For my birthday, Lisa came over for about an hour and sat on her mom’s lap the entire time because she was too lame shy to interact with my other friends she didn’t know well. It’s worthy of mentioning that during this time, Lisa gave me a sticker book for my birthday…four years in a row. Four.years.in.a.row.

Something happened after those four years. Maybe Lisa broke out of her shell. Maybe she finally realized how wicked-awesome I am. Who knows. But we’ve been inseperable ever since. She is literally the sister I never had and I consider her family.

So, today’s threeĀ sixĀ things are about Lisa. These are some of my favorite memories, but when you’ve known someone for almost 30 years, it’s hard to choose what to share. I mean, I could list 106 things easily.


1. Every summer, I would go to Chicago for 3 months to visit my Dad. Every summer, we wrote each other aboutĀ 3 letters a week while I was away. (Oh, interwebz, how you’ve changed communication.)

I still have ALL the letters she sent me.

Most of them were addressed to Lisa Knight and Paula McIntyre. If you don’t recognize those two last names instantly, then it’s best I don’t tell you. However, it’s also notable that the one on top is addressed to Mrs. Keanu Reeves and is sent from Mrs. Jason Priestly. There’s also a Paula Savage in there, but I can’t say I remember haveing a thing for Fred Savage. UnlessĀ it’s THIS Fred Savage.

LisaĀ even came up to visitĀ me one year for a week. Best. week. ever. Here’s a picture of us waiting for my Dad in the back seat of his car probably chatting about Aqua Net from the looks of those bangs.


2. When Lisa and I were in the car with her mom, we always wanted to sit in the back seat. But…we would sit backwards. Remember those car seats that automatically went forward and didn’t lock like today’s car seats? Yeah. That’s what her mom had. The person sitting backwards on the passenger side was in the “holy shit” position because no one was sitting in that seat. (Lisa usually took that spot cuz I was a wuss.) If you didn’t tighten your neck around the head rest enough during a stop, you flew backwards.

Wow. Looking back, that is totally illegal. I think theĀ kids these days are really missing out on old school illegal stuff.

Scanning pictures is a challenge for me, as you can see.

3. When we were 11, Fatal Attraction came out at the movies. We wanted to see it. BAD. Our mothers would not let us. RUDE.

We scrounged all our money up, walked to the grocery store, and both bought the book. We read it in 2 days. No movie necessary. We win!

Maybe we were 21 here? Im not sure. Usually beer on the table is the age indicator. We are definitely at Applebees.

4. When we were 12, Paula Abdul’s Forever Your Girl album came out. I lived near a record store. So, I took my allowance and walked there to get it. Lisa did not live near a record store, so she gave me her allowance to buy her the tape too – she gave meĀ eight dollars in dimes, nickles, and pennies.

Most.embarrasing.money.exchange.ever. I was 12 and I was embarrassed, so I think that says something. I’m 34 and still thinking about this so I apparently have issues.

I moved to Orlando because of Lisa. This picture was right after I moved 9+ years ago.

My birthday - Downtown Orlando.

5.Ā  We lived together for a little over a year when I first moved to Orlando, until she ditched me for her husband. Psh. Boys be splittin’ us up. Whatevs. Here was our apartment. (I see someone on the porch.)

6. I was the Maid of Honor in Lisa’s wedding. (Still sorry about my hair, L. Sweet Hosannah that is fowl.)

Ā And she was the Maid of Honor in mine.



Now we’re old ladies – but at least we have better hair. If growing old is good for anything – it’s for the good hair. Oh, and all the memories of the good times too. I guess. But still. The hair.



And now Lisa has a couple of these cuties:

And really, I’m just telling youĀ about her kids so I have a reason to post the most adorable picture of her daughter ever:

Lisa, you are the most amazing bestĀ friend any one could ever know. I’m just glad you’re my amazing bestĀ friend. šŸ™‚

How long have you known your best friend? Do you think Lisa and I look like sisters? (People used to always tell us we look alike.)


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