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Bad Habits I Love

I have a lot of bad habits. I didn’t even know my bad habits were that bad until I started reading healthy living blogs and they made me feel bad about them. I think about them a lot. I want to quit a few of them and I’ve tried at various times because it seems like the right thing to do. But it hasn’t happened. So, here I sit chock-full of bad habits and I’m going to share them all with you.

I count calories.

Some call it obsessing over food or disordered eating, but if I didn’t count calories I would weigh more. Period. Days in which I don’t count calories, I eat so much more than I normally would. It’s not that I don’t know I’m eating too much, it’s that I don’t have a number in front of me that tells me how much more I’ve eaten. When I don’t see a number, I don’t “see” the problem, so I keep eating.

I would love to not count calories. I think it sucks logging my food every day but I don’t see a way out of it when I’m terrible with portion control and snacking. There’s no way I will remember I had 3 Twizzlers, 10 gummy bears, a piece of chocolate, and a cookie when I’m about to eat a handful of Skittles. That stuff adds up and if I don’t write it down immediately, I forget.

I am? Ok, before I fall asleep, shove all those Skittles in my mouth.

I drink Diet Coke like it’s going out of style.

Aspartame. I know. It’s not great for you. I quit drinking Diet Coke for a month once and it sucked. Not only that, but it eliminated a couple of my favorite low-calorie alcoholic beverages (diet coke with root beer vodka, anyone?). Why did I leave you for a month, DC?


I think about quitting diet drinks just about every day, right before I crack open a new diet drink. I know eventually I’ll quit, but when it’s always in the house (the hubs drinks it), it’s always an option. So most likely I’ll choose it.

I weigh myself (almost) every day.

Some people think weighing yourself everyday is obsessive and makes you focus too much on a number. For me, it helps me know when I’m getting off track right away. Sure my weight goes up and down during the week. And if it goes up and I know there’s a cause – I had a huge meal for dinner, I drank too much, I went to town on a salt lick – I don’t worry about it. But when the scale is up and I’ve been doing well, I know it’s time to reassess my eating.

The scale is just a part of the bigger picture, which of course also includes diet, exercise, and rest. I’m not saying you should weigh yourself  every day, because some people are ruined by seeing a number. But for me, it works.


I don’t eat organic anything (that I know of).

I don’t try to not eat organic. And I’m definitely not against eating organic. I actually think it’s great and I would love to do it. But I don’t have time to go to the grocery store every week to get fresh food and I don’t have time to cook every day. Organic is expensive and until I get a sugar daddy that can afford me the extra time during the week to quit my job, grocery shop often, and actually find the time to cook, I will be enjoying my Lean Cuisines and Morningstar Sausage patties and probably taking in more sodium than one woman should.


Wow. The jokes are getting weak on this blog.

I love Splenda (and Truvia).

I do. I love it. I can eat it right out of the package. I remember when I was a kid, I used to eat packets of my step-mom’s Equal. That’s transferred right into adulthood unfortunately.  I have reduced the amount of artificial sweeter that I consume, but I still put it in my oatmeal and smoothies. Also, there’s the Diet Coke issue and the Crystal Light issue. Not Splenda, but still artificial sweetener. While I can see removing Splenda from my diet at some point, I don’t see a complete removal of all artificial sweeteners.

I drink.

Let’s face it, this one isn’t going away anytime soon. I only drink once a week, usually.  It’s a definite improvement from only not drinking once a week when I was in my 20’s. Alcohol dehydrates me and makes me feel tired the entire next day, yet I keep doing it. But I guess I’ll just have to deal with it. It’s delicious. And makes me funnier. The end.


What bad habit do you have that you love? (I think the only habit I don’t have is drinking coffee. I’m a mess.)


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Three Things Thursday

I think my bad morning from yesterday is seeping into today. Do you ever get tired of everything in general? I do. A lot. Today I’m tired of eating healthy, gaining weight, not pooping enough, boredom at work, and only getting 6 hours of sleep every night. I’m sure at least a few of those are related to one another.

I work out all the time. I try to eat healthy. I try to eat enough fruits and veggies, and I take my vitamins. I clean the house every day and pay my bills on time and I don’t bite my nails or drink coffee. 

I have a lot of good habits that you hear about all the time. So, today’s three things are my bad habits. These are bad habits I kinda like and want to keep. Forever.

Ok, maybe not forever.

Hopefully not forever.

I eat Splenda and Truvia (and think Stevia sucks)

I love Splenda and use it mostly in my oatmeal. If I’m in the mood for ice cream but want to eat something healthier, I’ll make a protein smoothie. Sometimes I’ll add a packet of Truvia to it if I want something extra sweet. Plus, Truvia has a real sugar-like consistency that I dig. But I do not like it in my oatmeal. So, I have boxes of both at home. If I’m out of one, it’s considered an emergency.

I love Diet Coke.

I don’t really discriminate against diet drinks in general. I know they’re bad because they leach calcium from your bones. I know they’re bad because the artificial sugars are known to stimulate hunger and make you eat more. I know I should drink more water. But I don’t.

I’ve quit diet coke for 2 months before and it sucks. So, I pick my battles. I will skip eating that cupcake most days, but I will not skip a diet coke if I really want it. Sometimes I drink one can a day, sometimes I drink four. Everytime I love it.

I Eat Too Many Sweets

I love sweets. I love cupcakes, cookies, marshmallows, and peanut buttery stuff the most. Pretty much anything with frosting is fair game to my tonsils. I’ve put out Facebook APBs for Cadbury Eggs (thanks Jack and Teri!) so I can make my newly discovered addiction, Cadbury Egg and Peep s’mores (thanks Melissa! I think…).

Is this normal? Probably not. When I eat low carb, I crave less sweets, so I try to eat low carb (not no carb) most of the time. I do try to limit my sweets as much as possible, but it’s hard and it sucks.

I’m thinking my bad habits might seep into Friday too. 


What’s your bad habit?


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