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Year Three

I ran the Gasparilla Half Marathon today and came in at 2:10:52. I made my goal of running it faster than last year (by about 6 minutes) but I’m still 8 minutes off my PR. Honestly, I ran it faster than I thought I would. And faster than this girl thought I would. (In yo face!)  I’ll write a recap soon, but first let’s talk about that whole third anniversary thing.

It started out with a little of this.

(I spy a sweet bunny.)

Then we wanted to go to dinner but had no idea where, so we walked around Park Ave until we came upon this.

Where there were a few of these.

And some of this.

Those are amazing lamb kabobs. Hubs had the chicken version. The red stuff in the upper right is pickled cabbage that tasted just like beets (Y-U-M) and the rice was also crazy delicious but we left most of it on the plate since we’re still doing low carb for a little while. We really liked Bosphorous. The service was a little slow for the restaurant being over half empty, but we’ll still be back.

Does it bother anyone else that lambs are so adorable yet so delicious?

No one asked you.

After dinner, we came home, jumped into our sexiest Beiber jammies, and got down with some of this.

We loved it! So cute and funny. Salma Hayek was working really hard to tame her accent in this movie. Has anyone else seen it?

Overall, we had a really low key anniversary but it was nice to do dinner and a movie and have a quiet evening at home. We’ll save the streaking for next year.


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Hot Date

(last night’s) Workout: Ran outside 3.5 miles (9:04 pace)

Last night before I left work, the Hubs texted me and told me not to eat dinner. Anniversaries on a Wednesday aren’t exactly exciting. So, I was happy to hear I was getting a hot anniversary date after all!

We had a little time before our reservation, so I did a quick (for me) 3.5 mile run and got ready for our 8pm reservation, which is crazy in itself since we normally eat dinner around 5:30 or 6. (By the way, sorry for the dark pics. I felt weird using a flash where we were.)

Hubs took me to Norman’s in the Ritz Carlton which is a “Fusion of Latin, Caribbean and Asian recipes with traditional European technique” according to their Web site.

This is from the Ritz-Carlton Web site

 Bob Sagat has something to say about this place:

Err, wait. Maybe I’m confused.

One of Zagat's top restaurants in America

ZAGAT. I gotta remember that one.

Once we sat down, the server immediately brought champagne. And a fancy anniversary menu!


Hubs and I both started with the House Salad.

Vinaigrette, Chevre, Marcona almonds, dried fruits.

OMG. This salad. I would put this stuff in a feed bag and just strap it to my face if I could.

My main course was the Florida Black Grouper.

Potato gnocchi, olives, tomatoes, capers

Excuse me waiter? I’m sorry. I ordered the LARGE plate.

I laughed when I saw the plate. I guess that’s one way of making you feel like you ate less.

I did not care for the tomatoes/olive/caper deal, but the potato gnocchi was so rich and delicious that I was glad there was only a little bit on the plate otherwise I’d have to start wearing bed sheets to work just to wear something that fits today.

Hubs had the Chimichurri Rojo Rib Eye of Beef.

His meal was really good as well. Nothing like a little protein with your protein.

After the main course, my no sugar week took a slight detour. *sigh* But it was worth it. We shared two desserts. Three flavor sorbet (coconut, raspberry, and guava)…

…and the Chocolate soufflé. 

We hated both of them.

Dinner was amazing. Hubs did good picking this place. I would highly recommend Norman’s if you’re in the area and you are looking for a special place for dinner.

Why is it that I can never understand my waiter at places like this? I think “thick, confusing accent” is one of the job requirements.

After dinner, I had to check out the bathrooms. Because that’s what normal people do. I’m a blogger. And bloggers take pictures of themselves in bathroom mirrors.

Please tell me the bathroom mirror adds 10lbs.

No paper towels here, only hand cloths.

After I put about 4 of those in my purse, we high-tailed it out of there and got our car from the valet. Here’s us waiting for the car.

When we got home, we were tired. Hubs was already in bed when I found a little something from him on my computer desk. The illuminated keyboard I’ve been drooling over!


Some girls like diamonds. I like electronics and nerdy stuff. Don’t even get me started over the bowling ball he got me for my 26th birthday. < —- love ❤ ❤  For real.

By the way, that’s how married couples do it. If you’re not married, just know that you can turn around at any second and your husband will be in bed sleeping with no warning. They only stay awake for you when you’re dating.

Hubs left a little note with my new keyboard. Just some back story first, Hubs was telling me lame jokes all day yesterday. He told me he needed to “Kenny Logon” to his computer. I stared at him for about 2 minutes straight without blinking and said nothing so he knew his joke was lame. Then he told me he was going to “Kenny Logoff.”

Here’s the note:

I didn’t really steal the handcloths. In case you’re still thinking about that. 😉


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