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Heathe Not-so-Trim

Day 2 of Heathe Trim. So far so good, if you like starving all day long. It’s supposed to be an appetite suppressant, right? I was so hungry all day that I ate lunch at 10am and continued to snack every hour or two until dinner time. Way to suppress, HT.

The Web site for Heathe Trim says that caffeine and artificial sweeteners stimulate appetite, which is why you aren’t supposed to consume any while on Healthe Trim. Well, if I was going to be hungry without drinking caffeine anyway…

Me: 2, Diet Coke: 0

I’m getting ready for the Women’s Magazine Half Marathon this weekend. And by getting ready, I mean I bought 2 cute new running outfits. If I’m gonna be sweaty and disgusting – I wanna confuse people with a cute outfit.

I also bought a rack to hang all my medals on. Medals need love too. Even cheesy two dollar wanna be medals on green ribbon.


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“High School Skinny”

Well, this weekend was a good one. I had just the right amount of relax time and just the right amount of fun time. That doesn’t happen too often. I had a great time Thursday night celebrating the bestie’s birthday.

Does she look 29? (Again)

I went to bed early on Friday night for my race on Saturday morning, and watched a funny movie Saturday night. (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World…SEE IT…it’s so quirky and funny. And of course Hub’s liked it cuz the movie was like a combination of a video game and a comic book – the only 2 things he loves more than me and food.)

Today is the first day I’m trying out Healthe Trim. It’s a diet supplement that promises you’ll “get high school skinny.”  Now, I’m not sure I want that. If anyone in high school saw me, I was more like “high school heavy.” So, I’m really going for “2008 weight.”

Hubs suggested I take this, which is a modern miracle in itself. He hates pills like this, but he hears about it all the time on a morning show he listens to (the DJs have had a lot of success with it.)

Here’s what you do:

  • Take 2 pills in the morning with a full glass of water.
  • Don’t eat anything for 2-3 hours.
  • Then eat as you normally would.

The pill is a thermogenic energy booster and appetite suppressant. For maximum results you are supposed to drink 8-10 full glasses of water a day and avoid artificial sweeteners and caffeine (each pill itself has the amount of caffeine in a normal cup of coffee).

Besides oxygen, which I’m sure is in my blood somewhere – you will also find caffeine and Splenda. In fact, I think you can actually see packets of Splenda in my body under an x-ray. So, this will be an interesting challenge to avoid my first, second, third, and fourth love (Coke Zero, chocolate, Crystal Light, and Splenda). 

If those 4 things were what I was married to, and I were Bill Paxton, Big Love would be a MUCH different show.

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