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Olivia Moore

Hey there, fellow wellness enthusiasts! I'm your go-to source for all things fitness, nutrition, and balance. With a heart that beats to the rhythm of New York's pulsating energy, I'm a journalist turned fitness advocate, here to share my journey and inspire yours. When I'm not crafting articles for, you can find me lacing up my sneakers for a sunrise run in Central Park, or meal-prepping nutrient-packed dishes that fuel my body and soul. My philosophy? A healthy lifestyle is a blend of mindful eating, consistent movement, and joyous living. As an NYU alum, I've turned my passion for storytelling into a platform that resonates with a community of like-minded individuals. I believe in the power of words to motivate change and the impact of actions to shape our health. My demographic? I'm a millennial urbanite with a zest for life and a penchant for clean eating. Psychographically, I'm all about setting achievable goals, embracing self-care, and promoting sustainability in our daily choices. Behaviorally, I'm the friend who'll nudge you to take the stairs instead of the elevator, the colleague who organizes office yoga breaks, and the neighbor who swaps homegrown veggies from my windowsill garden. Join me in this adventure where every step counts, every bite matters, and every moment is an opportunity to thrive. Together, let's run towards a healthier, happier you. And of course, Sam the Labradoodle is always by my side, reminding us that life's too short not to play—and live—wholeheartedly.

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