Trip to the Vet

Poor little princess Pants had a trip to the vet last weekend. This was her second trip ever (the first one was to get spade), and I’m not sure she cared for it. She also *hates* being in her carrier, so that wasn’t helping anything.

For the past couple weeks, Pants has been drinking a lot more water than usual. This can be a sign of bad things, which I learned years ago when my guinea pig did the same thing. So hubs and I took her in to the vet just to be sure she’s OK because SHE CAN NEVER DIE. I cannot even handle the thought of her not being around.

Besides all the water drinking, she’s been otherwise OK. She’s eating normally, playing, and generally happy. So the vet thought it could be bladder stones. Enter x-rays.

*As cute on the inside as she is on the outside*

Her bladder looked fine. The vet said there is a 1% chance there could be stones there that she’s not seeing. Also, her kidneys didn’t show any inflammation. Also good. The x-ray did show a poop ready to make a grand exit.

The x-rays were clean, so the next logical problem is either a UTI or kidney disease. Because the UTI is easier to treat, she’s on antibiotics for the next two weeks. If she doesn’t improve, we’ll take her back for blood work and a urinalysis but she already seems to be back to normal so I’m hoping the UTI was her issue.

I give her medicine with a syringe twice a day. Watching a bunny eat from a syringe is just adorable. Also, she’s so good at taking it (unlike Hammy, R.I.P Hammy). I think she gets excited for her medicine too, probably because it tastes like tutti frutti and she’s a fatty.

*Tipping the scales, or in this case, the basket*


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6 responses to “Trip to the Vet

  1. God Pants is cute. That last picture of her chubby little body. I just want to pick her up and force her to snuggle with me!

    Hopefully it’s the UTI! Winnie has kidney disease though and it’s pretty manageable. Minus her occasional bad times in the litter box and having to perfect her wet to dry food ratio.

    • Paula

      Oh, I hope Pants is around as long as Winnie! I saw the self-kitty-brush at the pet store the other day and thought of Winnie. ❤

  2. Melissa

    Oh Pants! I hope the adorable syringe feeding of medicine heals her right up so she can get back to being Pantsy!

  3. Verlin

    Things I didn’t expect to smile about on a snowy, blizzardy Canadian morning: 1. x-rays of bunny poop 2. thinking about how you thwarted Pants’ chance of an active sex life via sterilization

    • Paula

      Oh, she has a very active sex life. All her partners are with her in the picture on the bottom of the post. The Lorax looks recently violated.

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