I Make Bad Decisions

So I did one of those things that I almost immediately regretted. My blog is self-hosted and it kept going down every.freakin.day. I kept submitting tickets to my web host to fix it. During one of those “fixes,” they deleted all of my plug-ins which needed yet another ticket to restore them. After two weeks, I got to the point where I didn’t want to deal with them anymore, so in my fit of internal rage, I canceled my ad network (because you have to be self-hosted to have one of those) and cancelled my web host and went back to plain ole free WordPress. Only, when I went back to regular WordPress, my blog looked like it did three years ago before I became self-hosted.

old banner

If you remember that banner, I am sorry.

So, I had to fix everything to look mostly like it did before which wasn’t terribly annoying. That is, until I didn’t get the refund from my web host that I thought I would. So I basically paid for a year of service and used one month of it.


I decided that I should just be happy with my old, free, mediocre blog. That’s when I noticed that my media storage is at 93%, which reminded me of why I became self-hosted to begin with. So then I deleted a bunch of old posts and images to get a whole 1% of media storage back.

So what I’m saying is, I make bad decisions that I can’t take back and at some point my blog isn’t going to let me upload pictures anymore, so I hope no one likes those. Also, if you have an e-mail subscription, it may not work and who knows if this post will even post correctly. Happy Friday!


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6 responses to “I Make Bad Decisions

  1. Why did you not consult with me on this?!?!?! Seriously tho – hit me up if you want to re-attempt this in the future. I might be able to provide guidance.

  2. Kara

    This is why I’m on Blogger. I can’t handle these kind of decisions.

  3. Verlin

    If we learned from our mistakes, remembered past mistakes, and avoided bad decisions, what would happen to alcohol sales? It would be an economic disaster. Don’t beat yourself up.

  4. Sometimes I feel like I should try self hosting. Then I realize…no.

  5. Hey look now my comments appear!

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