Things I'm Loving

Today, I’m a lover not a hater.

1. Remember that marathon that I was going to run but then couldn’t? Well, I was going to run dependent solely on if the weather was cold. Then I couldn’t run it because of the flu (which I am still getting over). So I am loving the hot, humid weather for marathon day.

Suck it, marathon! I can now rest happy that I’m not missing anything.  It’s nice to know, even if I didn’t get sick, I wouldn’t have run it anyway.

2. This stapler that I got from my friend, Cheyanne.

It is now my goal to have all bunny office supplies.

3. Speaking of Cheyanne, she came into work the other day with this horrific new picture for her desk that she happens to think is awesome.

Can you tell what that is? Because I thought it was a Godzilla claw reaching for a crown.

4.  Horror movies. I can’t get enough of them lately.

I found this article of the 19 Best Horror Movies of 2014 and I am making it my job to watch them. Well, not all of them because hubs and I are over the “found footage” horror movies and there’s a lot of those on the list.  We spent all of our long weekend, including Christmas Eve and Christmas, watching ALL THE HORROR MOVIES. I had previously only seen one on the list – Oculus – which I thought was going to be awful and it was surprisingly great. (If you like horror movies, watch it. It’s on Netflix now.) We’ve since seen four more on the list (Tusk, Housebound, The Taking of Deborah Logan, and The Babadook) and a few that weren’t (Big Ass Spiders, Grabbers, Jessabelle). The best so far: Housebound. It’s not really an all-out horror movie. It’s more like a comedy/mystery with some awesome characters. We also liked Tusk which was funny but mostly just disturbing and not just because Justin Long had a ridiculous mustache that I couldn’t stop staring at. In there somewhere, we also watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Not sure how that got in there.

5. Christmas with friends.

We had lunch with the in-laws on Christmas and then headed over to our friend’s Ken and Jamie’s house for Christmas Two. It was a nice day filled with family, friends, good food (Jamie makes some killer stuffing), and an éclair cake which was lovingly referred to as the Calorie Wreath.

6. Reading.

Now that school is out and I haven’t been running at all (once this month which might be an all-time low), I have an insane amount of free time. I’ve read four books so far this month which is usually how many books I read in a year. I started a fifth book last night, so I’ll be done with that soon. I’ll probably do a book post soon because my fans requested it. (Ok, it was just my friend Melissa.)

7. I was deleting some old posts from my blog when I ran across this picture of my medal rack from one of my first posts.

Here’s my medal rack now.

It kinda gave me warm fuzzies to see all I’ve accomplished since starting this blog. It also makes me worry that that rack will rip a giant whole in the wall with the weight of those medals.

Anyway, that is what’s happening in these parts. I hope you all had a good whatever holiday you celebrate or don’t celebrate and spent time with family or avoided them, whichever one of those makes you happy.

Who out there is a horror movie fan? (I love them. I prefer comedies and horror movies because they are the only movies that don’t make me cry. I have a very low cry tolerance.)


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15 responses to “Things I'm Loving

  1. Melissa

    YES! I get a shout out and my day is MADE.

    Why are you deleting old posts???? The internet NEVER forgets. MUAHAHAHAHA!!! Your medal rack all filled up gives me warm fuzzies, too! Yay for you! XO

  2. Jim

    It’s not a movie but have you guys seen Penny Dreadful yet? It ‘s pretty amazing.

  3. Your medals have multiplied faster than rabbits! And hope you feel better! That flu bug that’s going around is no joke.

  4. I seriously hate scary movies! My husband loves them so he has to watch them when I’m not around or out of the room. I still get shivers from the Bride of Chuckie which I watched a long time ago!

  5. My boyfriend is obsessed with Grabbers, what did you think?

  6. That is very clearly a giraffe with a giraffe with a crown above it. I think you need your eyes checked.

  7. What the– DESTROY THAT THING WITH FIRE!! Forget horror movies, that thing looks like a giraffe got into the teleportation chamber with both a fly AND Jeff Goldblum.

    As far as horror movies go… I love the older stuff. Not necessarily the old Universal horror movies (which I love to death) but more of the creepy psychological WTF stuff from the 40s through the 70s. I recently watched “The Innocents” and couldn’t believe a film with that much disturbing psychological intensity was made in 1961. But I was also shocked when I found out about Paul Lynde, so there’s that I suppose…

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