So Long

I’ve been talking about so many other things lately that I haven’t had a chance to mention that Hammy didn’t make it. Sad smile

I know. He’s just a hamster. But we were rather fond of him, so indulge me for a moment.

He was doing so well after about a week of antibiotics. Well enough that he started eating and drinking a little bit on his own. He wasn’t completely himself but he was walking up to the third level of his cage when he could barely walk before. So significantly improved. Since he was doing better, I took him to get his teeth clipped so he’d have an easier time eating. I really thought he was on the up and up. A couple days before we left for Chicago, he took a downturn. His energy was just gone and he wasn’t opening his eyes as wide. So of course I felt awful leaving him. Our friend, Jen, took care of him while we were gone. She knew he might not make it and still took care of him. That’s a friend right there. Hammy passed away on the day of the marathon. Jen said he died peacefully while she was holding him. We were happy he didn’t die alone.

We (ok, hubs) told Jen that if he died to put him in the freezer until we got back. So of course, I’m just picturing my frozen hamster that last day in Chicago. To make things worse, we didn’t have time to bury him when we got home so we kept him in our freezer for four days before we had time. That was fun reaching for food. Anyway, hubs made him a little wooden box and we buried him in the backyard. Apparently his tail was so frozen, hubs couldn’t get it in the box and he was a little freaked out that it would break off. But he got him in there ok and even more importantly, I didn’t have to see it because I would have been a mess. Now, Pants is back to being an only child and I am trying my hardest to stay away from pet rescues.

So long, little guy. I hope your second home with us was much happier than with the people who gave you up and I hope Hammy Heaven treats you well.


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15 responses to “So Long

  1. Nicole

    So sorry for your loss. He was a very loved and pampered little hamster. Thanks to you and Fabian, he had a good life.

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss 😦 Pets are hard to loose. I’m glad you know that he had someone with him when he died. I’ll miss seeing the cute little pictures you posted of him!

  3. I’m sorry for your loss. Pets are part of our families and it is hard to lose them, no matter what kind.

  4. Awe, so sorry for your loss. Pets big or small are so important in our lives. So sweet of your friend to care for him and all that. For sure you both gave Hammy a wonderful second home. RIP little Hammy.

  5. Verlin

    Sorry to hear this. You were like a retirement/nursing home for him and you showed him the good life. He even got to go to your office! How many hamsters get that kind of treatment.

  6. Terri

    Oh damn… this is just a real bummer Paula. I’m so sad thinking about the tiny little box. Ugh losing pets is the worst. I’m so sorry! I always took the “buy more pet immediatly” instead of stay away haha. Must have small furry things at all times to love on.

  7. Hugs! Though his life was too short, it was so full!

  8. Melissa

    I’m so glad Jen was holding him. I’m sure he knew how loved he was! I know he was such a little ray of light in your lives and that you miss him so much. Sending you hugs ❤

  9. Jenny

    I’m so sorry, Paula! Sending love and hugs ❤

  10. Aw, I’m so sorry! It’s never easy losing a pet – even if he was “just a hamster” – he was still your buddy.

    On a completely side note, my parakeet passed away back when I was in high school. It just so happened to pass away the same week that my grandma did. So, we wrapped him up and put him in the freezer to bury when we got back from my Grandma’s funeral. Well, my mom was out of commission for awhile and it just got pushed aside….poor bird ended up in our freezer for years!! Ok, now I feel like Norman Bates and not quite sure why I said that story – hope it made you smile at least : )

  11. Mz. Teri

    Sorry to hear Hammy didn’t make it. 😦

    I’ve been through 3 hamster burials and a couple goldfish burials over the years with my kids. It’s one of the many reasons I never wanted to get a larger, longer-living pet.


  12. So sad to hear he didn’t make it. I will miss his giant balls.

  13. Ananda

    Aww, that’s really sad. I’m sorry that Hammy didn’t make it.

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