Everybody's Working for the Weekend

Things have been busy lately. Real busy. Besides the regular stuff (job, marathon training, living the dream), hubs and I had a one-weekend deadline to paint our rental house that was completely trashed by the renters. Imagine living somewhere for three years and never cleaning or dusting anything. Then imagine dirt, fingerprints, food, and strange liquid in places on the walls in which you did not know those things could reach and you may have half an idea of how gross it was.

The kitchen was probably the worst. Besides needing to scrub all the cabinets, we also had to scrub the walls before painting them. The drip pans were completely black, which ok, that can happen when you cook a lot, but underneath were so, so, so many dead maggots.



I think food fell through the drip pans, maggots made their way to that food, and then the renters cooked again and killed all the maggots with the heat. Just writing that grosses me out but it did lend itself to a Lost Boys gif so it’s not all bad.

On Saturday morning, I ran 12 uneventful miles. Unless you count the fact that I ran with Michelle’s running buddy, Tyler, for the first time and had to poop in the bushes. So I suppose it was eventful for him. The run was also faster than our normal long runs by about 45 seconds per mile so perhaps the need to poop has its advantages.

On Sunday, we worked on the house from 8:30am – 11:30pm. Our only breaks were to pick up fast food or go to Home Depot, so I got a pretty sweet set of cankles from being on my feet all day.


I had literal ankle muffin top when I was standing. Hubs even mentioned how flushed I looked. Oh you know that’s just my crazy blood working extra hard to circulate through my body.

We ended up taking  Monday off of work because we couldn’t finish in time. So we had an extra long weekend of painting and cleaning and being generally disgusted with how our house was treated. Ten hours later, we were done around 9:45pm and beat-ass tired. Damn, I appreciate painters now. I hated doing all the work but we did it for half the price of hiring a painter. We even think the kitchen turned out better than when we lived in the house which is super annoying.


Anyway, now it’s time to do all the things at home that got neglected over the weekend. I swear this full-time job thing really gets in the way. Being an adult is hard.

Except for the 20-miler I have planned Saturday morning, I will be doing absolutely nothing this weekend and liking it.


P.S. If you understand my post title, rest assured you are old.


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21 responses to “Everybody's Working for the Weekend

  1. Hmm, I did not understand the post title. 🙂

    Bummer on that house. I clearly don’t understand people that don’t take care of things that don’t belong to them.

    Rest up this week for your 20 miler on Saturday. Sigh. Definitely NOT looking forward to mine. I think mine is in 3 weeks or so. Wait, how is that possible? Which plan are you following?

  2. Verlin

    Sorry you and your Loverboy had to deal with such a gross mess. I may have checked the insurance and had an accidental fire instead. Dis Gus Ting!

  3. Terri

    Oh no.. no way in hell. I’d pay someone twice as much to do all that cleaning for me. Maggots. Oh hell no. I would have tracked down those renters put them on blast and delivered those maggots to their new residence. I hope they didn’t get a deposit back… ew ew ew.

    Painting is the worst… I once thought I could paint our old apt in 1 day — yea 6 hours later and I had only finished the bathroom. Unless I have no job and no money… I’m hiring out – support the economy and stuff. 20 miles… you crazy.

    • Paula

      Yeah, normally I would say the same but money is tight. We cleaned the walls and doors and painted. There was no cleaning of maggots. We’re having a cleaning service come in for that mess. I don’t do (other people’s) maggots or toliets!

  4. At first when you started painting I’m sure you were all like “The kid is HOT tonight!” but by the end you must have been muttering, “Turn me loose…” over and over again. Throw in maggots and you’re definitely not lovin’ every minute of it. But at least there’ll be heaven in your eyes when it’s over, and with time it’ll just be memories of one notorious experience. Headbands. Red leather pants. Canadians.

  5. Thanks – now I can’t stop singing that song to myself.
    This is exactly why we’re unsure if we want to rent our house out someday (that someday being if we can ever afford to buy a different one for ourselves to live in). Not so sure I could stomach the mess that someone else leaves. Our own messes are bad enough, although I promise there are no maggots involved with ours…at least not until AJ gets old and decides to hide food under his bed.

    • Paula

      We’d prefer to sell it but we can’t get what we owe on it, so alas, renting. It is kinda heartbreaking to see our first house torn to shreds because we put so much work into it while we were there. *single tear* I definitely recommend using a rental company. It makes things easier.

  6. 1. Any maggots that lead to Lost Boys gifs (more specifally, Keifer in Lost Boys) are alright maggots with me.
    2. I would NEVER miss a Loverboy reference. Listened to Turn Me Loose this morning on my way to work. BAM. Ready for the day.
    3. You should have called up Evan, he would have painted for you and you could have paid him in booze and pizza. And a sleepover. On the Murphy. He misses his FF.

  7. I read the title and had to watch this…


    Glad that weekend from hell is over. It will make that 20-miler feel like a piece of cake. Sure it will 🙂

    • Paula

      And interestingly enough, you’re not old. So the fact that I made a young person feel old means I’ve done my job here. 🙂

  8. Oh man that sucks that you had some crappy tenants! As a previous renter, I can’t ever imagine leaving a place like that. The maggots on the stove top make me want to barf in my mouth.
    Hearing you talk about marathon training makes me almost miss it! Not that I could train for one right now anyways.

  9. I understood the post title, but I’d like to think that’s just because I listened to a lot of music from before-my-time growing up. Yup, that’s totally it.

    And just thinking about that apartment makes me gag a little. I know I’m not the cleanest person in the world, but it’s nothing that a good couple of hours and an extra load of laundry wouldn’t take care of! My dad had a renter who turned out to be a drug dealer. The only stairs to the basement were outside and that’s where he kept his stash… so he took a chainsaw to the hardwood floor so people wouldn’t see him carrying stuff up and down the stairs. He then got a new pedestal kitchen table with conveniently covered the hole whenever my dad when to do an inspection. Still… I’d take the destroyed kitchen floor over the maggots any day. I imagine there was an insanely long shower after that whole ordeal!

  10. I was just chastised for using the word cankles in the title of my post and not including a picture, so thanks for evening things out. I am guessing they don’t photograph well though, and it’s hard to truly capture the OMG factor. How much would it have cost to hire someone to clean the maggots? Because I feel like I would happily empty my retirement account in your place.

    • Paula

      Oh no, there was no maggot cleaning. We just scrubbed the doors and baseboards and painted all the walls. We are definitely spending the money for a cleaning crew to nuke that place.

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