A Decent Run and a Good Cause

I mentioned that marathon training started last weekend. I met up for my first long run with my training bud, Brad, on Saturday. I guess the run went ok for my first 10-miler in three months. My shoulder was hurting again (it’s been a year since that’s bothered me), my calf ached for miles 5-10 because of all the uneven pavement and brick, it was face-of-the-sun hot, and the humidity made breathing suck but, I didn’t wish for actual death so I’m going to consider that one a win.

Since my calf is still the bain of my existence, my Crossfit trainer recommended a massage guy to me that “rakes” calves. I don’t know what “raking” calves means and I’m scared to look it up. Raking anything sounds terrible.

I finally made an appointment, which I’ve put off for a month because I know it’s going to hurt and I’m a big baby. Why can’t problems just disappear if you ignore them? I would rather get a pap smear if that tells you how much I don’t want this “massage” but I would also rather not limp the marathon. So, I sucked it up. I’m tempted to live tweet the massage so we can see what new swear words I invent.

You probably know by now that I’m running Chicago in support of the American Heart Association. Well, I’m also supporting another charity event – the Taste of the Nation Orlando – which raises money for the Share our Strength’s efforts to end childhood hunger. This is the same event that Michelle and I supported last year.

Back in the days of long hair and new boobs. This year I’ll support them with short hair and old boobs.

This is also the event in which I ate and drank my face off and posed with food.


Ok, that’s all events but this one has all sorts of different food and drinks from awesome restaurants in the Orlando area. Plus, everything that is left over is donated so nothing is wasted.

Taste of the Nation Orlando is running its final discount code. So if you’re in the Orlando area, you’d like to support a great cause, and want to test the limits of your stomach and liver with me, you can get $10 off your ticket through the 11th. (Buy tickets with this link.)


The deets:

Saturday, August 9, 2014
6:45 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Orlando World Center Marriott
8701 World Center Dr., Orlando

Now, who knows what raking calves is and what am I in for?


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8 responses to “A Decent Run and a Good Cause

  1. I wish I lived in Orlando – I need more food tastings in my life!

  2. What Stacie said! Where are the Denver food tastings? They leave me to make my own and they are not bite sized events.

  3. Well I hope you still have that dress ’cause it looks dynamite on you and your new/old boobs.

    Also, died at the raking gif. Excellent choice.

  4. Amy

    I once had a massage where I was biting my lip the entire time. It felt like the very powerful masseuse was having a “lets bruise Amy” party all over my body. But damn if I didn’t feel amazing the next day. Hopefully the calf raking works like that.

    • Paula

      That’s pretty much how this one went. It wasn’t pretty. But I gotta say I feel pretty good. I haven’t tried running yet though.

  5. Cortney

    I have read on another blog about scraping muscles; never raking. I would think it’s pretty much the same thing. Here is some info on scraping:


    Doesn’t sound very fun, but does help!

  6. Hot damn we look good in that picture. I think we need to raise the bar this year. Boob shot? 😉

  7. Generally my method to solving all problems is ignoring them in hopes they will disappear. I’ve had marginal success this way so far.

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