Four More Sleeps

I reached my fundraising goal, guys.


I have the feels. All of them. Relief that I made my goal when I wasn’t so sure I could going into the fundraising thing for the first time. Happiness that I might be helping someone out in need. Gratitude that so many people in my life were willing to give. ALL THE FEELS. There is no way I’ll run this race without crying. I can already tell I’m going to be a hot mess. So thank you all who donated again. I swear I’ll stop thanking you at some point. Maybe. Probably not.

It’s almost June so that means I have exactly four Saturdays left to sleep in until marathon training starts.


I’m trying my hardest to make them count by drinking as much as possible so I’m unable to get out of bed. It’s the little goals.

I’m actually looking forward to training this time around. I say this having not run in humidity in a year, so plan on that perspective changing.  My runs lately have been short and all sorts of crappy because I have this giant knot in my left calf that hurts like a bitch. I told my trainer about it (I thought it was a pulled muscle) and he worked it out as best he could while dealing with all my squirming and complaining.


I legit broke a sweat while he was “massaging” my calf. I use the term massage lightly because the next day, I had a 3-inch long bruise on my calf from his thumb. The good news is, it’s 70% better but I need it to be 100% before I start this long run business back up otherwise it’s just going to get worse. It’s getting better way too slowly for my taste so now I’m icing and stretching and foam rolling. All the things I hate.

I can’t remember if I mentioned this or not, but I’ll be doing all my training with my friend, Brad, this time around.

I met Brad in my running group a few years ago and he ran the Savannah Rock n Roll marathon (my first) with Michelle and I. We’re pace twins and we both have no problem walking if the other one is dying, so we’re a good training match. If you’re wondering why I don’t train with Michelle – it’s because she needs to do her long runs on Sunday because of her hub’s work schedule and mass quantity of children, and Saturday runs work better with my schedule. It’s not because I hate her.


Anyway, Brad and I have one goal for marathon training this year: not gaining weight. So we’ll see how that goes. I’ll try to remind myself that burgers for every meal on days I run over 10 miles isn’t a good plan.

Speaking of that goal, my work is trying to kill me with delicious food and desserts. We had a Memorial Day potluck. Who does that?


Well, I did. But besides that. (Stole that pic from Michelle.)

I’ve never worked at a place that has so many damn potlucks. My last job had one a year, at Thanksgiving. I have been at my current job for eight months and we have had EIGHT potlucks. A breast cancer awareness potluck (not kidding) and then one for Thanksgiving, Christmas, two going away potlucks, one baby shower potluck, and one team potluck. Even when I avoid them, the leftovers are in the kitchen afterwards. And don’t even suggest using “self-control” and “not eating the food in the kitchen” because that isn’t a thing in which I’m capable.

In addition to the potlucks, we have breakfast on Friday, birthday cake once a month, and random donut bringer-inners. I can’t win this fight.



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13 responses to “Four More Sleeps

  1. I wish someone would bring donuts into my work today. WHY ARE THERE NO DONUTS. WHYYYYYYYY

    I think I need to spend more time with adults

  2. Yeah!! Congratulations on meeting your goal. I hope you think of all of us little people cheering you on when you run it. No seriously, imagine a crowd of random Internet people on your shoulder like the True Moo commercials. Good Luck!!

    Ps. Not sure if this helps but think of the creepiest person in your office. Then think of what their kitchen is like and then remember you are not sure which dish is theirs….and then you can’t eat any of them.

    • Paula

      Ha! I usually find out whos dish is whos, but that has stopped me before at my last job when there was a guy who was notorious for not washing his hands in the bathroom. Can never be too careful!

      Oh, I sent in your donation and you are officially on my fundraising Honor Roll. 🙂

  3. I start marathon training next week too! Glad to know we’ll be both be suffering..I mean excelling at long runs in humidity! Can’t wait to see how your training goes!

  4. Oh just wait until you run in the humidity. It only takes about 2 minutes to think WHY. WHYYYYYY?

    I’m hoping that maybe I can join you on Saturdays. A girl can dream.

  5. Melissa

    I ran in Mexico, and it was Florida humid there. I felt like shiz all day. I hope the DC humidity isn’t like that. I think I’ve blocked it out. I also want to join you in the let’s not get fatty fat while we marathon train goal. Maybe I’ll research that. What do you suppose I should google? “how to not get fatty fat while marathon training” seems awkward.

  6. So awesome you reached your goal, we are here for ya guuuuurrrl!

    I love pot lucks, they are called ‘bring a dish’ in England, and they don’t happen often enough, self control isn’t in my dictionary on those days and I usually end up stuffing myself so much it hurts to breathe so maybe it is for the best they don’t happen often!

  7. Congrats on meeting your fundraising goal. I had to raise money for Boston this year and it takes so much pressure off when the minimum goal is done. Great job!

  8. Your work sounds awesome to me. Enjoy the hell out of those nights of drinking and sleeping in! Marathon training is fun and all, but nothing is better than binge drinking and laziness.

  9. Congrats on meeting your goal!

    Already for marathon training? Ugh. I’ve been training for marathon training. 🙂

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