By the Numbers

Oh hey blog. I’ve been neglecting you and I don’t mean to. I was about to say how I’m so busy and have no extra time but that couldn’t be true since I can recall large periods of time doing absolutely nothing. So here’s the nothing I’ve been up to:

1. I made it to season 4 of Justified. I love it! Especially the dialog and anything Boyd does. I’ve also never seen a Marshall kill so many people, so often. No one seems phased by it, particularly his boss. There were three consecutive episodes in season 3 when he didn’t kill anyone and I thought something was wrong. So now, hubs and I just like to see how many people Raylan will kill. Hubs loves it, because then he gets to say:

Every.time. But now he likes to try to trick me and make up some elaborate story like he’s not going to say it, but it always ends the same way.

2. I’ve also been keeping busy by changing my blog theme. And then changing it back. And then changing it to something else. And then back again. So basically, I spent two days working on it to make no changes whatsoever.

3. I’m officially registered for the Chicago Marathon! When I say registered, I mean I signed up for the charity I want to run for and am good to go to start my fundraising as part of their running team (more on that later). That means I need to run 26 miles again and train during the summer.

4. I’m still going to Crossfit three times a week. I feel like I never talk about it anymore, but we just recycle the same workouts over and over so I have nothing new to share. But every now and then, my trainer likes to surprise me with something new. Hubs and I did this workout last week and our legs were “hurts to stand up from the couch” sore for two days.

I did the lateral jumps over two low steppers while hubs used a higher box that I was too afraid to use because I felt like I would land on my face. So use a box or find a couple phone books (those exist, right?) and put them on the floor. It’s all good. We almost did a third round and I’m really glad we didn’t because I don’t even want to know how that would have felt. I think the leap frogs are what got me since I don’t normally do those?

5. One of these things is not like the other.

I heard some rustling in the pantry and I found our little mess maker.

6. This is the office of a dude that sits near me.

That desk is my nightmare. I don’t know how it’s possible to work like that. Every time I walk by, I feel the need to organize something of my own. I might even venture to say it looks cleaner than normal in this picture. And OMG I just noticed there are pants on the floor.

7. I didn’t drink in the month of January. Ok, there was one (planned) exception, but this is big news. I basically became a hermit to do it. I’m excited to say that it’s February now, a.k.a, open boozing season, which I celebrated on Saturday night by putting on pants with no elastic and going out.

(From left: me, my bestie Lisa, hubs, and our friend Angie)  #proof #fitfluential

Anyone entering the lottery for Chicago? What other good fall marathons are there? I need a second one and I’m afraid it’s going to be Space Coast if I don’t come up with something better.


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22 responses to “By the Numbers

  1. Kate

    The pants and shoes are how you know he’s gone for the day…lol

  2. Sara

    “And OMG I just noticed there are pants on the floor.” LOL, I am hoping that person is super busy and doesn’t have time to tidy up.

  3. Victoria

    Snort. #FindYourStrong #YouRunYourBody

  4. Melissa

    I love Richmond for the half, not so much the full. But if you ran that one, I would come and be your cheerleader!

  5. That Christmas Story gif made me chuckle!

    That guys office was even funnier, the shoes and the pants!!!

    Love your top from your going out night! where is it from?

    • Paula

      It’s one of the shelf-bra tops from Victoria’s Secret online. I love them. I’d link you but VS is blocked at work which is rude. I’ll find other ways to shop so the joke’s on them!

  6. OMG that office. Does the guy who it belongs to look permanently disheveled? Because that’s what I’m picturing…

    I LOL’d at open boozing season, and if I was ever going to pin a workout, it might be that one. Look at you inspiring me!

    • Yes, yes he does. He rides his bike to work and pretty much changes into the same clothes all week long. ALL WEEK. This is why the pants and shoes are on the floor. A bunch of us once put women’s shoes under his desk to see how long it would take for him to notice they were there. He caught on quicker than we thought.

  7. Due to that picture of your co-worker’s office, I tidied up my home desk a little bit (not the whole office, tho, and not THAT much). My at-work office almost looks like no one works there, since I know others use on my work from home days. Finally got a confirmation of that when someone complimented me on such a clean desk, so easy to use b/c they didn’t have to push anything out of the way. Um, thanks.

    Love the pic of buns, and the gifs. 🙂

  8. Congrats on the Chicago entry! Some buddies and I are definitely doing the Space Coast Marathon (after swearing off fulls), so if you end up going doing that as well maybe I can bomb one of your photos. Fair’s fair, as Billie Jean would say…

    • Paula

      Have you run it before? It’s a double out and back which is kinda weird and sounds like it might beat me down. I’m signing up for the half unless I get a wild hair by Saturday when registration opens.

  9. Jenny

    How can that guy even work like that? That just flared up my OCD. 😉
    Come to NY for the Wineglass Marathon because – BOOZE! Also? It’s a downhill course and it probably won’t be a billion degrees like Florida. 🙂

  10. Congrats on Chicago. I will be throwing my name into the lottery. If I don’t get in I might run CIM.

  11. Training for a marathon during the summer in Florida? You. Are. My. Hero.

  12. I am already dreading this summer training. What were we thinking? Oh, right. We were thinking CHICAGO.

    I think I’m going to run Space Coast as my 2nd marathon. Guess I better decide by Saturday….

  13. Congrats on your registration for the Chicago Marathon. But you do know it is 26.2 miles and not 26 miles. Yep girlfriend, that .2 does make a difference.

    I am going to throw my name into the lottery. Wish me luck!

  14. Jenn S.

    Come run the Palm Beach Marathon with me on 12/7 in West Palm Beach. It will be my first…if I make it.

    • Paula

      I was interested in that one! But I realized I’d need a hotel room for it so the cheaper Space Coast won out. I heard that’s a great race, though.

  15. That. guys. desk. Like what? really? haha also is one of his computer monitors like really tall/turned sideways from the usual? is that weird? or maybe it is a thing now that people do and im out of the loop on it haha.

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