A Clif Bar Giveaway cuz They're Delicious

So I just learned something new.

Did you know that the Monday of the last full week in January is called Blue Monday and is considered the most depressing day of the year? That’s this Monday – January 20 for those that are wondering when exactly you need to be depressed.


The reason for Blue Monday?

  • The holidays are over.
  • Credit card bills have arrived.
  • We’re back to 5-day work weeks.
  • New Year’s resolutions have failed.

So basically, we are all doomed this week.

Luckily I love Clif Bars. And even more luckily, they contacted me and want to give FIVE readers Clif Bar packs with their “Banish Blue Monday Woes with Clif Bar” promotion.


Clif recommends taking your workout outdoors for new motivation because it helps concentration, productivity, and releases endorphins to boost your mood. Or if you’re in a blizzard, get on the treadmill and I’ll post some Orlando pictures for you to look at longingly. That should help.


See? You’re feeling better already.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment. You get an extra entry for tweeting about it. (Remember to enter with the Rafflecopter after you do.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway ends at midnight on Thursday.


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55 responses to “A Clif Bar Giveaway cuz They're Delicious

  1. Karen

    I loves some cliff bars baby!

  2. April

    Is it terrible that I’ve never heard of these bars?

  3. Connie

    I love Clif Bars almost as much as I love Charlie Hunnam.

  4. amanda

    I loooove cliff bars!

  5. Becki Walker

    I love clif bars!

  6. Megan

    I get Monday off for MLK day, so I don’t plan on being depressed about that. However, I suppose I can muster up some depression over my bum knee and the fact that you don’t get to come to Killeen for work anymore.

    P.S. Love the new ‘do!

  7. Kirsten

    I too have Monday off, but since it’s 12 here in the CLE, I need some blues-busting.

    I’ve actually never had a Clif bar, but I see them everwhere.


  8. Rachel

    My husband and I love Clif bars. Maybe a little too much! Haha

  9. Yum! I’ve eaten these on and off for the last 5 years and am in need of more!


  11. Alisa

    I have no reason to be depressed this Monday, I might have to work, but I get paid overtime because it’s a holiday. And then I don’t have to go to school the next day, because of said holiday.

  12. I feel like this isn’t open to non-US people… but hey, worth a shot! Any excuse to get out side and eat more!

  13. Jillian Kelly

    Clif bars, the food that’s always in my purse.

  14. PattiR

    Love, love, love Clif bars. They are part of my snack routine before a half marathon!

  15. William

    This Monday is massage Monday, so I’ll be feeling good. It has been more than 10 years since I last ate a Cliff bar. Maybe I’ll win and give them another try.

  16. Nicole

    My husband and I LOVE clifbars. Hope I win! Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. This makes perfect sense because January 20 = last day of my 20s. *tear*

  18. Ananda

    Shoot, I’ve been depressed every Monday in January so far. I didn’t realize I was supposed to hold off until tomorrow.

  19. Stephanie

    LOVE me some Clif Bars! The “new” Sierra Trail Mix flavor is awesome

  20. Jessica

    Love clif bars !!

  21. Jhanelle

    Would love to try these…thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Libby

    I’m off Monday for MLK day, so I will disagree with the blue Monday assessment! A cliff bar would make anyone’s day better!

  23. kathleen

    I have blue Monday off work (happy MLK day, kids). For me, the real blue Monday is next week…that’s when five day work weeks start big time. That’s when I’ll need a Clif!

  24. Haley

    Love Clif bars! The chocolate chip and blueberry bliss are my favorites!

  25. Are Canadians eligible?! ‘Cause I want!!!! It’s not even Monday yet and I’m already blue in anticipation.

  26. Amanda

    Never tried these but would love to!

  27. Jane

    Having equally awful weather in California as Orlando. Will likely be depressed in summer when I have to take three minute showers…

  28. I love Clif bars! Actually Clif anything. They are how I fuel for my races.

  29. I’m addicted to Luna bars but I keep meaning to pick up some Cliff bars since it’s been ages since I’ve had one. So, pick and feed me!! Maybe I’ll even take one day off from complaining about running. Nah, probably not.

  30. betsy

    thanks 4 the giveaway!!

  31. Jeffrey

    Clif Bar is an awesome company that makes a great product!

  32. Rebekah

    Mmmmm my favorites are peanut butter crunch! Delish.

  33. Sarah S

    I would love some – thanks!

  34. Heather F

    I heart Clif bars!! Yum, yum, yum.

  35. Sharon

    clif bars are great. thanks for the giveaway!

  36. Kishna

    cool giveaway!

  37. Clif bars are great! That sounded enthusiastic, but I really do like them.

  38. Teeny

    Love Clif Bars!

  39. I had the Pecan Pie one over the holidays and it.was.AWESOME. Damn ClifBar.

  40. Missie

    Winning some Clif Bars would take away the winter blues!

  41. I love that yesterday was Blue Monday, how hilarious and it actually makes sense haha

  42. Carrie S

    I have never tried them either and would love to 🙂

  43. Kary

    Clif bars are yummy! Still make me think of Cliff Claven from Cheers though. 🙂

  44. concordian925

    i love me some yummy clif bars!

  45. Clif Bars never disappoint me, especially on race day. They are THE BEST.

  46. I thought Blue Monday was the first Monday in January? I could have sworn I saw that on TV since we were off that day because of the snow.

    Anyway, I love Clif Bars too. White Chocolate Macadamia is my favorite.

  47. Jennifer

    I love Clif Bars! Peanut butter or blueberry ones are my favorite!

  48. Great giveaway! I love clif bars!

  49. Kate

    A giveaway- wooo! Love Clif bars!

  50. Christine

    Weird name, cool giveaway!

  51. I love Clif Bars, that have definitely become my go to before my long runs.

  52. Laura WL

    Boom. Commented. It helps that I got MLK day off this year so 4 day week!