Winter is Going

So, Winter came to Orlando.

That picture is Winter. The untrained eye might not be able to see that it’s 40°F but if you look real closely, you can tell.

Winter lasted two days and they weren’t consecutive, but I will take whatever I can get. So both days, I made sure to enjoy an outside run while everyone else stayed in and bitched about the weather on Facebook. So please let me take this moment to model my winter weather running gear that I get to use once a year.

So yeah, that’s about it. Two hats. The important part is that it was cool enough to need to keep my ears warm and my nail beds were purple at the end of one of the runs. Normally one would see that as a bad sign, but not me. I don’t take frostbite for granted. I’ll purple up these extemities when I can. #coldweatherlover (And if you’re interested, one run was 11.25 miles and one was five miles, both around a 9:30 pace.)

All of my runs have been in the Mizuno Wave Rider 17s. So far, so good with those. In fact, my little online shopping addiction is still in full swing. Sooo…this happened.

I hope the WR17s don’t end up sucking (like every other shoe I’ve worn) because now I have two pairs. They’re just so light! I love it.

In my Brooks Glycerine 10s, I felt like I couldn’t lift my legs after about 7 miles. It was frustrating and made my runs so hard even when I was feeling good. I checked recently, and the Brooks weigh 10.1 oz compared to the WR17’s 7.8 oz. I’ve been running for years so you think I would pay more attention to stuff like that, but nope.

I also think I solved my headphone situation. I hate ear buds. They never stay in my ears. But I found these at Best Buy for $16 (they’re cheaper in store) and thought I’d try them out because I like to buy things, hate them, and never use them again.

Turns out, I like them! They don’t budge because they go around my whole ear lobe, they don’t make me look like a giant tool, and I think they display my Hobbit ears nicely.

So basically, running is going OK right now and I’m trying not to get too stressed about my race in two weeks. I have a thing for having good training runs and shitty races and I want to change that. So we’ll see how this next one goes.


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12 responses to “Winter is Going

  1. I think you just need to move to Toronto, Paula. I feel like you were made for cold weather. Also, I am impressed you have TWO hats.

  2. Love the headphones! I hate ear buds too, need to get me some of them.

  3. Mammabird

    Winter in Florida. Great. Scarce.

  4. Jenny

    You and I should really swap locations. You could wear all the hats for an actual winter longer than 2 days (more like 6 months).
    I would be in shorts at 40 degrees right now! After all the subzero temps we had this week, even 25 degrees feels “warm” to me now. It’s supposed to be in the 50s tomorrow. Better break out the flip flops. 😉
    Pretty shoes! Hope they work out!!

    • Paula

      40 degrees might as well be a blizzard here. I see people in scarves, hats, gloves, and wool jackets. Or, we have the half n halfers – jacket, mittens, hat, and shorts. Heh

  5. Beautiful eyes, Paula, there was a hat in that picture? 😉

  6. And now it is too warm in Orlando right? Well, so far good weather to run the half marathon today and the full tomorrow.

  7. After being in the negatives this week — our weather today feels extra hot (or maybe that’s b/c my A/C is not working?). It was pretty lame that yesterday, when it was 25 degrees out, we all said “Oh wow – it feels warm.” At least it will be cold next week again. Woot!

    • Paula

      I saw that! I’m already planning my Thursday run. Might be a long one. 🙂 In Killeen, I thought there was a cool front coming through. Checked the weather: 97. hee!

  8. I actually wore a jacket a few times during my trip to Orlando this weekend. What’s up with this, Florida?

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