Catching Up

So that Christmas thing came and went, huh? It’s been a weird holiday season. When the temperature barely dips below 80, it’s hard for me to get my holiday spirit pantaloons on. It doesn’t feel like the holidays, it feels like summer with more potlucks.

Anyway, besides being bitter that I’m still wearing spaghetti straps and flip flops, here’s what’s been going on:

1. I miss TV.

Whoever decided it was cool to put shows on hiatus in December and January is just a horrible person that doesn’t consider my feelings. How else am I supposed to avoid family and social interaction?

I’ve watched more movies in the past couple days than I have all year. (The Heat, The World’s End, Insidious 2, White Christmas, and about 10 random movies on TV (with commercials) that I already own but am too lazy to get from the next room. TV, please come back to me.)

2. House of Lies and Being Human start next month!

I’ve been waiting so long for you both.

3. My favorite Austin cutie patootie stopped by for a visit.

She drove to Orlando during her holiday with family just to see meeeee! To thank her for making the trip, I took her to five bars and made her walk all over downtown after she flew in from New Jersey and drove four hours from West Palm. But most importantly, I thanked her by looking twice her size in that picture. (You’re welcome, Melissa.)

We also hit up a local place for brunch the following day and her boyfriend, Brad, was kind enough to take a picture of us.

4. I don’t have much to share about Christmas. Hubs and I spent the holiday together, vegging out on the couch, and doing a lot of nothing except shopping online (that might have been just me). It was a nice and low-key holiday.

Is there a 12-step program for shopping online? Because I need it. Especially if the first 11 steps involve buying something. I did 90% of my Christmas shopping online (glorious!) and I just got Amazon Prime which, as it turns out, is a shopping enabler. Now I need to buy everything, but only if it’s delivered to my house in two days.

Alrighty, I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year. Be smart. Take a cab if you need to. Or go to bed at 11pm. Or end sentences in prepositions. Whatever you’re into. Just make it happy.


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12 responses to “Catching Up

  1. Melissa

    I watched KB in The Lifeguard on Netflix. Have you seen that one? I hate not having TV, too.

    Re: online shopping, I have no advice. I am useless. I love to shop online. Ask my AmEx.

  2. Oh, Christmas in Florida. How I used to loathe being able to sunbathe on Christmas day. I would purposely wear cold weather clothing to put my self in the holiday spirit and then would end up dying as soon as I stepped outside. I’ll be in Orlando in two weeks to run the Disney marathon, and I’m praying I don’t see temperatures in the 70’s…

    • Paula

      That race can go either way. It’s so weird! Last year, I think it was in the 70/80s but two years before that, it was in the 30s. I’ll try to will you some cool weather on that day, but I’m not doing very well so far this month.

  3. I have nothing to comment other than kudos for the Buffy gif use 🙂

  4. Ditto on the outrage about who puts TV shows on hiatus Dec and Jan…. that is when I am the laziest. Those A-holes.
    Also Amazon Prime is awesome, and 100% a shopping enabler. I mean why WOULDNT you order something from your couch if you can have it in 2 days? At least that is how I feel about it

  5. Jenny

    Can we please swap locations? I will never be sad about wearing flip flops in December!
    Paul and I stayed home for Christmas too – quiet and low key and no awkward social interactions.
    We have Amazon Prime too and they make it so easy to spend money! My money pretty much goes to Amazon, Target, and Lowe’s. I need an intervention. 😉
    Hope you guys have a Happy New Year! Here’s to us finding shoes that are pretty AND fit well!

    • Paula

      You too! I don’t want to go jinxing anything, but the Wave Rider 17s are pretty good so far. I’m close to buying another color but I’m scared. Heh

  6. kathleen

    Amazon prime is the best thing that ever happened to me. Amazon basically forces me to buy whatever I need or don’t need from them– and I feel like I’m winning each time because of the 2 day shipping.

    But even more so, Amazon Instant Video has changed the way I look at going to the gym. Yes, I will run if I can watch an episode of The Good Wife FOR FREE on my Amazon purchased Kindle fire. Since joining in March, I’ve discovered (and watched all the free seasons) of Suits, The Good Wife, 24… plus countless movies I’d never have watched. Do you know how many miles all this TV watching adds up to?

    ++Disclosure- I can no longer run outside without wanting to die.

  7. Amber K

    I can’t remember what life was like without Amazon Prime. It’s this weird land of waiting forever for packages just to get free shipping…no thanks! And I’m totally with you on the TV thing. Thank God for Netflix!

  8. I ran in 13 degrees feels like -3 Christmas Eve so can we please do a house swap? Amazon prime is amazing. I don’t go to the store for anything. I pretend it evens out with what I’m saving on gas. Normally I’d drive two whole miles to Target.

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