10 Things about Me

I’m seeing a lot these “things about me” posts going around Facebook. People are writing novels about themselves in status updates. Get a blog people! Ain’t nobody got time for that. Still, it sounds like fun, so I’m going to do 10 things you may not know about me. But on a blog. Where it belongs.

1. I had an entire wedding planned in Orlando – chapel, venue, photographer, caterer, all of it – and then cancelled everything six months prior and went to Vegas instead.

Totally worth it.

2. I had never heard of brown recluse spiders until hubs told me about them a few years ago. Now I think every brown spider I see is a brown recluse and it freaks.me.out. He often says he wishes he never said anything. That’s how bad it is. So, whatever you do, don’t Google brown recluse spider bites. *shudder*

3. I’ve never been out of the United States unless you cound the Bahamas, which I don’t, because the Bahamas is just sub-Florida.

See? Sub-Florida.

4. I’ve known my best friend for 30 years and we still talk and hang out all the time.

We had to fight them off with a stick back then.

5. If I could move anywhere in the U.S., I would move to Reno, Nevada. I love it there. It’s the perfect mix of big city and small town life. Plus, mountains. Mountains, people!

Almost broke my ass snowboarding that day, so that won’t happen again. I will look at the mountains instead of falling down them.

6. I own at least 50 bottles of nail polish.

7. My first job was at a small movie theatre in McHenry, IL. My dad parked across the street, pointed at the Now Hiring sign, and told me to go get a job. When I mentioned that I was 15 years old, he told me, “Well then tell them you’re 16!” So I did, got the job within 10 minutes, and worked there the whole summer.

8. The first time I shaved my legs was for a Belinda Carlise concert, even though my step-mom tried to talk me out of it. Belinda is worth shaving legs for. #fact

9. I shower by candlelight in the morning because turning on lights right after I wake up makes me angry. I have a much better morning if I turn on the lights after I shower and brush my teeth.

10. Whenever I take a personality test, I always rate as an introvert, which no one that’s met me seems to believe because I never stop talking.

What is something people might not know about you?


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17 responses to “10 Things about Me

  1. That picture of you and your BF is hilarious!!! And the candlelight thing is something I might have to try….

  2. It’s speaking in the morning that unglues me. No talkie before caffeine. 😉

    • Paula

      I’m the same! I hated *any* noise in the morning and my husband likes to have the news on. I don’t mind it as much anymore, but holy hell it was hard to get used to.

  3. IF I had followers on my blog like I do my FB page…lol. But, yes I’ve been hesitant to like any of their posts due to not knowing what to say, even though, I do have some things to say. 😉

    Of course I knew #1…#4 seriously Va-va-voom! 🙂 And, your 50 polishes ain’t got NOTHING on my amount! NOTHING! #Addiction. I’ve never been to Reno…but…Vermont has mountains…and I heart it. So beautiful, go there sometime. 🙂 We could go…want to go? LOL.

    Talking and being an introvert is perfectly fine. LOL. 🙂

  4. I found your character study utterly fascinating and can relate to you directly on one specific point: I actually enjoy showering with the lights out and the window open in the morning for precisely the same reason! Alas, I have real no secrets because nobody can get me to shut up about anything 😦

    Oh wait, here’s one: a blood relation from several generations back (although not a director ancestor) married Wyatt Earp. But I know several Clantons and we haven’t shot each other more than three times, tops.

    • Paula

      When I saw the first sentence of your comment, I thought, “how did that spam get through?” I should have known it was you! Ahh, I need a window in my bathroom and I’d be set. Also, I just saw a documentary on Wyatt Earp and he wasn’t the hero he’s made out to be in the movies. Very interesting.

  5. Amber K

    I never stop talking when it’s with people I’m comfortable with, but otherwise I’m a total introvert. So depending on who you ask they would agree or completely disagree with my being an introvert.

  6. You shower by candlelight? Pics or it didn’t happen.


  7. I’m a huge New England Patriots fan, but I also have a love/hate relationship with Tom Brady.

  8. Ali

    Dude. This post. I’m doing this for NaBloPoMo since I am fresh outta ideas. So thank you!

    Now, I also happen to have the worst Brown Recluse Spider story ever. We started noticing all these little brown spiders everywhere in the house and were freaking out so we called Truly Nolan. Dude came out, and every. single. frickin’. eve of our house was covered in baby brown recluse spider sacks. Literally millions upon millions of these things. Even the Pest Guy was like “this is the worst infestation I have ever seen.” And I was just like ‘let’s move.’ But the Truly Nolan guys killed them all and now we’re good.

    Needless to say, I have a bit of a complex about brown recluse spiders and the eves of my house. And now, you will too. I am so, so sorry.

    • Paula

      OMG. I can’t even. I already have an irrational fear of garden hoses that have been sitting outside. I’ll just go ahead and add this to my list.

  9. Ahh I love cheesy things like this. Now I wanna do it. On my blog, obviously, where it belongs.
    Come visit me in Canada so you can say you’ve left the country!!!

    And for the millionth time, you and your best friend are me and my best friend!
    And also, I love your love 🙂

  10. I’m envious of the nail polish 🙂
    I shaved for Bon Jovi – I win! 😉 haha!
    Fact – I’ve never had a PB&J sandwich or a bowl of cereal in my life

    • Paula

      I would shave for Bon Jovi too. Or not. Whatever he prefers.

      Your PB&J and cereal confession make me a little sad. But it’s better you not start down that road. I didn’t have Nutella for the longest time and I almost wish I didn’t know its deliciousness.

  11. Jenny

    I love nail polish too! I just learned how to make my own but haven’t tried it yet.
    I am usually angry in the mornings too and prefer to be left alone until I am coherent. I also test as an introvert but I talk my face off when I know people. If I don’t know them, I am quiet though.
    We have wolf spiders here and they terrify me. They rarely ever come in the house but one got in the basement once and I about lost my shit.
    P.S. Nice Bart Simpson shirt. I think I had the same one. 😉

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