That Time I Drank a lot and then Ran a Race

Yesterday I ran the Baldwin Park Half Marathon – my 19th half and the longest distance I’ve run since February. A lot of poor decision making (on my part) went into this race, including but not limited to a three-mile run on Friday that I should have skipped, spending all day Saturday on my feet at EDC, drinking more drinks than can be counted on one hand, and skipping dinner.

But I’m a trooper, ya’ll. So when I got home Saturday night, I drank as much water as humanly possible, got a better-than-expected six hours of sleep, and ran a damn half marathon.

Michelle picked me up at 6:15 – right on time, I might add. *so proud* The girl is always at least a little late.

The race is only 15 minutes from my house. We even scored some major rock star parking by the start/finish line when Michelle went through a “road blocked” sign that was guarded by a police car. No fear, that one.

Once we parked, I realized I left my Garmin at home. I was also too busy sleeping in and forgot to make my standard PB&J, so I grabbed my next bad decision.

Cola flavor. Totally disgusting.

If you’ve been reading for awhile, you know I can’t eat anything with sugar (even natural) during a race. I ate one of those chews at mile 8, 9, and 10. Three is my limit. My stomach started churning after that.

I ran this race three years ago. It’s the same this year as it was then – small with a pretty course that is extremely familiar since it’s where I did a lot of my marathon training. I heard a few people complain that there wasn’t enough water on course, especially in the beginning miles, but I wore my new Camelbak so it wasn’t an issue for me.

Now for the race. Let’s just say that considering the night I had beforehand, it could have been a lot worse. So I am super grateful for the race I had. There was no timing on course, so I had  no idea what pace I was running and I didn’t see a mile marker until mile seven, which was annoying. Michelle and I leap-frogged each other for those seven miles, but as we know, the only time I ever beat her in a race is when she’s pregnant or has bruised ribs. We high-fived at the turn-around and that’s when I lost her. I ended up walking a good 20 minutes throughout (or more, I stopped counting after a while) because I was completely pooped, my left leg felt super fatigued while my right leg was fine (??) and the shoulder pain that started during my first marathon came back. (< — read that race review if you enjoy pity parties)

Things that didn’t happen include me pooping, barfing, or dying. So I consider this a major win. I came in at 2:21:54, not even a personal worst so I’ll take it.

Epic Sports Marketing puts on this race and I notice they keep getting better and more organized each time. They even had a really good spread of fruit, bagel thins, rolls, peanut butter and Nutella at the end.


I can definitely feel that I haven’t run that distance in some time. My legs are tired. Squatting to clean out the bunny’s litter box definitely takes more effort. But I’m glad I ran this one because I needed to get the miles in and they aren’t going to run themselves.

Next up is the OUC Orlando Half Marathon on 12/7. I’m using that race as a training run as well and then maybe I’ll get more serious about my races in January and March. I mean, at the least I’ll try not to be drunk for them.


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15 responses to “That Time I Drank a lot and then Ran a Race

  1. Seriously you are a trooper! Yesterday walking really started to become a chore when we were at DTD, after 2 days at EDC, so I can’t even imagine running a half. Glad you didn’t poo, barf, or die! Wooo! You’ll do better 12/7, I know you will!

  2. Rob Runs

    Last Friday night I got way hammered for the first time in ages, I spent all of Saturday in a terrible hangover funk unable to eat or drink anything that I didn’t want to see again. Then I ran a 5k at 2AM that night (when the clocks turned back) and another 5k at 8AM. They suuuuuucked. Not my worst 5ks ever but not even close to my best, but since I didn’t vomit or pass out during either I’m considering them both raving successes.

  3. I love that you can party hard and still run! I’m too old for that.

  4. That post-race food was pretty sweet… I’d like some of that fruit right now!!

    So glad we decided to push through our pain and race yesterday. YAY FOR RACING AGAIN!!! Can you tell I’m a little bit excited????

    • Paula

      I could tell at mile 4 when I asked you how you were and you said, “it hurts!” but then never stopped running. hee! Oh, and buy that Garmin!

  5. I am seriously impressed with your performance, however on 12/7 I think you need to run a half while still intoxicated, not hungover. I always feel like I could run for a really long time after I have been drinking…

    A couple other things… In the top picture are those two guys in the striped shirts together? Are they twins?
    And those are some green bananas.

    • Paula

      I wondered about those two dudes myself. I’m not sure. I hope it’s just a coincidence, they saw each other, and became friends because of their mutal shirt love.

  6. Melissa

    I’m with Lindsey. Those green bananas are the stuff of fruitmares.

    You are quite the badass. I’m guessing you must’ve been really hungry if you ate those cola thingys. I don’t think I could’ve even stomached those. Did you at least have post-drinking junk food?

    • Paula

      Nope. I forgot all about food until it was time to leave! (And you know I hate when people say they forgot to eat. Because that is not a real thing.) I ate lunch around 1:00 and that was it. Unless you count a couple bites of a gyro and a few fries right before I left. So a couple bites of junk food?

  7. After all that boozin’ and what-not, you still ran your race a minute and 12 seconds faster than I did mine 😡

    I’d excoriate you for that except that I already got excoriated by someone else for publicly bemoaning my time when they came in five minutes after me, which would make me a hypocrite. Or as they’re called on the Internet, a hippocrate.

    Congrats on getting back on the racing wagon though. You digging that Camelbak? I’m thinking of grabbing one for long runs…

  8. I’m impressed you ran. It’s easy to say I probably wouldn’t have showed up.

  9. Laura WL

    Nice! I got in a bike accident 2 days before a race a couple years ago so I was basically like “eff this” and drank many glasses of wine the night before the half marathon since I had major road rash on the side of my face and up the side of my body. The morning of the race was ROUGH. Luckily there was a port-a-potty at the first mile marker. By the time I got out it was only speed walkers left on the course so I decided to run really slow and enjoy the race (it was around a beautiful lake in the country). One of my funnest races even if it was my slowest (2:20 I think?) as I talked to a bunch of people and got to enjoy the beautiful scenery (part of it was on a really pretty dirt path right next to the lake).

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