Back to Long Runs

I registered for another half marathon.

Best Damn Race

Actually, I have four half marathons coming up. I can’t remember what I’ve mentioned on the blog, so here’s my schedule:

To say I have not been training would be…well, that would be correct. I haven’t. I’ve been doing two 3-mile weekly runs but I haven’t been running long on the weekends like I should be. I have a really good excuse and I think that’s what counts.

beauty sleep

I knew the not running had to stop at some point. So last weekend I promised myself I would get back to long runs. About a month ago, I ran/walked 7.5 miles, which made nine miles sound reasonable without dying, so that was my goal. Good news. I lived.

Last week

I did those miles alone and I woke up early for them, thank you. Also, I was expecting a 10:30 pace, so it was way faster than I expected.

Besides a stop to take off my long-sleeved shirt because I thought it was cool enough for one of those (ha!), a stop to poop (you’re welcome), a stop to fix my crappy Garmin, and a stop at a water fountain, I ran the whole thing. Soooo I guess I didn’t run the whole thing. My point here is I did it and I have no idea how people train alone.

Yesterday, Michelle and I set out to do 11 miles. I even busted out my new Camelbak for the occasion. (Stole this picture from her.)

me and michelle

Two miles into our run, Michelle took a nose-dive into the sidewalk. I’m not exaggerating when I say she hit the ground hard and there was a lot of blood. (She got some pretty good scrapes including four stitches and some sore ribs. I’m sure she’ll tell you guys all about it in her next blog.) Because I’m a horrible person, I did quickly weigh the options of helping her up first or pausing my Garmin. Sometimes my decisions even surprise me.


That’s right. I helped her up first for all of you who think I’m a monster. See? I do nice things sometimes. I even offered her CPR several times but she declined.

Anyway, Michelle’s husband picked her up. Since he had all the kids with him, I thought it would be easier to run the two miles back to her house instead of cramming in the car. I got back to her house, made sure she was ok, leveled up on caring points for the day, and headed to the gym to finish the last seven miles of the run.

I’m feeling ok on my long runs but I’m not ready to race yet so Michelle and I are using the Baldwin Park half this weekend as a training run. Tweet Michelle some good vibes so that her ribs feel well enough to run by next weekend!


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19 responses to “Back to Long Runs

  1. Go you for all the upcoming runs!

    Poor Michelle, but I am sure she’s glad you chose her over the Garmin and that you were there to help her! I know I would have been. Her poor ribs…those take a while to heal, but I sure hope they are better “enough” by this weekend. Do you remember last EDC? That ride, I can’t believe that ride hurt my ribs for weeks! If it’s there, guess who is NOT riding it this year? The other ride tho, it was fun fun fun!

  2. Melissa

    Dude–you are getting faster! Maybe not training is your strategy?!

    I am very proud of you for Caring about Michelle. I think you may be growing as a person. This will be good for when we have our child together, and I need you to care about me.

  3. I’m so glad to hear someone else makes pit stops on their long runs sometimes! I always feel defeated when I have to pee, or get a drink, or whatever, but the truth is sometimes your body needs things that just require a 2 minute break. Good luck this weekend!

  4. Jenny

    Hope Michelle heals up quickly. Falling on a run sucks. 😦
    Good luck with your races!! Your long run pace was great so I bet you do really well!
    I ran my first tempo last night since Chicago and it was fast for me and I haven’t been doing much at all. So yes, maybe Melissa is right and NOT training is the key to getting faster. 😉 Works for me!

  5. Your “slowly getting back into long run” pace is faster than my “ZOMG it’s full of stars!!/wormhole hyperlight travel” pace. Ima gonna go choke on a pie… :-

  6. What Garmin do you have? I need to get a GPS watch, relying on phone apps aint hackin it!

    • Paula

      I use the Forerunner 405, but I hate it.
      I wrote this awhile ago but it’s still applies:
      Maybe it will help a bit in choosing which one you want?

      • Thanks! my fiance has the Garmin 410 and I’ve been borrowing his when I run and have the same issues with the annoying bezel. I accidentally did something towards the end of my long run on Sunday and I couldn’t get it back to the run and was freaking out that I accidentally stopped the timer, it was annoying and not very user friendly while running, didn’t have a clue what to press to try and get back to it. Garmin dummies need to run with their watches before they put them out there.

  7. Thanks for NOT pausing, man. I think your heart grew two sizes and I appreciate it.

    I’m jealous of those extra miles you got in… sigh.

  8. Amber K

    It is totally a fear of mine to hurt myself while working out. I scraped skin off of my ankle when I was a kid on a treadmill and I’m just waiting for round two.

  9. Remind me to explain how to set up “auto pause” on your Garmin. You’re going to love it.

  10. I have a half coming up in a few weeks and have run pretty much 6 miles in the last 2 weeks since my marathon. Not training seems like a good plan to me, but perhaps you will inspire to me to run more than 3 miles in a row this weekend. Maybe.

  11. Aw, poor Michelle. You are a good friend. And a long run CHAMPION!

  12. Good luck on your races! Aww, so sorry to hear about Michelle.

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