Sunday Bunday

I have the most anti-social hamster ever.

He sits in his little hideaway all day long and piles up the bedding at the entrance so we can’t see him. We try to coax him out with food, but he just grabs it and pulls it into his house when we’re not looking.

I know hamsters are nocturnal, but we were watching movies until 3:00am on Friday night and he never came out. The only time we see him is if we grab him and hold him. So now we have one animal that doesn’t mind being held but hates playing and we have one animal that likes playing but hates being held. We can’t win.

We finally introduced Pants and Henry.

That picture is the most interest she’s shown in him. We put him in the ball just in case Pants wanted to lay the smackdown on his little hamster body. Once we took him out of the ball, she sniffed his face a couple times and then went to lay down on the opposite side of her cage.

So, note to self: bunnies and hamsters do not make instant best friends and frolic together like they do in my mind.

We’re thinking of renaming Henry. I seem to call him Hammy the most because I am unoriginal and lazy. Hubs vetoed my suggestion of Chris Hams-worth (come on, that’s funny!), but he liked my suggestion of Jon Hamm. So we might go with that. Any hamster name suggestions out there?

Oh, and because an inordinate amount of you asked for this…

One of them is in hiding. I’ll do better next time. (I just realized how fitting the name Jon Hamm is all of a sudden.)

I swear this isn’t going to turn into a hamster blog.


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9 responses to “Sunday Bunday

  1. Thank God it’s not going to turn into a hamster blog! I was worried.

  2. If it weren’t for Jon Hamm, I’d say Chris Hams-worth is the best name ever…but Jon Hamm definitely seems more fitting!

  3. Amber K

    lol, both names are perfect.

  4. Ha – Jon Hamm is so fitting.

    Poor Pants just doesn’t know what to do with those hamster balls all up in her stuff.

  5. Mz. Teri

    I suggest the name “Hammy Sammich.” 😀

  6. Liz

    That hamster ball just made my day! And Jon Hamm is the perfect name. Epic post. 🙂

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