Sunday Bunday

I had a moment of weakness at the pet rescue today. Meet Henry.

Henry is a Teddy Bear hamster, not a rat, KARA. He did not appreciate your rude rat comment.

He came with the name – that wasn’t my doing. I’m pretty sure the pet store names all their rescues Henry. They had two hamsters and a guinea pig named Henry. There can’t possibly be that many Henry’s concentrated in one area.

I’ve been wanting to get Pants a guinea pig friend for awhile, but I’m afraid she’ll rip its face off with her Hulk-like rage, so I thought I’d start smaller with a hamster. They’re easier to take care of and don’t need as much play space. So, if she hates him, she doesn’t need to see him.

I gotta admit, I thought he was kinda ugly when I got him home. Also, he has big balls. Why is that even necessary for such a small animal? It’s so disconcerting to look at. Now I know why I prefer female animals. I can’t deal with all the balls.

Anyway, I don’t know how old he is and hamsters only live for about two years, so that’s kinda sad. I hope he’s around for awhile. All I know is that he’ll be loved for the rest of his big-balled life and will hopefully find a new friend in Pants because she seriously looks bored like she needs someone to play with.


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17 responses to “Sunday Bunday

  1. Kim K

    Dirty Big Balls!

  2. In my defense, your hand was covering his butt so I imagined a long naked rat tail. I can’t believe some people keep rats as pets. If they make a trap for it, don’t pay money for one. God, that’s just common sense.

    My tiny dwarf hamster (also named Henry) used to drag his ball sack behind him. When he ran on the wheel, they’d bounce thwacka-thwacka-thwacka behind him. It was hilarious and disgusting.

    On the plus side, I was able to potty train him to only pee and poop in a little plastic dish in his cage and I hardly ever had to clean the whole cage.

  3. Allyssa

    This is hilarious! And um, why can’t you just rename him? LOL. It’s not like he knows his name and will respond to it. Giggle. We had hamsters when I was a kid. I didn’t hate them, but I’m not sure I was really sad when they died. And I definitely wasn’t sad when we got rid of the second set of hamsters. They were biters.

    • Paula

      I should probably rename him. I have this big scenario in my head where one day, someone calls the name Henry and a bunch of hamsters attack at once. Better safe than sorry.

  4. Jasmin

    Not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed to not see a picture of said “big balls” 🙂 Also, has anyone ever told you that Kara Hayward ( looks a lot like you? We watched Moonrise Kingdom, and the entire movie I was thinking, “She looks so familiar.” Then I realized it’s because she reminds me of you (which sounds slightly creepy and stalkerish, but whatevs… :D)

    • Paula

      You know, that crossed my mind. I shouldn’t be talking about big balls if I’m not going to pony up the picture. I’ll have to follow through on that soon.

      I have never heard of Kara Hayward but the fact that I remind anyone of a teenager with amazing hair is a giant win in my book. So thank you!

  5. Jenny

    I think he’s cute! I hope Pants doesn’t chew his face off. 😉

  6. Liz

    So cute! Not at all rat-like. Just sayin’. I AM disappointed to not see the big balls. That would awesome. I have never seen hamster balls. And TEDDY BEAR hamster balls? Even better.

  7. Stephanie Frame

    Awww dis baby so cute! I love him!

  8. Mz. Teri

    My girls had hamsters for a few years. (You might remember being at my place and watching the hamster in run around in its bright pink roller car. lol) I don’t see any gray fur around it’s mouth, so it’s probably not too old. Our hamsters always seemed to gray a bit when they got older.

    I hope GBP doesn’t eat the little guy for lunch, or worse, think it’s a new stuffed toy and try to hump him! *EGADS*

  9. Denise P.

    I thought he was a rat too when I saw him on IG. I adopted a dwarf hammie from the shelter last summer. He was only $5! And I knew I could give him a good home for the rest of his short life. (He only got smacked around by my cat a time or 2- oops)
    His name was Racer but I shortened it to Ace. His backstory is the best… Apparently he was in a car that was pulled over by the police and the guy was arrested. I like to think it was a high speed chase since his name was Racer. He was with us for about 9 months before he passed. Fiancee says no more animals for the time being – we just merged his chihuahua with my 2 cats and we’re expecting our first child so I have to stay away from the shelter. But as soon as we have a big house I’m going back and getting a chicken, turtle and/or bunny. They have all kinds of “exotic” animals there!

    • Paula

      Aww, sounds like Racer had a good last 9 months. I haven’t found a shelter here with bunnies yet, but I would be in big trouble if I did. I just love them so much.

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