First Run

The second gif in this post is mildly NSFW, so make sure your boss isn’t standing behind you. Unless you’re into that.

I ran, ya’ll!

I’ve been grounded from running for six weeks but I can’t say I hated it or even missed it. Every time I thought about running, I thought:

While I was in Texas, I decided to run a half mile during one of my normal walks after my recovery period was over. That was mostly because my walks were taking so long and I just wanted off the treadmill faster but also because I just had to know how this running thing was going to go down now that I’m toting a new pair of ladies.

Ok, so here’s the deal. It was a little awkward at first. During the first quarter mile I thought, “heyyyyy now, what’s going on down there.”

Picked that gif because of the incredible likeness to how I look running. I look just. like. that.

I decided to start slow and see how I felt from there. That half mile turned into 3.5 miles of pure awesome that I did not expect. After the first couple minutes of awkwardness where I kept thinking, “my God I am hyper-aware I have boobs and nipples,” I didn’t feel any different from pre-boob running and I starting kicking running’s ass in normal fashion.

I started around an 11:30 pace and ended up running a 9:15 toward the end. I felt pretty great. I took two walk breaks but still, that was a lot faster and longer than I had intended and…probably not the best idea.

My hamstrings were so, so sore the next day. Note to self: If you haven’t run in six weeks, do not run 3.5 miles at your normal pace idiot.

I guess those running endorphins lasted awhile because they clouded my judgement enough that I added a few races to my fall schedule.

I’ll be running all four of those with my long lost running lover, Michelle. Reunited and it feels so good. Now I suppose I’ll have to start training for those races at some point…


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16 responses to “First Run

  1. That’s exactly what I look like running too. It hurts. I hate my boobs when I run… enjoy getting to know yours!

  2. Melissa

    Just strap ’em down. Sometimes I wear a bra-top tank w/a sports bra and that contains them pretty well.

    I hope that my return to running will be as triumphant as yours, whenever that happens to be.

  3. Haha that gif is hilarious! I saw a girl running in my neighbourhood the other weekend that had the worst and least supportive bra on ever! Every step she took was threatening to give her a black eye. I can’t imagine how sore her boobs would be after a run. And wouldn’t you feel your girls moving that far up and down with every step?!

    Anyways, great job on your first run back!

    • Paula

      I’ve seen those type of girls around. It is mesmerizing to watch them run, so at least they are providing entertainment for us.

  4. Three words: Moving Comfort Bras. They are AMAZING. I can’t believe I just discovered them. They make my DD’s look like B’s without giving me uniboob. And these girls aren’t going ANYWHERE.

    They were just on zuilily for half price too. Dang I should have told you.

  5. I wish I had that problem! Not enough there to have much bouncing. But it still takes me 1/2 mile to a mile to warm up and get in the groove of a run, so no worries! Yah for races coming up. They always push me to get out the door and run!

  6. Glad you’re feeling well enough to run.

    It must be so different having to think (worry?) about your boobs when you run. I’m a small B and can pretty much wear any kind of sports bra and it really isn’t an issue. Good problem to have though.

    I’m also running Celebration and Orlando this year. Tried to sign up for Space Coast but they were already sold out.

  7. Glad you are feeling better for running. I look forward to hearing more about your races.

  8. That’s also exactly what I look like while running. Except if I am not in a sports bra, my nungas will punch me in the face. I miss the days of being able to bust into a run whenever I wanted and being wild and carefree in the wind without a bra…when I was 10. But the titulars are good times, so I guess it works out.

    Also, you have a lot of big upcoming races. I am impressed!

  9. There’s written content in this post? #whatapig

    Is it bad that since I’ve started working out again to get rid of my new my moobs, this is how I feel I look like when I do cardio. #sad

  10. Amber K

    That’s one of the reasons I absolutely hate running! I think way too much about them every time.

  11. I read this as your new improved boobs made you a faster runner. Kudos.

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