Gone Batty

I had a really good weekend. I mean, I’m super ready to go home, but my weekend was great and now I just need to get through one more week of work and then I fly back to the hubs Saturday morning. I kinda miss the guy.

The weekend started out Friday night when I had dinner with Megan at Bostons. I forgot to take pictures, but that is probably because I was too busy drinking booze and eating Megan’s dessert for her. If you don’t remember, this is her.

That was taken the last time I was in town. I’m so excited to have an official friend in Killeen!

Megan suggested Bostons because they have a drink that mixes sweet tea vodka and Blue Moon. I said yes right when I heard that. Bostons could have specialized in banana and mayonnaise sandwiches and I wouldn’t have cared. It’s a chain, because that’s all there is in Killeen, but I really liked it. It’s in the Cheddars tier of delicious restaurant chains for me.

Saturday afternoon, my co-workers and I drove into Austin and walked around the capitol a bit.

There was a Trayvon Martin rally going on with lots of guys with hoodies on walking around in 97 degree heat. I didn’t even think about the symbolism of that until my co-worker mentioned it.

Then we made our way down 6th Street where I’m pretty sure someone tried to show me their junk. I always thought junk showing was a nightly thing, but no, it happens during the day as well.

I am absolutely sure if I lived in Austin, I would be a full blown alcoholic because all the bars were open and pretty happening at 1:00pm.

We decided to have lunch at 1886 Café and Bakery, which is inside The Driskill, a hotel built in 1886 that is said to be haunted. I knew tacos were in my near future, so I went light with the Almond Goat Cheese salad.

There are few salads that I would describe as amazing. This is one of them. There were fresh strawberries under all that too. Super yum.

After lunch, we walked around until we were I was too hot and cranky. I scored one of the best slurpees of my life at 7-11, and then my co-workers dropped me off at Melissa and Brad’s house for a sleepover. We decided to keep it cheap since we tend to go out downtown and spend all the money, so our cheap night started out with this six dollar thing of beauty.

Torchy’s Tacos. You complete me.

I’ve been wanting to see the bats take off at the Congress Avenue bridge for awhile now. So, Melissa found this one hour tour on the Lone Star River Boat where you can see the bats from under the bridge. Best $10 bucks you can spend. Seriously. Besides being super cheap, the only thing you need to know is that the boat tour is BYOB.


You can bet Melissa packed a case of beer and proceeded to hone her delicate, simultaneous beer and phone balancing skills.

Anyway, we got to see some beautiful views of the city from the water.

(Brad pointed out that the building right behind me is Silicone Laboratories. And there were two of them. Ahh yes. The boob jokes are starting, my friends.)

Closer to the time the bats take off, tons of people gather on, around, and under the bridge. I was so surprised by how many people came out.

Then it was time for the bats.

Just in case that doesn’t embed, here’s a link.

Close to a million bats take off every night during bat season (April – September, I think) in Austin. It’s the largest urban bat colony in North America. Really cool to see even when you’re getting pooped on.

After bat watching, we just chilled at the house while Melissa made me delicious drinks all night.

That’s Three Olives Loopy, with sparkling water and blended strawberries, lemon, and mint. Fancy stuff. I could get used to this personal bartender thing.


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17 responses to “Gone Batty

  1. Melissa

    I see sausage in your taco! (sorry, had to)

  2. Austin looks like a lot of fun! Bats kind of freak me out, but would be cool to see!

  3. Seeing the bats would be pretty cool. I’ve always wanted to visit Texas. I remember when I was about 11, seeing a picture of Texas and being shocked–absolutely shocked–that they had buildings and stuff and it looked like a city! In my head, I had always pictured Texas as farms, tumbleweed and cactus.
    Oh to be young again.

  4. I live near Dallas and Torchy’s is a several times a week visit (and my fave post run food). 🙂

  5. Loopy is a fav drink of mine! That concoction sounds amazing. Andddd that video was pretty funny too! 😉

  6. Amber K

    I had no idea watching bats take off was a thing. Crazy!

  7. True story: I think I’m staying at the Driscoll when I go to Austin for my girls weekend in September. Why would you tell me it’s haunted????

  8. OOhh…I totally want to see those bats! Hemingway quote is pretty cool, too.

  9. Mz. Teri

    Ok, so the bats take off every night… but where do they go? ~|~

  10. Ali

    Obviously I read BYOB as “bring your own bat.” That would be an interesting party…

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