My New Running Toy

First, let me just say thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post. My boobs officially have an ego. Also, sorry to disappoint, but there will not be a recurring Cleavage Wednesday post like two of you pervs suggested.


As you may know, bloggers sometimes get offered free products if we blog/social media about them. It’s extremely rare that I accept free products. Not that people always want to send me stuff, but I’ve a gotten a few offers during my three years of blogging and it’s usually something I would never normally use…like deodorant. So I politely decline.

So you can imagine that I almost pooped my pantaloons when I was contacted by Camelbak. If you’ve been reading for awhile, you may know I have a love affair with my CamelBak.


And a love affair with the Phoebe run.

I bought my CamelBak three years ago to use at Burning Man and thought I would never use it again. A month later, I ran my first half marathon and thought I was going to die because there wasn’t enough water on the course. I used my CamelBak for my second half marathon and I’ve been addicted to it ever since.

I’ve always wanted to try one of the CamelBak vests because they have pockets on the front. I figured it would be less awkward getting my camera out during a race. Also, with the new rack, I wasn’t quite sure where my PB&J’s would go. Now I know. So I’m pretty psyched that CamelBak offered to send me one and I can’t wait to try it out.


I just wanted to let you guys know when I start training for races this year, that it was provided for me.

Speaking of running, I talked to a very unsure of herself nurse yesterday that said I could start running at four weeks. (When I asked if I could run at four weeks or six, she said, “ummmm….four.”) Anyway, that’s this Friday. 🙂 I’m going to take it easy this month and then start building up my base slowly for a race in December that I still need to register for.


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23 responses to “My New Running Toy

  1. You should really reconsider the cleavage Wednesdays. Just think of the pageviews!

    I cannot wait to take a picture of you doing something crazy in your new CamelBak. Also, I let Dan know about your PB&J pockets and he is very relieved there won’t be any cleavage/PB&J incidents.

    And yeah, we’re going to have to run together soon. I can’t wait to bitch about how slow we are and how hot it is.

  2. I’m much too vain to use a hydration vest, I worry that it will look lame in race photos. Because I take such awesome race photos and I wouldn’t want to mess them up.

  3. Well, that’s a bummer. I was looking forward to more boob shots.

    I’d love to hear what you think of the vest. I love my Camelbak, but I had no idea they had vests. My camera needs a home.

  4. I, too, was concerned about where the PB & J’s would go. I feel relieved. Thank you, CamelBak, for easing my anxiety about this important issue.

  5. Wait, so will the PB&Js no longer be referred to as “boob food”?

    • Paula

      Ah crap. I might have to shove some in there just for old time’s sake. I can’t lose that name yet. It’s too soon!

  6. I work for a plastic surgeon and the doctor typically releases people to physical activities at six weeks (if they haven’t had any issues of course.) Are you on a schedule for follow-ups? Most of the augmentation patients are on a one week, three weeks, and then two to three months schedule.

    Having all of those pockets would be really nice. I use a Fuel Belt now but am starting to hate having something around my waist when I run.

    • Paula

      I don’t like having things in my hands or around my waist, so I feel ya on the fuel belt.

      I had the one week follow up, but then the doctor was on vacation for a week and I’m leaving for work travel for two weeks, so my “three week” is in six weeks. I was released to do lower body and abs but I feel like I should call back and talk to my regular nurse now that you’re saying six. I don’t mind walking so I could just wait the extra two weeks too.

  7. Oh man – I want one now just to carry sandwiches in… like wearing it to work, or church, or shopping!

  8. So funny because I have a review set up to post tomorrow and my opening paragraph basically says the same thing as yours. We won’t sell out for just anything, we have standards!!!!
    Anyway, your CamelBak vest looks awesome, and there’s no way I could fit a sandwich in my nungular area so I’m excited for you 🙂

  9. mammabird

    6 weeks is standard post-op “healing” time. You don’t want
    any scar tissue…..or do you? Would be painful.

  10. Hump day needs cleavage. Think of the people!

    I love my hydration vest. I’m not a huge fan of Camelbak because their bladders are hard to open quickly. I really like the Nathan option of a slide bar. This is of course for refilling it during a race which you probably don’t care about.

    Yet. 🙂

  11. Kelsey

    I don’t know if I am all for ‘Cleavage Wednesdays’ – congrats on the boobs though, but you could start a new twitter for them. Then people can stay up to the minute on their adventures

  12. Lol to the comments about cleavage Wednesdays. I definitely think it could become as popular as WIAW 🙂

    I’ve thought about getting one of these before as I think I need to start looking at how to carry water when I run.

  13. I’ll join any cleavage Wednesday link-ups, just saying.

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