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Lots of reading going on in these parts. It’s weird, because until three years ago, I hated reading. It once took me five years to read a Stephen King book. When hubs bought me a Nook for my birthday, I was *thisclose* to returning it because I thought it would collect dust. Needless to say, I’m glad I kept it because I have become a reading fool.

1. Terra by Gretchen Powell


Summary can be found here.

I didn’t mean to read this book. I wanted to finish a few miles on the treadmill and picked a random book off Michelle‘s Nook to make my walk less boring. At first, I thought it was just a hodge-podge of every dystopian book I’ve ever read, so I was annoyed that it wasn’t original. Then somehow my annoyance turned to interest and I ended up getting sucked in and read it fast. I really liked it and if you like fast, easy reads along The Hunger Games lines, you’ll like this one. Now, I have to sit around and wait for the next book to come out. Because of course it has to be a trilogy. Of course.

2. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern


Summary can be found here.

I read this book on several recommendations because there is no way I would have read it by looking at that cover. (Yep, I’m a judger.) I loved it. It was so weird and different and dream-like and I wasn’t always sure how the pieces fit together, but it didn’t matter because it all came together at the end.

The story unravels slowly but it’s still interesting because it leaves you wanting to know more. The end was fairly abrupt compared to the rest of the book. It’s like you get used to a certain pacing and then the end speeds up so fast and resolves itself too easily. So I guess I could have used more there somehow, but it was still completely worth it. And, it was nice to read something that wasn’t written for my inner 14-year-old. (See #1 and #3)

3. Matched (and Crossed) by Ally Condie


Summary can be found here.

Speaking of my inner 14-year-old, this is another dystopian novel. I could tell when I started reading it that I need a break from dystopias soon. I’m reading too many of those in a row. Still, I liked it a lot even though it seemed elementarily written compared to similar books.

I guess I liked it enough to jump on the second book in the series (Crossed) right away, because I’ll be done with that one tonight. It’s really good so far as well and seems written more for adults, which makes sense with what the characters are going through. Plus, it’s really different from the first book. It reminds me a lot of The Scorch Trials, so it’s not winning any originality contests but if you like that type of book, you will really like this series.

So that’s all I got for books. For now. I’ll take more recommendations if you have them. 🙂


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9 responses to “Moar Books

  1. Michelle

    Ahhh The Night Circus was so amazing! Just so beautifully written and so bittersweet. I basically sigh this huge wistful sigh when anyone asks me about it because I loved the world in the book so much and wish there were more or a movie or something!

    I read the first two of the matches triligoy but gave up before #3. So if you get there will you tell me how it ends? Hahha

  2. Ali

    I just downloaded the Night Circus! It sounds awesome and I can’t wait to dig in!

    I’m a bit over dystopians as well. I tried to read Match right after The Hunter Games and it wasn’t half as engaging so I gave up. But Terra sounds pretty good. Something has to give with this supernatural kick I’ve been on. I think I’m going to take a break on it after the final book comes out in The All Souls Trilogy (highly recommend, btw). I’m going to put my big girl pants on and read The Handmaid’s Tale soon-ish.

    And 5 years for a Stephan King sounds about right… which one was it?

    • Paula

      Needful Things. To be fair, it was a 1000 page book. But a torturous one at that.

      I’m gonna look into the All Souls trilogy now (after I read something non-dystopian). You’ll have to tell me how you like Night Circus!

      • Ali

        Needful things suuuuuuuuuuuuuucked. No one should ever write so much about a character that loves Elvis memorabilia that much… *shudders*

  3. So glad you decided you like reading. Still blows my mind that you didn’t read for so long (although, you were in school and that is a valid excuse). I’m happy you liked Night Circus! It was such a good, weird book.

    One that you haven’t read yet (that I have on my Nook) is Moloka’i. Highly recommend it!

  4. Amber K

    I love reading youth dystopian novels; I’ll admit it. I especially love the Gone series by Michael Grant.

  5. The third Matched book is weird. It didn’t really flow well for me, but I think I liked it.

    • Paula

      I’m about 2/3rds the way through it right now and so far I like it. I hope they don’t pooch the ending.

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