Blah, Blah, Blah

Friday afternoon, hubs and I made the drive to Tampa to see our beloved Ke$ha. The show was at the Florida State Fairgrounds (or whatever the place is called now) and the drive is about an hour and a half away but it took us over three hours to get there. Two of those hours were trying to get out of Orlando. If anything good came out of that annoying and stress-filled car ride, it’s that it put us directly in the mood to drink.

Once we finally got to Tampa, we checked into our hotel and got ready which basically means I put on a hooker’s worth of eye makeup and hub’s changed into his stylish new threads that he was very excited about.

All mine, ladies. And gents.

After we got ready, we met up with my bestie (who drove down separately), had a drink in the room, and then walked across the street to the concert.

The show started 15 minutes after we got through security so we basically had to run to the stage when we heard her set begin. We really thought there would be an opener before her, but nope. Nothing. It’s weird, but I feel like I need an opener to get properly excited (and drunk). Also, I’m not a fan of concerts that start when it’s still light out. It’s kinda a mood killer.

Her set was disappointingly short, but I guess that’s what you get with a double headliner. There are so many songs off her new album that she didn’t play that would have been perfect songs live. (The Beautiful Life, anyone? I mean, she tells you to light your phones up in the lyrics. It’s like that song was written to be played live.)

But still, I love her and even though the show wasn’t as fun as the last three times we’ve seen her, I still had a great time and got some great pictures.

Hubs didn’t like that she relied on a backup singer a lot this time around. You can see her in the background of the picture below.

That chick sounded just like Ke$ha. If I wasn’t watching, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. I didn’t really mind (or notice until hubs said something). At least it wasn’t a backing track (I hate those) and Ke$ha would put her microphone down when she wasn’t doing the singing so it’s not like she was trying to fake it.

By the time we were really getting into the show, it was over.

Such a bummer. Her encore only had one song. *sniff* I feel like three or four more songs probably would have made it all better.

Then it was time for Pitbull. We got a drink before he came on because you need those to listen to that crap.

Forgive the hair. It was hella humid, so it was soaking wet from underneath for most of the night. Next time, I’ll invest in a hair tie.

We watched one or two of Pitbull’s songs and that’s all it took.

We left. Sorry to all the Pitbull lovers out there, but he is one of my most hated artists. I can’t even stand looking at him. We weren’t the only ones either, because tons of people were leaving during his show.

We still had a good time overall, got some food after the show, and then hung out a bit in the hotel room. Next time we see Ke$ha, we’ll make sure she’s the only headliner so we get more songs and zero Pitbull.


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10 responses to “Blah, Blah, Blah

  1. Ali

    Oh god that’s exactly what I feared! I *hate* Pitbull. Hatehatehatehatehateeeeeeeee. You’re a stronger woman than I to have made it through two songs.

    But those pics of Ke$ha are awesome!!

  2. You are better than me, I wouldn’t have even stayed for one Pitbull song. Ugh, can’t stand him.

  3. I love your husband’s punny shirt.

  4. seems really strange for her to perform in the daylight…i mean she’s an nighttime party girl right?!

  5. Sorry to hear the concert wasn’t as good as others you’ve been to. I like some of Pitbull’s songs but not enough to see him in concert and would possibly leave too!

  6. Kesha’s on stage ensembles make me think of Gem. But like a dirty, slutty Gem. I mean that as a compliment.

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