All the Movies

I really need to stay away from Ryan Gosling on Neflix. Why do all his movies disturb me?

Let’s just say I no longer feel bad for him in Blue Valentine after this one. I liked it a lot even though I didn’t understand the title or why Ryan started cross-dressing toward the end. I was so confused. I had to rewind to see if I missed something. (He makes a really ugly woman, by the way.) I didn’t know it was based on a true story until the end. I had to look up the real story online afterwards (at least that explained the title and the cross-dressing). I could have gone without learning the real-life dude lives in Florida. Why do all the crazies gravitate here?

If you haven’t already guessed, my movie watching is still in full-force between episodes of Deadwood. Hubs and I went to see Man of Steel on Saturday night. I loved it, hubs did not.

So pretty.

***SPOILER ALERT***  (Jump past the Really gif if you don’t want to read.)

I hated the Brandon Routh version, so I’m surprised I liked this one. Although, I couldn’t help but wonder how much it would cost to repair the city with all the buildings that Superman was slamming into. Like, damn Superman, use your head. Tax payers are footing that bill. Not to mention the casualties in those buildings. Superman saves one guy, then flies straight through and topples populated buildings for like an hour killing who knows how many people, then it only took breaking the villain’s neck to defeat him.

We also saw World War Z on Sunday and both liked it a lot. Then I had a horrible nightmare that night in which I woke myself up because my scream in my dream translated to a real life scream. Although, my real life sleeping scream sounds more like a pathetic dog cry, but still. It woke me up. The movie wasn’t even scary (it was more tense like War of the Worlds) but I guess when zombies can leap at you like an NBA player dunking a basketball, it leaves an effect on your psyche.

Finally, I watched Nobody Walks (another Netflix movie). I’m still not sure what that title means but it has my imaginary husband in it, so I gave it a shot.

I wouldn’t recommend it. Basically everyone has a crush on someone else that doesn’t have a crush on them, things get awkward, and everyone gets hurt. But people definitely walked in that movie – physically and metaphorically, so what the hell, title?

Oh well, 80 minutes of my life gone but somehow I couldn’t stop watching. It was still worth it for John Krasinski, even though he played a cheater.

And that was my weekend. Please tell me you did something more exciting.


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11 responses to “All the Movies

  1. Michelle

    We’re in a heat wave in Boston so I saw the bling ring and man of steel. I’m so cool. I was highly mixed on man of steel but he is so hot that it pushed me over to the fan side. I hated Amy Adams as Lois Lane though. Worst casting ever and I usually like her! I think my standards are high from idolizing Teri Hatcher’s Lois growing up. 🙂

    • Paula

      Yeah, I can see why you didn’t like her as Lois. They didn’t have much chemistry either but she’s so cute, I just can’t hate her in the role. Man, I used to love Lois and Clark.

  2. Please find a way to watch Away We Go. John K is heart meltingly perfect.

    I don’t like zombie movies. Maybe superman. But all those end of the world movies irritate me. Too predictable.

  3. Ali

    I did not do anything more exciting. We tried to get out to see This is The End, but got couched. That might not seem that bad, but the AMC at Altamonte Mall is within walking distance so… yeah we suck.

    The Ryan Gosling movie with Kristin Dunst. W. T. F? I watched it and was just… confused. I had to wiki it, and then I, too, learned it was a real story about some craycray in FL, and got freaked out.

    I’m not that motivated to see Man of Steel. I dunno why. I’m just not. And WWZ… I think I’ve made my thoughts clear on that movie via FB and Twitter. Maybe I’ll see it in a few years when my rage over Brad Pitt’s production company buying the rights to the book only to use the name fades. Yes, it will take years. Many of them. I heard it was a good zombie movie tho!

  4. Ali

    Not sure I can watch a movie in which John Krasinski plays a cheater. I think it would scar me for life. He’s too adorable to cheat.

  5. Jenny

    I just love JK. *swoon* Did you see the video of the lip sync contest between him and Jimmy Fallon? Hilarious.
    All I did this weekend was drink beer, run, and nearly fall off my bike. Not in that order though. 😉 Boring central.

  6. I was kind of on the fence about Man of Steel. It was entertaining and Superman is hooooot! But I guess I just don’t like the superman story that much. (Kal-el? Dumbest name ever!)

    I’ve been watching Freaks and Geeks on Netflix. Every episode leaves me in stitches. Since it’s just one season 😦 we’ve also started watching The West Wing.

  7. Lindsey

    I had the exact same thought about Man of Steel! Except I hated it. The only redeeming quality was how good-looking Superman is.

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