15 Reasons I Need a Muumuu

I ran the Fredericksburg Wildflower 10k on Saturday. I haven’t been running much since February and it was really humid, so I was super surprised that I PRed by a minute. Oh that’s right. I didn’t PR because I ran over a quarter mile in the wrong direction instead. But I’ll tell you about that later.

First, I want to tell you about the shenanigans that occurred after the race and through Sunday. To say I’ve been eating badly would be putting it mildly. Just when I was so full that I couldn’t possibly eat another bite, I did. My stomach is currently in a full-on revolt with my body and I never want to see a piece of clothing with a button or zipper again.

1.  German Reuben, German potato salad, and red cabbage from Winslow’s Restaurant in Fredericksburg

I noticed yesterday that Winslow’s was completely slammed on Urban Spoon but I thought everything was really good. Maybe I just have taste buds with low standards.

2. Peach cobbler

More like peach pie. Or piebbler. (new dessert!) I was annoyed that it didn’t come with ice cream. Who serves piebbler without ice cream? Of course, I ordered some and it was almost the same price as the pie. I’ll spare you the ice cream picture, just know that I was full and didn’t need it.

3.  Ombre cake from The Pink Pig

This is vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and a fancy name. I ate it about an hour after the piebbler. With my fingers. In the car. The frosting wasn’t even good. I still ate it all. Bad frosting is better than no frosting.

4. Pink pig frosted cookie

I ate that cookie shortly after the cake. I still wasn’t hungry and I may have been slipping into a diabetic coma. It was a disappointing cookie. We were told that we had to check The Pink Pig out and I wasn’t really impressed. I still ate it all. No cookie left behind.

5.  Gummy pigs


I wanted to die at this point. My teeth felt like little pieces of sugary chalk but I still had to try them.

6. Bacon cheeseburger from Reunion Grille in Austin

It doesn’t look like much but that was a great burger. I really did consider getting a salad for a good 10 minutes, so I think that counts for something.

7. Bloody Mary bar at Z’Tejas

A BLOODY MARY BAR. What won’t these kids think of next? The Bloody Marys were four bucks each and had Grey Goose vodka. Pretty much heaven.

8. Tableside guacamole with tortilla chips

This guacamole was amazing. I made yummy noises while I was eating it was so good. I ate about 75% of it and was so full afterwards that I didn’t even want the meal I ordered. But I’m sure you know where this is going…

9. Barbacoa beef breakfast enchiladas

I only ate the enchilada part because they messed up my egg order. I don’t do eggs over easy. Runny yolks gross me out. The part that I did eat was amazing.

10. Fresh baked apple muffin with butter

So good. I don’t even like butter that much but somehow it made it’s way all over that muffin. I really buttered my muffin. < — couldn’t help it

11-15. Booze

I drink almost anything. Alcohol is delicious.

I think I’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel hungry. I have been uncomfortably full for 48 hours now. Texas might be killing me.


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30 responses to “15 Reasons I Need a Muumuu

  1. I agree – runny eggs are gross.

    I’m not sure how you fit all of that food into your stomach. You might want to consider entering food eating contests, because I think you might win. I am full just reading this recap and I haven’t even eaten breakfast yet.

  2. MIZ

    ooh but austin so so so rocks!!

  3. Paula, you are doing life right.

    Also, we call Bloody Mary’s with vodka Caesars and they are my favourite. And do what Evan does, ask for over-hard!

    • Paula

      Don’t Bloody Mary’s usually have vodka? They also had one on the menu with tequila called a Bloody Maria. Clever I tells ya.

      I did consider ordering it over-hard and thought of Evan. I’m going to do it next time. To honor him.

  4. I want to eat all of those things. All of them. Especially that gorgeous cake.

  5. I will eat your runny eggs.

    I have a stomach ache on your behalf. Juice cleanse?

    • Paula

      I appreciate the sympathy pains. However, I think I’d rather not fit in my pants and always be full than do a juice cleanse. I’d probably give up in less time than you did.

  6. You should join me on my sugar detox challenge.


  7. Your drinks look fancy and delicious. Also, all of that food looks delicious and I’m hungry now looking at that burger.

  8. Temptation, temptation everywhere! Some foods are just too good to pass up (like tableside guacamole). I don’t blame you for going food crazy. That’s how I’ve been rolling lately, too.

  9. SB

    This is my first comment on your blog. Only because you are in my ‘hood. If you are in Austin longer, I strongly recommend trying Jack Allen’s kitchen for their Sunday brunch. I promise it will be much better than Z-Tejas. Either of their location is great.

    • Paula

      I loved Z’Tejas, so that’s gotta be good! I won’t be back in Austin this trip but work sends me here fairly often. I’m adding that to my “How I Plan to Get Fat” list. Austin is dangerous!

  10. I don’t do runny eggs, either. I ALWAYS order them over hard and then emphasize this by saying it’s okay to over cook them. About 75% of the time they still come out runny. I don’t get it!!

    • Paula

      Runny is not hard, what’s their problem? I need to try them like that next. I usually only do scrambled or hard-boiled. Everything else freaks me out. Especially poached. *shudder*

  11. I’m full-on convinced weekends like this are necessary sometimes to make our bodies appreciate how “good” we are normally! Everything looks like it was well worth it! I understand though, I had a weekend like that awhile ago & had to get my act together quickly 🙂

  12. Damn you Paula for making me hungry!!

  13. Stephanie

    Food looks good. Nails look better. Is that gel?

  14. skinnyrunner

    this could be your best post ever. just sayin.

    gummi pigs. mind, blown.

  15. Amber K

    Bad frosting is absolutely better than no frosting. My tastebuds aren’t that picky when it comes to something that’s sweet 😉

  16. Bad frosting ALWAYS trumps no frosting…..always! That guacamole looks amazing too btw.

  17. Wow so jealous of all your eats 🙂

  18. Keep the sweets. I want to live in that bowl of guac forever and ever, following it up with the eggs dish. I love runny eggs, so just take me to breakfast every time you go and I’ll eat your eggs. And now I’m pretty obsessed with the Bloody Mary bar. Let’s quit our jobs and open one up in O-town. That idea is GOLD I tell you. Actually, I think Hue does one too on brunch days but it’s been years since I’ve been. Nevermind. I’ll just be here eating guac instead.

  19. You are clearly doing something right if you’re able to keep eating all the food! I don’t really subscribe to the “only eat when hungry” philosophy, because so much time is wasted when you could be enjoying delicious cake, or guac!

  20. Jen

    Seriously, piebbler without ice cream is all sorts of wrong.

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