No More Ms. Nice Girl

Week one in Texas is almost over. It’s gone by really fast but at the same time really slow, which makes no sense. I spend all day in a computer lab, with no windows, talking with ten other people. I usually spend my lunch break with my co-workers as well. There’s nothing wrong with my job, it’s just that I’m not usually social for that many hours straight. It’s exhausting.

By the time I get back to the hotel, it’s like I’ve used up all my nice. I have a certain amount of nice that I like to spread throughout the day, but I’m forced to use it all from 8 – 5. I feel bad that my poor co-workers have to deal with me after hours. So after work, I try my best to avoid all people for the rest of the night and therefore end up spending hours in the gym. It is the only thing that brings the sanity back. I’m in the gym for so long that I’ve managed to get in over 10k steps on my pedometer three days in a row.

At least all the gym time means I’ve been working on that one fast mile:

  • Tuesday’s mile: 9:05 pace
  • Wednesday’s mile: 8:57 pace
  • Thursday’s mile: 8:49 pace

Besides all the miles I’m putting in on the treadmill, I usually spend at least 40 minutes on the bike so I can read. I also did a pretty good ab workout last night that I’ll share with you guys later since I haven’t posted a workout in awhile.

So that’s my life right now.

Thank goodness today is Friday. I’m already mentally done for the week.  Plus I’m really looking forward to this weekend. I have a 10k tomorrow morning with a friend and then more fun planned tomorrow night. Should be a good time and it might even make me nice again. No promises, though.


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13 responses to “No More Ms. Nice Girl

  1. Lee

    Hey, you survived the first week! That’s a good thing. Two more to go. At least you’re reloading on the nice this weekend. And remember, nice comes in shot glasses. Lots of shot glasses…

  2. I will say that running “fast” (for me) miles on the treadmill has definitely helped me.

    I feel like in the past, I’ve put tons of emphasis into long runs, but not a lot into speed work. So I’m trying the opposite now. Who knew? Speed work makes you faster!

  3. Haaaa “used up all your nice” i feel ya there.
    but hey, i guess if your way to get away is at the gym thats healthy right? better than like, sitting your room alone stuffing your face with pie or something (aka, what i would probably do)

  4. Verlin

    I would lose my shit if I had to be nice to people for that long. My office has a door, which I close when people outside of it start to do rude things like speak while I am trying to work. Impressive that you make it to 5 without getting stabby. Good luck on your 10 K!

  5. I need to find my pedometer and dust it off. I’m pretty sure that I’m not averaging very many steps a day at all. Maybe it would motivate me to actually put more into my workouts again if I could see just how little I’m moving. Maybe.

  6. Is it weird that I woke up this morning and thought, “Paula’s almost made it through the first week”? Yeah, didn’t think so. At least you’re channeling your anger into something productive. And it’s a great excuse to get away from those people. THOSE PEOPLE.

  7. Well done on the over 10,000 steps over those three days. Good at least that the work situation is encouraging you to do more at the gym 🙂

  8. Amber K

    I totally understand the running out of nice thing. That’s why I’m such a hermit 😉

  9. I hate everyone, so I am truly sympathetic to your plight. I hope this weekend is relaxing for you!

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