Five for Friday. Ok, It's Six.

1. I am currently on Day 5 of good eating. That means Day 5 of lower carb. Day 5 with minimal desserts. And more importantly, Day 5 without peanut butter. I have an unopened jar at home that I find myself gazing at longingly a couple times a day. Also, now that I’m peanut butter free, I’ve realized that I don’t really like Saltine crackers and bananas. They were just a means to transport more peanut butter into my mouth. I’m looking forward to the day when I can just spoon it all in again.

2. Speaking of eating lower carb, it is making my Crossfit workouts so much harder. I am just dying during them. The workouts don’t have new moves or anything like that and I usually get tired, but just not this tired. I’m sure I’ll get used to the lower carb thing at some point and start busting out workouts like it ain’t no thang.

That’s usually how I look by the way. Just like that.

3. I haven’t been running much. Still. I might get in about three miles a week, and that’s not even consecutive miles. This week, I thought I would get back at it. So, last night I did a speed run. I warmed up for .60 miles and then did this x8.

  • 1 minute @ 8:00
  • 2 minutes @ 10:00

I went to the gym with the intention of doing 10 repeats. Guess who’s endurance is shot? THIS girl. I could barely get through 6 and 7. Very humbling and sucky experience. I’m going to have to change my treadmill approach.

4. Work is sending me to Killeen, TX again. For three weeks. Three! I’m not even sure how one packs for three weeks but I’m fairly certain I should just put my house on wheels and roll it there.

5. Hubs and I think Pants has a ghost petter.

See those lines in her fur where it looks like someone scratched her back? At first we thought it was from her squeezing in and out of her box. But those lines are there all.the.time. We’ll even mess up her hair so it stands straight up and it will go right back to looking like that. See? Ghost petter.

6. Go check out this post about yours truly. I giggled reading the whole thing. I even made the blog title! Plus, she is much better at recapping events than I am and has much better pictures.


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32 responses to “Five for Friday. Ok, It's Six.

  1. Loved the gifs. πŸ™‚ Good job on the Day 5…and yep the rest will come back. πŸ™‚ Ya, I heard about the travel for some of you…from MD…and how she’s going for 4 weeks, then her personal week of travel. Meh! Missing her and my birthdays. Meh.

    Ghost petter…I bet she likes that. πŸ˜‰

  2. I loved the gifs also. And I have a confession. I am Pants’ ghost petter. I’m sneaky like that.
    Get outta here, your recaps were awesome! Thanks for the shoutout, I like it.

    Also, I think your work should start sending you to Ontario instead of this Texas business. Now THAT would be a fun time.

    • Paula

      I agree! We could paint the town red. Or probably a tasteful pink since I’m not really a red person. Although, I know a little cutie in Austin that might disagree with you. Ooh! You guys can fight over me! I like where this is going…

  3. Michelle

    Pants is the cutest! Two days after Easter we saw a small brown bunny on our street and I had never seen one in my hood before! So of course I freaked and was sure that it was someone’s abandoned Easter pet and spent a long time trying to get it inside. Turns out he is the neighborhood bunny that i’ve just never seen and was freaking out about nothing. πŸ™‚

    • Paula

      Those brown bunnies are so cute. They have those short little, adorable ears! I usually see them when I’m running in the morning and they’re out for their grassy breakfast. πŸ™‚

  4. That second picture is so awkward yet so funny. I think you should do a cross Canada visit. Start in Ontario with Lindsey and then make your way to Alberta to see me and the mountains. Do it!

  5. Ghost petter! baha.
    and the second Gif just killlllled me haha
    I notice the tired-ness while training too with less carbs. I started eating a whole grain waffle about an hour before my workout and it has been helping actually. I realize that is carby deliciousness but i limit myself otherwise throughout the day so i figure its ok …right? right.

    • Paula

      That’s what I need to start doing. Something carby before workouts. A banana would probably be good too although, unless they are dipped in a vat of peanut butter, I’m not a big fan. Everything in my life leads back to peanut butter.

  6. A ghost petter… now I’m gonna be freaked out if I see lines on my dog’s back.

    I only dream of looking like that lifting weights πŸ™‚

  7. I want to see a real pic of you crossfitting. I see pics of a very popular blogger who is also becoming a coach crossfitting, and I always think her form is terrible, but I’ve never crossfitted, so I can’t say for sure.

    Also, get some of that peanut flour I was telling you about. Put it in your smoothies. You will lurve it.

    • Paula

      I actually have some! I’ll try to get more on Saturday so they can maybe possibly make a real post. Peanut flour. Done and done.

  8. Ari

    So every time I see a bunny (which I see every once in a while when I run in the park), I always think of you. Just fyi.

    Good job on the clean eating, nice! And I am in awe of everyone doing cross fit. It seems rough!

    • Paula

      Well, I am happy you associate me with bunnies. I’m trying to change my association from Peeps and cupcakes to adorable bunnies and it sounds like it’s working!

  9. Maybe I can actually see you this time!! And we can hang out and not eat good carby food or drink delicious alcohol. Never mind, that sounds terrible.

  10. Kileen is near me! I think you need to plan a weekend road trip while you are there for work! We can run and complain about running together. Because that’s pretty much how my workouts have been lately. I’ve heard that when you reduce your carb intake a great deal, you should cut back on the workouts also, because you body just doesn’t know how to deal. Good luck!

  11. Ghostpetter = creepy.

    Sounds like my evil plan of you not getting all super fast on me while I’m all huge and pregnant is working. When I do start running again we can suffer together. This summer is going to be fun, I can just tell.

  12. Amber K

    Someone ghost petting your bunny? Thank you for providing me with my nightmare for tonight. πŸ˜‰

  13. Good work on the continued good eating! I can’t do consistent low carb eating all the time as I go too loco on it but hats off to you πŸ™‚

    • Paula

      There are definitely moments where I would kill a kitten for some frozen yogurt but it’s not too bad…yet. πŸ™‚

  14. 3 weeks in Texas? Middle of nowhere Army base town Texas? You poor fucker.

  15. Have you thought about adding carbs back in just for your pre-workout meal/snack? It might help with feeling like crap. My pre-run meal is a little junky/high in calories, but I’m sticking with it because I like not pooping my pants. Meanwhile, I still haven’t gotten my act together on the whole eating thing this week. I’m blaming the raging sinus infection, but I think it’s really just laziness.

    • Paula

      Yeah, I think I need to do that. Maybe something like a banana or toast? And you better get back on track, lady. You’re doing so awesome! Don’t let it slip now.

      • Either of those sound smart! I do an English muffin, but that’s mostly because we never have any bread or bananas in the house. And I have to admit your comment helped me keep it a little better in check this weekend! Thankfully the Samoas are almost gone and the ice cream is gone.

        • Paula

          Good! You have come further than most people already. Keep up those awesome habits for yourself and little C. πŸ™‚

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