What I'm Watching

I feel like talking TV today so let’s do that, mmmkay?

I’ve been trying my best not to watch new shows because I watch so many already, but I gave in this season and picked up a few newbies in addition to the mass of other shows I already watch. I probably didn’t need those brain cells anyway. So here we go.

The Following

I really liked this at first. I guess I still do. But recently, I feel like they get so.close to catching the bad guys and they always get away because a follower happens to be there. It’s almost too convenient and having so many followers in the police department and FBI just seems ridiculous. And really, how can one guy orchestrate that much stuff from jail?

Also if James Purefoy says, “I haven’t even begun” or  “this is just the end to the first act” or a similar statement thereof one more time, I’m going to flip out. We get it. This is going to go on and on forever until you make me stop watching the show.

I do love me some Kevin Bacon though, so I’ll finish out the season and see how it goes from there.

The Americans

I really like this show. And I really, really like Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys. But I’m not sure I understand completely what’s going on. Is there a game plan here? Or are they just taking orders as they come and trying not to get caught by the FBI agent next door neighbor? I’m not sure I get the big picture. One thing’s for sure, Keri Russell is a saucy little minx in this show and she is staying on the list, if you know what I mean. Meow!

The Mindy Project

I’m finally watching this after much badgering from Michelle and Melissa. Are you guys happy now? Well, are you?

The show is super cute and funny. I love it and I am not even a big fan of Mindy Kahling but she kinda won me over. Plus, I love Morgan. Like, so much. I even loved him on MadTV so it was pretty much guaranteed that I’d love him here.

Being Human (Canadian version)

I’m still watching this one. I picked the Canadian version over the British so I didn’t have to go back and watch a bunch of seasons (British version has been on longer). I hear they are extremely similar. Probably my second favorite show on right now and one I watch right away on the DVR. Ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and now maybe zombies? Yeah, it’s got it all.

Raising Hope

This show has gotten even funnier this season. The episode with all the characters from My Name is Earl last week was freakin’ hysterical. It’s dumb, but it’s got heart and I love, love, LOVE the dad (Garrett Dillahunt).

The Office

I know a lot of people that stopped watching when Steve Carrell left, but it’s still just as funny to me. It’s in the last season and I think it’s even better now than it was the past couple of years. Plus, I’m really liking the Pam and Jim story right now. I hope they don’t break up!

That’s supposed to be an adorable gif but I can’t get it to work so use your imagination.

Cougar Town

Now that’s an interesting promo picture. Hey there flamingos.

I’m so on and off with this show. They’ve had such crumby episodes the past two seasons (Stranger touch? Come on. So lame), but then they totally bring it back with a winner just to keep me hanging on. So I keep watching. But really, nothing beats the first season.

Walking Dead

This is the show I look forward to the most each week. It’s so good this season even though Andrea is a huge pain in the ass that needs to be shanked. (She’s so cool in the comics. If you don’t read them, you should. It’s like the show but a billion times better if that’s possible.) Also, I don’t get the hate for last season. Even a “bad” episode is still pretty good and even a slow episode is still pretty interesting.

What are you watching?


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27 responses to “What I'm Watching

  1. The only show out of those that I watch is Raising Hope and it’s hilarious! I think a lot of people don’t know about it and they are seriously missing out. I love that you are watching a Canadian version of a show…how terrible is it? I’ve been watching Revenge (so good!) and Shameless a lot.

    • Paula

      I still need to see Shameless but it’s not on Netflix yet. Might have to watch House of Cards in the meantime. And Being Human is amazing…not terrible! See? You Canadians aren’t so bad after all. 😉

  2. We need to catch up on The Following, but that is exactly why we are behind. One of these days we will sit down and watch them – especially now that it got picked up for a 2nd season.

    I’m not sure where The Americans is going either – and every week I think, “Wait – who am I supposed to be rooting for here?” However, Keri Russell is sooooo bad ass and cold it is blowing my mind. She is definitely shaking that Felicity image. Also – Matthew Rhys is so damn cute. Why doesn’t she love him back more???

    OF COURSE I am loving that you are loving Mindy. I think I watch that show FOR Morgan, but I do love Mindy and her theatrics (and damn she’s funny).

    (Oh, and I totes feel that way about CT too – I can’t quit it, but I kinda want to.)

  3. I only watch 2 out of those. Being Human and The Walking Dead. Love them. I did, however, watch the UK version of Being Human first. And, they have one more season (er, series)!!! They are similar, but I feel like this version is going in some slight different directions, I mean you can’t copy 100%…then, why bother watching both? LOL. As for The Walking Dead…we haven’t read the graphic novels, though I’d like to, but we love it. It’s a show Pete will buy to watch (since we don’t have cable). We are most definitely caught up with that. It’s been slow past two eps…which only means one thing…gearing up for some crazy action!

  4. Since we got the Hopper from Dish, we’ve been watching A LOT more shows since it records everything on ABC/NBC/CBS/FOX from 7-10 (8-11 for you East Coast people). So whenever the current TV schedule leaves much to be desired aka Saturday afternoon, we dip into the Primetime Anytime pool of shows.

    So now we watch Shark Tank, New Girl, Ben + Kate (which might be cancelled, it randomly disappeared), The Mindy Project, Whitney, Rules of Engagement, 2 Broke Girls, The Following, and Biggest Loser. Crap. That’s WAY too many. In addition to like 30 others we already watch.

    Also we just started watching Burning Love on E! which is basically a spoof on the Bachelor starring a bunch of celebs. It’s HILARIOUS. Your girl Kristen Bell just got sent home last night but there are a few hot messes on there (Haley!! played by Natasha Leggero) that are pretty damn entertaining.

    • Paula

      Burning Love is on E! now? Those were webisodes last year that were released twice a week so maybe E! picked them up to air them? If it’s got KBell, it’s not a new season so I wonder if it’s becoming a show now!

  5. I’m so happy you’re finally watching the Mindy Project. I was so afraid that my pure, unadulterated love for the show was going to signal its demise, so I was THRILLED this week when it was picked up for a second season.

    Totally agree w/ you on the Americans. I love it and always really like each episode but I saw someone on Twitter worry that it’s becoming too Law and Orderish (one-off issues each episode without a lot of plot continuation). I hope it’s more a matter of the show still finding its stride. But she is SOO freaking badass and I adore Matthew Rhys. I still automatically picture him as gay b/c of Brothers and Sisters so I’m always a little surprised when he has his random stranger sex. This is how I used to feel about Dexter too b/c of his previous role on Six Feet Under. I got over that and I’m sure I’ll get over this, too.

    Finally, I was one of the haters for the last season of The Walking Dead but it’s been so good lately. I’m a little tired of Crazy Rick so I’m hoping this past episode — which was one of the best ones ever — is us finally moving on from that. And I am rooting so hard for the end of Andrea. I do hate that I hate nearly every female character on that show. I wish they could get a kickass writer for women. The only great character is Michonne and she has no lines. So maybe I should be a TV writer.

    I wish you watched Parks and Rec. It’s SOOOO freaking funny. It’s consistently the highlight of my week.

    • Paula

      I love Matthew Rhys too! He is so not my type either but he’s adorable in the show. Except when he dresses like the 70s porn star. That’s not my fave.
      I loved last week’s Walking Dead too. And I am over crazy Rick myself. The episode before last week, he was like, wandering in the woods for the ENTIRE episode. WTF?
      Parks and Rec is on my list! I’m in season 2 but need to start it up again. I want to get to Rob Lowe soooo bad.

  6. Michelle

    I LOVE the following! Although I’ve made many of the same points about his followers to my roommate. But it’s one of the only shows I am actively excited to sit down and watch and won’t catch up on DVR.

    I also watch the mindy project but have mixed feelings about. I think it went through some re-tooling and I like it now but the earlier episodes were just so mean. Like I didn’t understand at all the appeal of anyone on the show because they were all so awful to each other. But I love Anna Camp so I hung on and now I like it much better!

  7. I love The Americans so much that I am actually staying up to watch it nearly live. Love everything about that show including the horrible 80’s jeans.

    I tried watching the remake of Being Human but the UK version while similar, is far superior. It would be a commitment to catch up at this point but it really is a great show.

    Andrea really does need to die. I mean, how much proof does she need that the Governor is a complete nut job? I just don’t understand what she is thinking but will not be said if a zombie bites her.

    • Paula

      I watch Walking Dead almost live. (Gotta wait 20 min so you can FF those commercials!) I might try the British version of Being Human some day because I’ve heard good things. But it’s going to be weird seeing those 3 characters played by different people!

  8. Amber K

    That’s so funny because I’m not watching ANY of those. I would be watching The Following and The Mindy Project, but they conflict with everything else on my DVR and nothing replays and I hate sitting at my desk to watch TV. Plus if it’s something my husband wants to watch…yeah…we don’t both fit!

    I’m too obsessed with Once Upon a Time and random reality shows. At least most reality shows replay a bunch. We’re constantly having to fix conflicts! And I probably shouldn’t admit it but The Lying Game and Pretty Little Liars have me enthralled each week!

  9. Jen

    Like you, I’m hanging in there with The Office, but I’m HATING the Jim/Pam storyline! Will be so angry if they split up. I am at least one week behind, though, so maybe it’s gotten better?

    • Paula

      I might be a week behind too. I like the story, but I definitely want them to end up together! I really like Erin paired with that new guy instead of Andy too. That’s what he gets for filming Hangover 3. 😉

  10. Jim

    1. The Americans is freaking awesome. Kerri Russell might be the best piece of casting on TV ever. Who would ever expect here to be such an ass kicker.

    2. Last ep of the Walking Dead was my favorite overall episode since the pilot. They even let Michonne speak for god’s sake.

    • Paula

      I loved that last episode! At the end, I told FF, “I could go for another hour of that right now.” I can’t believe Carl doesn’t piss me off anymore.

  11. We are DVRing so many of these – The Following, Raising Hope, Being Human. I love Walking Dead too! So good. Except, did Lori need to pop back in like that? Bleh. We haven’t been watching as much current tv right now, my husband and I just discovered Supernatural on Netflix and have been watching the crap out of it. I have a massive crush on Jensen Ackles now. 😉

    • Paula

      Supernatural is one of my faves! I started watching in season 3, so I had some catch up to do. Seasons 1 – 5 are AMAZING. Seasons 6 and 7 are ok and 8 gets good again. But still worth watching the lesser seasons because, well, Jensen. #swoon

  12. Oh and I totally agree about Andrea – she does need to get shanked and fast. Lol.

  13. I need to check out The Following. I love most of what you listed, so clearly I need to keep tv stalking you to find all of my favorite shows.

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