Anniversary Fail

So the anniversary thing happened on Saturday. We decided to go to a friend’s birthday party that night, but beforehand, we went out for dinner to celebrate our anniversary and be reminded that we are not in Vegas anymore.

Hubs is looking a little tired there (probably of me), but it’s the only picture that turned out sort of ok.

Hubs always picks where we eat and it’s always a winner, but for the first time since we started dating (yep, 11 years), I picked the place. I chose Hillstone.

That’s the view from our table. Not too shabby.

I figured we couldn’t go wrong since I had been there before and looooved it. Plus, I’ve been wanting to take hubs there for awhile now. Well, this time it wasn’t so amazing. I’m not sure how two different experiences could have been so different, but they were.

I ordered the bleu cheese wedge as an appetizer. It’s actually listed as a meal, but I refuse to believe a wedge of lettuce is a meal.

The wedge is topped with bleu cheese, tomatoes, bacon, and roasted beets. I had this before and loved it. It was still great, but it was swimming in bleu cheese. There was just way too much – and I am one of those more is better girls, so for me to say that probably killed a kitten somewhere.

Hubs had the smoked salmon appetizer.

He loved the salmon but those little pieces of toast that you’re supposed to eat the salmon with were hard enough to chip a tooth.

For my main course, I ordered the veggie burger.

I know you’re thinking – nice restaurant and the veggie burger? LAME. Well, I tried a ton of things the last time I was there and this was the thing that I (and everyone else) loved the most. I am no where near a vegetarian, so for me to love a veggie burger has to mean it’s made out of dancing unicorns dressed in glittery tutus singing Ke$ha.

Of course, I didn’t care for it. I just don’t even know how that’s possible. I took the first bite and was immediately disappointed.

Hubs had the roasted chicken with barley salad.

That is an entire chicken.

Hubs mentioned that he’s never seen an upscale restaurant serve that large of a portion before. We could have both ordered that and shared it. He said it was good but nothing that Publix couldn’t make in their deli.

Ok, so I thought dessert might save the day. We were thinking of going for frozen yogurt but I remembered the key lime pie being amazing and hubs loves him some key lime pie.

It was…mediocre.

Hubs asked me if I was drunk the last time I was there and that’s why I thought everything tasted so good. I swear I was stone sober! So, yeah. Neither of us cared for it. Later that night at the birthday party, two people mentioned that Hillstone is like that. Sometimes amazing, sometimes not. (??)

Anyway, now I’m forbidden from choosing our anniversary dinners. Hubs=10, Wife=0.
I suggested an anniversary re-do. So, we’re going to do dinner next weekend, get all fancy, and pretend it’s our anniversary. Hubs is picking the place.

Anyone else have an anniversary fail? Smile


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26 responses to “Anniversary Fail

  1. That’s a bummer, but I’m glad you two will be trying again! Maybe they have a different kitchen crew that does that amazing and then another that does the mediocre? That’s such a bummer when something is 50/50 like that. But, hey, it was great to see you two on Saturday night! 🙂

  2. Nicole

    You might have gone to that place when it was Houston’s, I only go there to sit by the lake and drink wine and eat spinach dip! Can’t go wrong with warmed up spinach and chips.

    • Paula

      It was Hillstone both times I went. Although, I hear that Hillstone is owned by Houstons so they are basically the same restaurant! It even still says Houstons on their doors. I’m liking that lake/booze/dip idea you got going there. 🙂

  3. Man, it really does suck when you have this idea in your mind and it really does not come out that way. Once my fiance and I had gone out to this amazing restaurant for my birthday. Reservations are hard to come by though and when we got there. They literally seated us at a mini table in the middle of the bar area. Everyone else was gazing at the waves and water (beach bliss) and we were fighting to hear each other over ESPN and the meat market than began shortly after sitting down. 😦

  4. Well, at least it was pretty! I really do think the food is better when you go M-Thur. I thought it was a fluke the last time we went because I’ve been there a gazillion times now (and always during the week), but now you’ve convinced me.

    I have been to few restaurants where they serve a whole roasted chicken and I usually think, “Who the heck would order that?” Now I know 🙂

    I am excited about your upcoming surprise date!

  5. I went out yesterday to this restaurant that I have been to a handful of times (good food too) and yesterday was beyond sad. The food was so bland. I am so glad the meal was paid with a Groupon deal because we ain’t going back there again.

    • Paula

      That was exactly my thought about not going back. So weird how one bad experience makes you forget the other good ones.

  6. That always happens when I choose the restaurant lately. We did that for my birthday, i went to a newly opened restaurant for a work gathering a few months back and it was amazing so i told him i wanted to go there for my bday and it was very mediocre that time. sad!!

    • Paula

      I kinda like when he chooses where we go anyway so now I’ll have an excuse if he wants me to choose in the future. Remember that time when… 🙂

      • Dave

        Dar & I have a similar kind of thing with picking new movies to go to: her=bad, me=good. So it’s alot of pressure on me to keep my streak going!

  7. Ah I hate when that happens! Especially if you are really looking forward to the meal because it was so great the first time.

  8. I really hate when I go to a restaurant with great expectations and I’m really let down by the food. We would probably have a do over also, mostly because I like to get dressed up and eat nice food. Happy Anniversary!

    • Paula

      I love dressing up too. It was too cold to wear the dress I really wanted to wear and next weekend will be warmer so maybe this happened for a reason. 🙂

  9. That stinks. I’ve been to Hilstone before it was Hilstone (and can’t remember the name of it for the life of me) and always thought it was good. Of course, I’d only been there for business lunches so there’s that. Sigh.

    • Paula

      It was Houstons! I think Hillstone is still owned by Houstons. That’s ok though, cuz that just means I get another dinner next weekend so I get to keep celebrating. 🙂

  10. Allyssa

    What a bummer! I’ve had that happen. Not on an anniversary, but when we have company in town or something. And sometimes I think maybe we’re just spoiled by Publix? Because their things like chicken and the fried chicken are just so good but we take it as simple because it’s just from a grocery store. Then restaurants can’t meet the quality and we think they have the problem.

  11. what a BUMMER!! But at least you now have another crazy memory together

  12. Amber K

    There aren’t enough restaurants near me that serve food I can eat, so it’s always a huge bummer if it doesn’t go well. Especially on a special day. But it usually leads to funny memories.

  13. So sorry about your meal! I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad meal there. I think if the veggie burger was ever subpar, it would shatter my world. I love that veggie burger.

  14. Happy anniversary you lovers!!!!
    Maybe we can re-celebrate your anniversary in 2.5 weeks?!

  15. Jen

    I totally have an anniversary fail! We went to Boston for the weekend for our 6th anniversary. I had a comped hotel suite from a work trip, so we got to stay at the Westin Copley Place – it was fantastic! The plan was to head up early afternoon and meet up with my friend and his friend (not a couple) for lunch, then have a nice anniversary dinner by ourselves. My friend totally got this but hubs’s friend – not so much. He would. not. leave. He had just been through a very rough breakup (a 7 year relationship) and a few very hard deaths in the family so neither of us had the heart to tell him to leave. We figured he would get the hint eventually. Not so much. We went from bar to bar, to dinner, to bar. After each place he’d say, “Where to next?” He even followed us back to our hotel suite! He finally left around 1 am. Needless to say, not our best anniversary, but we are both amused by it now. Good luck w/your anniversary dinner re-do!

    • Paula

      Oh man, I wouldn’t have the heart to say anything either. And you especially don’t want to use the “it’s our anniversary” line with someone who just had a bad break up. Hopefully you guys stayed up past 1 to at least enjoy some alone time!

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