I Did It Myself

I have been on a serious redecorating kick lately.

Ok, let me rephrase that. I want to be on a serious redecorating kick. I’ve been to at least six stores trying to find new pictures and decorations for the house but I can’t find anything I like enough. It always happens. When I want to spend the money, I find nothing. When I don’t, I find everything.

Anyway, I did manage to do one thing. It’s not fancy, so don’t get too excited.

After I put it together, I realized 1) damn I have a lot of eyeliner and 2) I don’t know what to do with it. I have a tray with perfume type stuff on it and I’m not sure if I like how they look together.

It looks less cluttery (is that a word?) in person. But honestly, two weeks, six stores, that’s all I could come up with.

Anyone have any better ideas to make it look more decorative? What’s your favorite DIY project? I need some inspiration!


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22 responses to “I Did It Myself

  1. Deb

    I love it! You are very creative. I’m not <– 😦

  2. Definitely de-cluttered and very cute. If you search the web, I’m sure you can find a lot more ideas…plus didn’t someone mention Pinterest? I’m not using that site much, but I’ve looked at it, and wonder why I don’t!

  3. I liked it. Then you stuck your make-up in and I liked it even more. So pretty! I have zero decorating skills so my place looks like a college boy’s apartment. But the furniture is comfy, so I’m not complaining.

  4. OMG the flower thing is GENIUS and adorable!!! how do people think of this stuff!

  5. Dave

    Looks good! Now on to work your magic with your cube desk!

  6. I am kinda way too lazy for DIY so I’m of no help in that department. But here’s my two cents: I love that Voluminous mascara + Burberry perfume.

    I DO have a lot of perfume though, just scattered haphazardly on the bathroom counter. B prob loves it. Where did you get that tray?

    • Paula

      FF hates that perfume on me, so it’s been sitting there for years. Now I will save it for special occasions with you!
      Got the tray at Target – possibly in the kitchen/dishes section if I remember correctly.

  7. I LIKE.

    In other news, guess who just booked their trip to Florida?! Yeahhhhhh. An entire week!!!! March 25-April 2. I think we are going to have to plan some sort of a sleepover or something because I feel like we need to drink together. Our lovers can be invited also 🙂

  8. skinnyrunner

    i smell an HGTV decorating show coming your way!

  9. Cute! That IS a lot of eyeliner. Lol.

  10. That is genius. I just cleaned out my makeup stash this weekend and STILL have two big glasses (my crappy storage solution) full of eyeliner and brushes. Sheesh.

  11. Ask Maskcara to make an eyeliner video with 400 ways to use eyeliner. I do like that storage, though. Supa cute!

    You should follow me on Pinterest. I pin all kinds of awesome crafts that I will never make.

  12. Put your Roses in a row on the back edge of the dish and all of your
    beauty RX in front of the Roses. You’ve got a good idea but needs to
    be tweaked.

  13. I’m a terrible DIY-er. All my makeup is tossed in a bag on my bathroom shelf. I think your method is really cute and creative!

  14. Do you follow any deco/DIY blogs? I get tons of ideas from them.
    Young House Love and Bower Power are my favs. Also check out Young House Love’s book. There are TONS of great ideas in there.

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