Things I'm Loving

1. My first at-home gel manicure.

Gel Manicure

I spotted the Sally Hansen Gel Polish kit at Target a few months ago and that puppy went right on my Christmas list (then directly emailed to hubs). 🙂 I finally got a chance to try it out last weekend and so far, it’s just like a salon manicure – assuming you know how to paint your own nails. The kit only came with one really neutral color, so I’ll buy a few more bottles once I regain feeling in the left side of my body from knowing they are $12 each.

2. LaCroix Peach-Pear

I thought this stuff existed only in DC where Melissa could taunt me with it. I swear I’ve been looking for this flavor for almost a year. Last weekend, I finally found it…and proceeded to buy the last four boxes. It’s almost as good as the Seagram’s White Peach seltzer water and one of only three LaCroix flavors that doesn’t give me the gag reflex.

Oh, and I still haven’t had a Diet Coke this year even though I said I would.  #PatsSelfOnBack

3. Crunchy Peanut Butter

I’ve hated crunchy peanut butter all my life. Would not touch the stuff. In general, I like peanuts but I hate peanuts *in* anything. (Yes, I know peanut butter is peanuts. This is not lost on me.) Then while I was in Austin, crunchy peanut butter was the only kind that Melissa (not LaCroix Melissa – new nickname!) had so I had to suck it up if I wanted to make it through the race. I was ready to hate on the crunchy PB but of course, I loved it. Now my addiction to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches is back in full force and I’m questioning the universe.

Also, notice that PB is natural. That should make those of you happy that have emailed me about your concern for my PB consumption.

4. L’Oreal 24 Hour Gel Eyeliner


I heard about this eyeliner over on this blog that I just started reading. You know that inside part of your eye that eyeliner never stays on? Well, this stuff will stay there even after you’ve scrubbed your face clean. I need eye makeup remover to get it off. It’s awesome. And it wasn’t even that expensive. (Maybe $8?)

5. Birthday Cake Oreos


Oreos. With Birthday Cake flavored cream. < —- Heaven
I never thought the original Oreo could be knocked out of the cookie top spot, but these are better than regular Oreos. You heard it here first. Of course, unless someone else has told you that then you probably didn’t hear it here first.

6. Eas Lean 15 Protein Powder


I saw an ad for this stuff in the sidebar of my email. I guess that advertising really works after all. It’s super chocolately and delicious and one of the few protein powders out there with less than 23g of protein. Plus it has a bunch of B vitamins. It’s perfect for after my Crossfit workouts since it’s only 100 calories – that way I’m not consuming all the calories I just burned with a really caloric shake. (Sorry, that sounds like a paid advertisement. It’s not. It’s really good and I’m getting the vanilla next.)

7. My new food processor.


Yeah, it’s small but it does the trick. I thought it was broken at first. It took me about 15 minutes to figure out how to turn it on. Not my best moment.

8. This billboard near my house.


I almost missed the green light because I couldn’t stop staring at the dudes on the left. I wanna meet the marketing person behind this one because it is mesmerizing. The thought bubble over the car says, “I have this effect on everyone.” YEAH you do, Fiat.



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19 responses to “Things I'm Loving

  1. Beth @ Running with the Sunrise

    I’d love to try a gel manicure but I hear they’re awful to remove. I would be interested know what happens when it’s time to take the polish off. Have a great Wednesday! 🙂

    • Paula

      It’s actually easy. It seems harder at the salon because they do it the lazy way and just let your nails soak instead of wrapping them. You just put small pieces of cotton soaked in acetone on your fingertips and wrap them in tin foil for 5 min. Then you take the little wooden tool (that’s in the box) and scrape it off. Took me less time at home than at the salon! 🙂

      • Paula,
        Can you please report back how long it lasts for you? I love gels but I am afraid to make the monetary commitment if it only lasts as long as regular polish. 🙂

        • Paula

          The salon gel/shellac manicures last about 3 weeks (basically until my nails start growing out and it looks dumb). I’ll let you know if the home one lasts as long. I’ve only had it on for 4 days but so far so good.

  2. Ohh! I feel like i really want to try the gel nail thing! Im curious to hear how long it lasts (meaning how long it stays and looks good!)

  3. Hahaha, when I bought my food processor, I had the same problem– could NOT figure out how to turn it on! I messed with it all day and finally took it to a friend’s house who figured it out for me 🙂 If you’re not familiar with them, they’re so tricky because you have to line everything up just PERFECT! (Annnd I probably shouldn’t have admitted that, but whatever!)

  4. Pam S

    oh my goodness birthday cake Oreos!! I live in London now so after seeing your picture of them I just sent out a FB request to all my Americans asking someone to send me some!! lol

  5. Omg, that billboard makes me do the whole snort laugh cause you’re trying to keep quiet in your super quiet conservative office thing. I might have tears.

  6. i’m dying to try those oreos. i told myself if i make it to the gym 3 days in a row, i’m getting some!!! and i also recently switched to crunchy PB. i feel the same way about nuts in food!

  7. Amber K

    I refuse to accept that crunchy peanut butter is a thing 😉

    I love nuts, on their own. I don’t like them IN absolutely anything. Totally ruins the chewing experience for me to crunch into a nut when I’m not expecting one. Or sometimes even if I know to expect one. It’s needs to get the heck out of there.

  8. Verlin

    I bought a gel home-manicure kit a couple of months ago. 57% of my decision was based on the results of the “does it leave a skid mark” test you conducted for me (thanks). The other 43% was because I was grouchy one day, and ebay exists. I LOVE IT. I use the same method as you to get the polish off. I do not suggest answering the door with the tin foil on your nails, and also caution you against asking a teenage boy to help you wrap the 10th nail in foil, but other than that, it’s a wonderful thing. Next I’m trying the eyeliner you suggested so I can be Just.Like.You. !!

  9. Stefanie

    I just started reading MasKara too! And then I felt like a 12 year-old that knew nothing about make-up. Also, I have been debating on whether to get the Sally Handsen Gel Kit, and now you have helped me make up my mind. I must have it!

  10. The only way I could have painted nails would be a gel manicure. I swear the regular stuff chips when I even think about touching something. And OMG do I want those Oreos. Must stay strong in the face of overwhelming delicious.

  11. You are making me J to the ealous with the birthday cake Oreos. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for them but I don’t think they are available in Canada. Yet another reason why I need to come visit you in Florida.

    Speaking of Florida, I think I’m coming!!!!! I’m trying to plan it for Easter weekend. LOOK OUT BRADENTON! Hopefully you are available for some shenanigans 🙂

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