By the Numbers

Going back to work after a two week vacation makes for the slowest week ever. How is it only Wednesday? I swear I feel like this week has already been six days long. It is just dragging on which is probably why I can’t remember anything that’s happened and can only think of random things.

1.Β  I have another Crossfit workout to share with you.

See what happens when I have too much time on my hands? I play with fonts and make annoying graphics.

I did this workout at Crossfit this week and it was probably a 5 out of 10 on the difficulty scale, but any workout where I can get better at push-ups and get my heart rate up a bit is ok in my book. Plus, you don’t need much space or any equipment to do it.

2. I haven’t talked about Pants in awhile. So here’s a cute picture of her.

Love that little girl. She hates being held but will let you pet her forever. And when you do pet her, she crouches into a tiny ball of bunny so she can really relax and get into it. If you stop, she’ll jam her face into your hand for more and then stare at you until you continue petting her.

3. You know what’s fun to wake up to?

That’s the first thing I heard on the news this morning. I loooove hearing my vote didn’t matter. Also, how are Florida votes not counted yet? Some people were in line to vote until 10:00pm because some polling stations didn’t have enough voting booths. I mean come on, we are the fourth most populous state. We need to get our shit together. Plus, we have the longest ballot ever. I can just imagine how long it takes the idiots who do no research before voting.

4. Guess what one of the the top Google searches was yesterday?

I didn’t believe it and had to check out Google for myself. I just don’t even know what to say to that.

5. While I should have been watching election coverage, I was finishing season 2 of Sons of Anarchy last night.


For those that don’t watch and don’t care about spoilers, SoA is about a motorcycle club that deals guns but also has a legitimate mechanic business on the side. It’s kind of like The Sopranos with motorcycles and leather jackets. Anyway, the Sons deal guns in bulk to a lot of the same clients over and over, which leads me to the question, how does one run OUT of guns?

Are the clients reselling the guns? Or are they killing that many people that they need to get rid of evidence? I just don’t get it.

Also, why did it take days and days for the masturbating guy to tell the Sons who burned down their porn business. I mean, Jax basically wanted to kill Clay and then decided to leave the Sons for another charter. They had to know he was sleeping in the building and might have some information.

Plus, there were no bodies found in the fire, so where’s Skinner from X-Files? I’m so confused! If any of the answers to these questions contain spoilers, don’t tell me. I’ll just remain confused until I watch next season. πŸ™‚

6. American Horror Story is on tonight! The question is, can I stop watching SoA long enough to see it.


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19 responses to “By the Numbers

  1. Willie

    I just want to say thanks for your blog again. I took a break from blogs because of some injury that’s supposed to end my love of being a runner and active. Dr said running is no good for you. You must stop or your feet will fall off (ok not that extreme but that’s how I translated it.)

    I came out of my cave because I’m provinng my doctor wrong.
    I haven’t met you but it feels like your a long distance friend that I’ve known for years. I found a new love for Crossfit, well not the 235 lb deadlift action, but maybe one day (or not). Thank you for sharing your WODs, pics of your bunny and the hot dude on the SoA jacket and for helping me feel human again. Its been a rough road and your blog helped me find a happier path. Thanks!

    • Paula

      You are so sweet. And good for you not listening to your negative doctor and getting back out there. It sounds to me like YOU are inspiration.

  2. Florida’s votes are some of the most important!! That’s ALLLL they were talking about last night. Believe me, our state and your vote matters SO MUCH MORE than even bigger states like Texas or California (who are always Red and Blue, respectively). I don’t know where you heard that BS, but it is definitely untrue!!

    On a different note – Pants is really cute πŸ™‚

    • Paula

      It was on the news this morning. Basically, the election is decided but our votes still aren’t counted, hence the not making a difference in this election. I don’t think that’s normally the case with FL, but it certainly feels like it this year!

      • Nope, we’re still important! Our votes have been counted, but it’s so close they won’t call it — that’s how much your vote counts! They are still counting votes in other states too. Just because our electoral vote come in last doesn’t mean your vote didn’t make a difference. However, I’m not disagreeing that our voting process needs to change. Why people were standing in line for 3-4 hours is beyond me. Maybe we need more precincts?? Why it is so much easier for other states?

  3. I love those kind of workouts where you can do them anywhere and that all you need is body weight. Now, if I had Jax (or Charlie) standing in front of me with his shirt off, that would make me work even harder.

  4. I know my facebook was a mess this morning since most everyone on there is all my alaskan friends. As usual, Alaskans get pissed at election time because witht he time differences, etc they usually announce the “winner” before voting even CLOSES there! every. single. time so it is really like their vote doesnt matter. plus it is the biggest state and only has 3 measly electoral votes haha.

  5. Amber K

    I always feel too anxious to watch too much election coverage. I usually wait until my Facebook blows up with some responses to certain measures.

    I am actually surprised this year how much hate showed up in my feed. But I guess there’s always going to be disappointment from someone.

  6. Allyssa

    As a fellow Floridian I have to say I not only woke up feeling like my vote didn’t matter for anything but your graphic actually made me LOL. So thanks πŸ™‚

  7. I watched re-runs of Friends instead of election coverage or training for my marathon. I am also hella-impressed with a). your fonts and b). your ability to do 75 tuck jumps. I can do about 3.

  8. Lauren M.

    Hey Paula! I also live in Orlando and am thinking about trying crossfit for the first time – ahh! If you don’t mind me asking, what crossfit box do you work out at? The crossfit workouts that you post on your blog are awesome!

    • Paula

      I actually don’t go to a box. I workout with a personal trainer that specializes in Crossfit. However, I have tried Crossfit Firebase. They were good but super expensive upfront so we looked for other options. It’s so worth trying, though. I love it more than running!

  9. When I left the polling place last night it was 7:30 (took me 3:45 on the dot) and there was a 3-4 hour line still queued up. That was for precinct 414. The line for precinct 413 (at the same polling place) was never more than 20 minutes all day. You tell me how that works?

  10. Michelle

    Pants is so awesome. I had rabbits growing up and I loved them!

    I like that crossfit workout. I’m saving it for when I get out of my walking cast (whomp whomp whomp). Boston gets balls cold in the winter so I like workouts that don’t force me to leave the house, even if it is to go to they gym.

  11. Pants! The cutest bunny in all the land! Seeing Pants makes me want to get a bunny rabbit of my own. Alas, I’d probably get one that hates being touched and loves to bite. And my dog would try to eat him. (He looks at small furry things and sees dinner.) I’ll just have to live vicariously though you instead.*

  12. Ohhhhh Florida, we never fail during elections. BTW, early voting is awesome. We waited in line for only about 15 minutes.

  13. #4 makes me want to cry. Are you freaking kidding me????

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