How to Waste 20 Hours without Trying

After a week long vacation visiting my family in California, I took another week off of work. Hubs took the week off too so it was nice to hang around the house together and do a lot of nothing. I could really use another week just to get to my maximum potential of lazy, but I guess I have to pay the bills somehow. Anyway, I was so unproductive during the week that I had big plans to have an amazing, productive weekend. That didn’t happen. You know what did happen?

My newest obsession.

A few of you suggested I watch Sons of Anarchy awhile back, so it’s been in my Netflix queue ever since. Hubs and I started watching season 1 on Friday night and we are already half way through season 2. That’s about 20 hour-long episodes in three days. Last night, it was getting to the point where I was uncomfortable because I was sitting so long. So long that I had to do stretches. Stretches because it hurt to do nothing.

We did end up taking a two hour break – to watch Dexter and Walking Dead. Is there a Television Anonymous that I can join? Anyway, we are both loving the show. And hubs was super excited to hear that because of the show, I have a new boyfriend. Meet Charlie Hunnam.

Charlie plays Jax and even though his clothes are four sizes too big and his hair is greasy and unwashed, I still love him. I will even forgive him for dating a doctor with no personality whatsoever. Do people like Tara’s character? I don’t get her appeal. I’m not even sure if she has teeth because the girl never smiles. /rant

Anyway, he cleans up well too.

Someone go tell this girl that I have a suggestion for her Magnificent Men of Monday posts and she needs to get on this ASAP.

I did do two things that actually involved leaving the house. Seeing Silent Hill Revelation was one of them.

Staying home maaaaay have been a better idea. It wasn’t good, but I think the makeup was really well done on the creatures and it was fun to watch decent actors say horribly written lines. So if you see it, make sure it involves alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol.

I also voted early for the first time.

Honestly, I always thought of early voting as the votes that don’t count. I didn’t really understand how it worked, but since I won’t have a chance tomorrow, hubs and I voted on Thursday. It was just like voting regularly which I didn’t expect. I’m not sure why I always thought of voting early as a bad thing but I’m definitely going to do it from now on. It’s so nice to be able to go when it’s convenient for you. Are all states able to vote early?

And that’s about it for my second week of vacation. I wish I could tell you I did something more interesting, but I didn’t. I left the house twice and I made a bigger ass crater in the couch.



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21 responses to “How to Waste 20 Hours without Trying

  1. Amber K

    I can never decide if being able to watch an entire season at once is the best invention ever or the biggest time suck in my life. Most likely both!

    We do mail-in ballots in Oregon, so I voted a week ago. I am so glad I don’t have to wait in line or make all of my decisions at once.

    • Paula

      Do you worry about it getting lost in the mail? I think I would be paranoid about that.

      • jane

        Washington state has exclusively mail-in ballots, too. In King County, where I live, you can go to the elections website and verify that they received your ballot. I love not having to stand in line anymore. Hubby and I open a bottle of wine and discuss the issues while we fill in our ballots. They don’t let you do that at the polling place!

        • Paula

          Yes! I love that. My hubs and I filled out our sample ballots together that we got in the mail and took them to the polls. It’s nice that you can vote at any early voting poll here instead of just the one in your district like on Election Day.

          • Amber K

            I have never taken the tine to verify if my ballot has been received, but most of the time we drop them in the ballot boxes instead of a regular mailbox.

  2. Took you freaking long enough to watch this show! I’ve been trying to tell you for so long how good it is. Jax (aka Charlie) cuts his hair in the later seasons and he looks so much better!! Did you know he’s actually British?

    • Paula

      I know, I know. See? I get to them eventually. And yes, Shameless is in my Netflix queue too. 😉 And no, I did not know he was British. That pretty much makes me love him at least 60% more.

  3. Nicole G

    Nope, not all states permit early voting. Never understood this because hey, some people might legitimately have other things going on on a random Tues in Nov? You also have to be registered to vote about 3-4 weeks in advance of voting day here in PA. (Some states allow you to walk-up, register, and vote). But, then again this is a pretty backwoods state in a lot of ways, so take this example for what it’s worth. #statepride

    Also, what is the appeal of this Sons of Anarchy show? I don’t even know what it’s about besides motorcycles.

    • Paula

      I always thought that too. Like, what if you’re out of town? Then you miss your chance to vote.

      SoA is about a motorcycle club. Think The Sopranos with motorcycles. Although, I think it’s better than The Sopranos (even though I liked that show too.)

  4. Laura WL

    Its confirmed, you definitely have the same taste in shows as my husband. 🙂 Him and his 4 brothers all watch SOA and love it. The 3 older ones all have motorcycles so I think they vicariously dream about actually be in an MC? Who knows. Maybe I need to check your archives to see if there are any shows you watch that my husband might like. 🙂

  5. Oh hi, he’s pretty. I’ve only seen that show once and they were like kicking a prostitute or something and it was just too much. I think should reconsider.

  6. Michelle

    Totally off topic here, but did you happen to see that Miss Kristen Bell is preggers? I read the article and thought of you.
    Wyoming allows early voting, but I always go down to vote on Election Day. We have a pretty rockin’ law here too that if you do not have 3 consecutive hours that aren’t work hours while the polls are open, your employer has to give you paid time off to go vote.

  7. Hmm…everyone keeps telling me that I need to watch Sons of Anarchy also. Maybe I should get on this.
    And doing nothing is painful, I feel you on that!

    Look how cute you are with your voting pin, aww.

  8. Most states allow early voting, but the hours and number of days depend on the state. I did not vote early because the lines here are so long. I suspect it’ll actually be easier to vote today. Pray for me because I have to take the baby with me and she will be pissed if we miss naptime or a meal.

    And I just saw the comment above mine. I must go look up this K Bell news.

  9. Stefanie

    Ahhh. Sons of Anarchy. I started watching it when it first came out, and now I’ve fallen off the wagon. I should try again. Maybe after I get caught up on Weeds.

  10. Shannon

    Ummmm, Tara is the biggest dud in the entire world. I’m over even trying to like her. Ugh.
    But Jax. Ohhhhh Jax! Bow chica bow bow…

  11. Ooooh I love guys who look like they could kick the crap out of someone but can also pull of a suit. WIN!

  12. I was sick this weekend and therefore refusing to get off of my couch so I started watching SOA on Netflix. I am dying to get out of work today so that I can watch more. You are right – Jackson – SMOKIN’! He is not my typical type, but hot damn he is one fine grease ball. And Gemma’s character?! WOW! Love to hate her. I am not that far into season one so I am excited to see where it goes, but it’s safe to say that I have a new obsession.

    • Paula

      I know, right? I don’t even like blondes but I love Jax. Just something about him. Gemma is awesome. She’s a total bitch at first but she warms up a little and you’ll end up liking her.

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