Hello from Above

I’m currently writing this post from the sky. See you later, Orlando.

I’m on a (direct!) flight from Orlando to San Diego to visit my family for a week. Come to mama, sweet California weather. Smile

Even though I’m writing this post on the plane, I’m too cheap to pay for the in flight Wi-Fi, so this will probably be published after I land. Gotta love Windows Live Writer. No internet connection required. (If you blog and don’t use it, find someone to slap you repeatedly until you do.)

An early flight today meant an early wake up yesterday to get in my long run. I ran 11 miles, but had to make a quick stop home half way through, so my run looked like this:

  • First 5.5 miles @ 9:52 pace
  • Second 5.5 miles @ 9:53 pace

Not only is that about 25 seconds faster than I have been running, that’s super consistent. I swear I thought last week’s race was a fluke. I’m telling you, if you want to run faster, do HIIT. It works. My slow ass is proof.

Ok, back to today.

I’ve never seen OIA as busy as it was this morning. My flight is on “Delta, operated by Alaska Airlines” so I waited in the Delta line to check my bags only to find out that I needed to check in at Alaska Airlines on the opposite side of the airport. I waited a half hour to check my bag at Delta, then another half hour at Alaska Airlines, and then another half hour to get through security. So, by the time I got to my gate, everyone had already boarded the flight. Eff.

I was hungry and annoyed that I didn’t have time to get oatmeal from Starbucks.  Expensive in flight food to the rescue.

Beef jerky and a fruit and cheese plate for the low price of $13.00, plus a free breakfast cookie that I didn’t eat.

This the first flight I’ve been on that has movie player rentals available.

The player has over 75 movies on it and a bunch of TV shows. It’s $8-$10 bucks depending on the flight length, so it’s not a bad deal especially if you’re watching with someone.

You know what’s awkward? Taking a picture of yourself while the dude sitting next to you watches.

He didn’t even ask why, which I appreciated. However, he did tell me I look like a volleyball player. I don’t know what that means but I’m gonna take it as a compliment. Also, before we ever left the runway, I heard a kid ask his mom if we were still in Florida.

I will be slapping him later.

Edited to add: If you receive posts by email, I have no idea what’s going on with all the funky letters. Sorry about that. 😦


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15 responses to “Hello from Above

  1. A) I still don’t use Live Writer and I have no idea why since I have heard such wonderful things. I still use the actually flipping blogger window just because it’s what I know. Lame.

    B) Sooooooo YES on the HIIT! I just started crossfit a month ago and had my first long run this morning (well, first in a few months). I couldn’t believe how easy it was for me compared to how they’ve felt in the past. I think there is definitely something to HIIT/crossfit as cross training for running. It’s legit 🙂

  2. Stephanie Frame

    I just wanted to tell you that 1) you look gorgeous in that self-taken photo up there and 2) I ran a half marathon today. WHAT.

    • Paula

      Whaaa? Do tell! How did it go?

      • Stephanie Frame

        Fantastic. My coworker decided we should do one LAST MONTH. So I trained as much as I could (7 miles tops) and then we just ran and ran. First 4 were TOUGH, but I loved the end. A lot of fun! Can’t believe it!

        • Paula

          Omg. I’m so excited for you. No more “almost” runner anymore. you gonna start a new blog? 🙂 or do you want to guest post on mine, cuz i want to hear every detail. No pressure. 😉

  3. I always assumed Windows Live Writer was just for Blogger. Fail. I need to go check if it’s Mac compatible though. That breakfast “cookie” looks secretly healthy and awful. Have fun in California!

  4. SkinnyRunner

    have fun in saint diego!

  5. J is going to San Diego on Tuesday and leaving my rear end at home. Is there something I should know? He’s also flying Alaskan Airlines so I’ll give him the tip about checking in. OIA has been a mess lately for us too.

    You do look awesome in that self-pic. Maybe he said volleyball player because you look tall and athletic .:)

  6. Pictures from plane windows inspire a strange wonder in me. Everything looks so peaceful from way up high!

    Also, you are absolutely stunning in that photo. How do you manage to look so hot on a plane trip?! I always look like I emerged from a swamp.

    • Paula

      You are so sweet. That was the beginning of the trip, so I was definitely more swampy at the end after the sleeping/drooling. 🙂

  7. Amber K

    I have heard of windows live writer, but haven’t checked it out. But be forewarned, I slap back. 😉

  8. Hey super fast running/selfie taking/not eating the shitty cookie (seriously, those are gross) hottie! “I’ll have what she’s having!”

    Have fun in the whale’s vagina! (<–hope that gets you lotsa spam!)


  9. “You know what’s awkward? Taking a picture of yourself while the dude sitting next to you watches.”

    I can’t *IMAGINE* what that feels like… :-

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