I'm Too Old for Fun

Last night, hubs and I drove to downtown St. Petersburg to see 3Oh!3 in concert.

Yep. Those guys. I don’t know anyone that loves them as much as I do, including hubs, so I’m not sure he went willingly. He is a trooper, especially since the the concert was on a Wednesday night, two hours away from home.

The best way I can describe their music is nerd pop. Kinda like LMFAO or Cobra Starship but more awesome. (< — opinion not shared by husband or possibly anyone)

We left work early and beat Orlando rush hour just in time to hit Tampa and St. Pete rush hour. Once we finally made it, we were starving so we stopped at an Irish pub for some food. I may have picked the place based solely on the name. (Supernatural, my chauffer?)

I had an exceptionally good Chef salad. (Have those words ever been written?) I took a picture of it but, eh, it’s a salad so use your imagination. Smile

After dinner #1, we made our way to the concert. On our walk there, I found a friend.

The concert was at the State Theatre, which is a really small concert venue with surprisingly good acoustics.

I was definitely the oldest person there by 12 years. I wanted to tell people that it was past their bedtime and ask them if their mother saw what they were wearing before they left the house.

The theatre wasn’t crowded at all, which was surprising. I mean, with this song and this song being pretty big hits, I thought they would draw a much bigger crowd. Or at least fill up that small theatre. But what do I know? The last time they were in the Orlando area, they were signing autographs at a Hot Topic (not kidding). The concert was also extremely dark, so all my pictures came out like crap. Just know they had wolves on either side of the stage with frickin’ laser beams coming out of their eyes.

Best thing ever? I think so.

I thought the concert was awesome. They have so much energy and know how to work the crowd. They had a full live band, so all their songs sounded way more rockin’ than they do on the albums. I guess I expected more synthesizers?

A lot of people recorded video of the concert with their cells phones and every now and then, the lead singer would take a phone from someone and sing into the camera close up and give the phone back. I looooved that.

This was my favorite picture of the night. Too bad it came out blurry. 😦

We had a good time even though hubs thought the lead singer wasn’t “nerdy enough.” They have a new album coming out next year that I’m looking forward to. In the meantime, I need to find something to hold me over. I might have to pick up these babies from their Website.

I’ve been looking for a way to draw more attention to my ass.

After the concert, hubs and I stopped for dinner #2. I was mesmerized that everything was $5.00 on the menu until I realized the place was called Five Bucks Drinkery. #smart  The drive home was tortuous. The only thing that got me through it was a 12 oz can of Red Bull. I am definitely too old to be doing things on Wednesday night that require a two hour drive home. I have no idea how I’m functioning today.


Off topic, but did anyone watch American Horror Story last night? I haven’t watched yet but I’m dying to!


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16 responses to “I'm Too Old for Fun

  1. um guilty pleasure i love these guys! my friend from colorado got me into them and now i am addicted. i wish i could have gone to a concert by them!

    • Paula

      They’re from Colorado so I bet they tour there more than most places. You need to plan a trip out there that suspiciously coincides with one of their tour dates. 🙂

  2. I am not sure I’m in love with 3OH!3, but seriously their songs are so fun! Love your fun outfit! And, your new friend…..and yes that’s a great picture even blurry! Thanks for posting. 🙂

  3. Amber K

    And this is why my favorite bar is only about ten minutes away and the people there range in age from a fresh 21 to a rocking 60-ish. I won’t feel too old going there for years! Especially since I wuss out and go home before most of ’em!

  4. I have not seen the new American Horror Story: Asylum, but I hope its online b/c I want to. I will have to watch it alone, as Pete never could get into it.

  5. Julie

    I watched American Horror Story last night. It was good. Creepy, scary, weird it had all the things needed to make the rest of the night a little uneasy 🙂

  6. Michelle

    I watched American Horror Story last night. It’s pretty good so far. I like that it’s completely different than what we saw last season. Well, aside from the creepiness of it all, that’s the same. There are some seriously crazy people this year.

  7. I’m still too afraid to actually watch AHS, but I am anxiously awaiting your recaps. I secretly suspect they are probably better than actually watching the show. Anyways, it’s after 8 PM, so I clearly need to go to bed. It’s hard being 26 going on 80.

  8. I appreciate your foreshadowing with dinner #1.

    I, too, am a big 3OH!3 fan, but not as big as you. No one does fan like you do. Wolves with laser beam eyes!?! Where can I get one of those.

    Love the outfit–especially the slouchy boots and pig tails. Outfit icing!

  9. Jina

    I’m saving American Horror Story for this weekend when I can watch it with my boyfriend. I really wished I watched it last night, though.

  10. Stefanie

    Wolves with lazer eyes! I just watch AHS last night. Eh. It was jumpy. Didn’t love it as much as the first season.

  11. I must be old because I don’t think I’ve heard of them. Plus I’d never drive out to Tampa on a school night. You’re way cooler than me!

  12. Julia

    Those shorts are so special!

    I loved your AHS recap. I can’t wait to watch… I’m waiting for the episode to be available online. I’m ready for some aliens!

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