Ziplining at Florida EcoSafaris

Saturday was so fun. We belatedly celebrated our friend Kristianna’s birthday with a little ziplining adventure at Florida EcoSafaris, a 4700 acre eco-ranch and wildlife conservation area. K’s been asking me to zipline with her forever and I can never seem to make the time to go because I’m a terrible friend, so hubs and I thought her birthday was as good a reason as any to finally do it.

The three of us made the drive to St. Cloud, which is less than an hour away from Orlando on nearly empty roads, so we got there a little early. When we arrived, I noticed this sign and thought it was an awesome joke.

I was kinda bummed when someone told me to look to the left where there were actual outhouse restrooms. Way to ruin a good joke, restrooms.

We checked in quickly, which included signing our life away on a waiver and proving we were under 275 lbs by being weighed on a very rude scale. Very, very rude indeed. Another couple was booked on the same zipline tour as us, so we waited a bit for them to arrive. Once they did, we took a 15 minute ride to the ziplines on this bad boy.

Not a smooth ride.

We saw a ton of wildlife on the way, including alligators, wild hogs ( <—they are loud), horses, llamas, peacocks, and deer.

After our ride in the pimp mobile, we walked to the zipline area which was awesome and intimidating all at once.

We dropped off our things and put on our gear, which looked extra sexy on my man.

He’s mine, ladies.

After proving how gigantic I am by posing in that picture, we climbed to the first zipline. Waaaay.up.there.

We had two guides. The first guide, Emily, would zip over to the next platform while our second guide, Issac the comedian (I gave him that name), would hook us up and send us over to Emily, where she did a really good job of catching us as we came flying into her face.

Standing on the edge of the platform before you jump off is kinda freaky because it’s so high up. We were always hooked in to the platform, so even if we fell, we wouldn’t fall far, but I was still holding onto Issac for dear life, which he thought was funny.

Issac liked to take advantage of my fragile mental state every now and then by doing things like twisting my zipline cables so I would spin the whole way down the line. The twisted cables caused me to fly backwards into Emily on the landing platform. There may have been some screaming of expletives. After the first zip, the other guy in our party said, “I had a feeling you were a squealer.” #YesImThatGirl

Occasionally we had to walk across bridges to get to the next zip. Issac liked to shake those as we were walking across.

We did seven ziplines total (I think) and some were faster, some were slower, some were shorter, and some were longer. Also, that’s what she said.

During one of the last zips, Issac hooked me in and told me it was ok to jump off the platform. Right as I jumped, he yells, “No! No! No! Wait!”

Just as I was about to crap my pants, I turned around to see this.

Such a joker. 🙂

We survived all the zips and our pants ended the day poop free.

Our guides were awesome and it was just a fun and different way to spend the day. It can be a little pricey but I think it’s worth it. Plus, if you live in the Orlando area, Florida EcoSafaris have really good Groupon deals all the time.

Starting next week for Halloween, they are doing “spooky” ziplines where they give you a paint gun and as you zip, you get to shoot zombies running around on the ground. They also have a bunch of other adventures, like horseback riding, zip plunges which look similar to bungee jumping, and this zipline “roller coaster” that I was drooling over.

So basically, I had a ton of fun and would definitely recommend this place if you’re in the area. Just bring a pair of clean pants for the ride home. 🙂

Have you ever gone ziplining?




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20 responses to “Ziplining at Florida EcoSafaris

  1. Deb

    I went ziplining in Jamaica and our guy was a wise guy too! So funny. He like doing the go ahead “now, wait” bit too. Even though we were really high in the trees, and had to jump off a platform once – yours actually looks more fun. And shooting zombies – how cool would that be. Roller coaster – I’m gonna have to schedule a vaca there!

    • Paula

      I know! I’m ready to go back. That roller coaster zip looked awesome. I could even be convinced to do the plunge even though bungee jumping kinda freaks me out. 🙂

  2. I had a feeling it was with K. Hehe. I have this fear of heights, but this weird want to do the zipline sometime. Someday…someday. Sure looked like fun…but …. I’d probably be freaked out….but at the end I’d be like that was awesome! lol. That’s how I am with roller coasters.

  3. WFHMom

    *snort* “That’s what she said.” Literal LOL on that one.

  4. Looks like you guys had a great time! I actually went zip lining for the first time in the summer in Whistler, BC. Now that’s something you need to experience! You are basically zip lining across the mountain and the views are gorgeous. There was the suspension bridges we had to walk across and I hated them!

  5. That Issac does sound like a comedian… I feel like that nickname was well-deserved.

    I have never been actual ziplining! That looks like so much fun! And zombie ziplining?! I wonder if any places around here has that, because I would love to zipline with a paintball gun.

  6. So cool! And I love that you wore your hair in pigtails; perfect for zip lining!

    I would love to go zip lining! We almost did that on our honeymoon, and I should have pushed more to make it happen. My husband is a little afraid of heights, so I doubt I could get him to do it now.*

  7. I’m holding out for the “horseback riding zip lining.” That way, the horse does all the hard work and I just yell “Watch out for the tree, Horse!” Those are great pics! You and Kristianna are lookin’ fab! ❤

  8. Ahh! So fun! I have never gone but want to try this someday. And the zombie shooting next year? Man, that sounds awesome! I just did a zombie hayride paintball gun thing and thought that was awesome!!!

  9. Amber K

    I don’t like heights, but that looks like fun!

  10. We went ziplining on our honeymoon in St. Lucia and had A BLAST!!!! It was I think about 12 different lines, if I remember correctly, and they took us through varying heights of the rainforest canopy. Such an awesome way to see the rainforest!!!

  11. I’m supposed to try a zipline for the first time this weekend, but I’m still freaked by that girl getting flesh eating virus from one (it happened in my state). I’m kind of a closet germaphobe. Anyways, that looked sweet and I want to check out the safari part.

  12. You know I have zip-lined, but I didn’t have Isaac so it wasn’t nearly this awesome. I LOL’ed at that pic of him laughing at you. BTW, you look super cute so stop talking about how giant you are!

    Also, how cool is it that there were so many different ziplines? I only got to go on one when I went. #ripoff

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