Three Things Thursday: Blog Love

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Three Things Thursday. Honestly, I got tired of doing them and the fact that every blogger out there also does them kinda made me lose interest. But today, I’m bringing it back because I wanted to share three blog posts that I’ve read recently that I loved. I hope you love them too.

1. This recap of the Chicago Marathon.

Mary’s recap is the first time I’ve ever read or heard of her blog. I found the recap on Twitter and loved it. Chicago is my hometown, and this post makes me want to run the race next year badly. Really, really badly.

2. This story about bullying.

It’s no secret I love Lindsey’s blog, it just makes me smile. She’s on my blogroll for a reason! This is definitely one of her cutest stories yet – with a surprise ending.

3. This story of a cat who had to have her leg amputated.

This was written by my college friend, Ali. The post is a little older and I’ve been meaning to share it for some time now but keep forgetting. I teared up at the end. It’s so sweet and has a happy ending. After you read that post, you can read the one about when she brought the kitty home.

Have you read any posts lately that you loved? Share them in the comments!


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11 responses to “Three Things Thursday: Blog Love

  1. Aww, I wonder how Lexikins is doing now! When I lived in Rome I worked at an animal shelter that had quite a few cats with only three legs (and one only had two!). They really adapt, but I bet the depression is hard.

    Off to read the Chitown recap! 🙂

  2. I read Mary’s recap after finding it on twitter, too. Loved it! Made me want to lace up my sneaks and run 26.2 right that very minute!*

  3. Yeah!! I am so happy you put Mary’s Blog at the top! She is amazing and certainly my inspiration! Congratulations to Mary!

  4. michelle

    I just got back into blogging after thinking I’d never do it again. I’m going to check out those posts.

  5. Ali

    Awww thank you so much for sharing my Lexi post! She’s so absurdly cute now with that one back leg and her little hip. We may be deteriorating her eyesight with excess camera flashes but no pic can do her cuteness justice.

    Like I said before – your Pants and our Lexikins should be poster children for how ridiculously adorable pets-missing-parts can be. 🙂

  6. That was a great race recap to read! Now I’m off to read about a 3 legged cat…

  7. Awww I like you. Thank you for including me! And it is also no secret that I love YOUR blog. Hooray for blog love. That is it, next year I am coming to Florida and we are hanging. We can get drunk and eat a ton. Good times, good times.

    And omg that kitty story! What a beautiful three-legged cat!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing my post! And I hope you run the race next year. Especially since you are from there – it will mean even more to you!

  9. Verlin

    Thanks for the bullying story – nice to hear one with a good ending. I thought of you when I had a BUNNY in my back yard yesterday. It just sat there and stared at us and didn’t move for hours. We put out some veggies for it and waited to see what would happen – not quite sure what we were planning or what, in fact, would happen. Veggies are gone, and now bunny appears to be gone too. There are a lot of rabbits zooming around here all the time, but I’ve never seen one just sit in the middle of the yard and look forlorn. My husband was worried that I was going to try to keep it.

    • Paula

      Aww, you made that bunny happy by putting out veggies. I see a lot of them on my runs and they don’t move when I run by. I think they’re getting braver. They might be planning a take over. The cutest takeover ever.

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