I Did It Myself

I had a super productive Sunday. Usually I reserve Sunday for thinking about all the things I need to do and then not doing them. Well, not only did I get in a 10 mile run with Michelle, I also crossed off almost everything on my To Do list, including that DIY project and the Goodwill pile on my floor. I decided to tackle the DIY project first since I knew it wouldn’t take long. The only other project I’ve done was that necklace rack, and I’m not even sure that counts as DIY. (Does it?)

I’ve had this big, blank wall in my bathroom for two years. So boring. (Oh, these pictures are not in black and white by the way, that’s just the color of my bathroom.)

I’ve wanted to hang something there for a long time but I can never find something I like that’s affordable and not a pain in the ass to hang. I found inspiration for this project from something I pinned on Pinterest. So, I spent Saturday looking for the materials and I came up with this:

Three white 8 x 10 frames from Joann Fabrics for $7.19 each (on sale 60% off ).

And three fabric quarters from Joann for $1.99 each.

I started by using the paper in the frame as my guide to cut the fabric.

I wasn’t sure how much fabric I needed, but I could have filled four frames with one quarter of fabric, so I definitely bought too much.

Once I was done cutting the fabric to size, I ironed out the wrinkles, and put them into the frames. Super easy.

Now my wall looks slightly less boring for only $27.54.

Now that the frames are on the wall, I feel like I could have gone one size bigger. Also, I’m not totally sold on the fabric. I really like the middle one but the other two were the best of what Joann had that matched my bathroom. I really wanted to find something with a little yellow in it, but had no luck. So I have a feeling I’ll be changing these out when I find something I love.

How many of you are thinking, “that is the most boring colored bathroom ever?”


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19 responses to “I Did It Myself

  1. Paula, that’s awesome! So simple, yet so effective! Seriously…and yes, when you find fabric you love (try Michael’s and uh Walmart), swap out. Also, you can always change by the seasons…. Congrats on accomplishing your T0-Do list, too! πŸ™‚

    • Paula

      I tried Michael’s first. They don’t sell fabric anymore. Crazy, right? I did think of Wal-Mart. I will give them a try when I’m having a super peaceful day so I don’t kill anyone. πŸ™‚

  2. Ohhh I love it!! I always find myself buying things that will act as a placeholder until I find something I REALLY like too. And since when did Michaels stop selling fabric, that’s just crazy!

  3. Julia

    I don’t know if its Michaels or JoAnns, but if you go to the paper section, they usually have really cool paper in the scrapbooking/stationary part that would look great (and are inexpensive).

  4. I was going to say scrapbooking paper too..or michaels always has some cheap stamp things, fleur-de-lis and such, and you could stamp some yellow schtuff on the fabric you already have… I know what you mean about boring, but I love grey, my bathroom is grey too (on purpose!). I think it’s restful πŸ˜‰

  5. Super cute. I think I could even do that. MUAH!

  6. I love the frame idea. It’s also nice you’ll be able to switch out the fabrics!

  7. Michelle

    growing up I painted my bedroom the color of your bathroom! I loved it but my dad used to call it “the jail”

    • Paula

      I always see model black and white bathrooms that I love so that’s what I was going for. Only my bathroom doesn’t look nearly as cool and I’m too lazy to repaint it. πŸ™‚

  8. Amber K

    Fun idea! I haven’t decorated my apartment at all because I keep hoping we’ll be moving soon. I have pictures and other decorative stuff…in boxes. Lol

  9. The color may be boring, but our guest bathroom is bright yellow. I’m too lay to paint it. Or buy accessories for it.

  10. I love gray rooms, so I’m a fan of the paint color. We need to redo our bathroom. It needs to be painted and some bathroom art. I wanted to paint it a shade of brown, but Kevin says it reminds him too much of poop since it’s a bathroom. So our walls remain unpainted.

    • Paula

      I’m gonna have to agree with Kevin. In our last house, I tried brown walls in the bathroom because a friend’s bathroom looked so good. All I could think about was poop when I saw it, so I repainted it green.

  11. CB

    Hi Paula,

    I did a similar project in my spare bedroom and used this fabric from IKEA.


    I have a grey, white, orange, yellow’ish gold (UCF), black theme going. Maybe I should add some more colors… clearly I don’t have enough.

    • Paula

      That’s super cute. I wish you could buy online from them because the store is almost too much for me. I need a paper bag to breathe into just to get through it.

  12. Verlin

    If you have extra fabic to experiment on, what about trying to add some yellow paint to some of the leaves. Yellow nail polish may work well too – or did you throw it all out. πŸ˜‰

    • Paula

      I do have yellow nail polish. However, now you’re suggesting something that may require actual skill. I’d probably just end up drawing a smiley face on it.

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