There's a Nap for That

I ran with my crappy group again Saturday morning, probably for the last time. It’s a 4:30 marathon pace group. Last time I checked, a 4:30 marathon equals a 10:18 pace and every time I looked at my Garmin, we were running a freakin’ 9:00-9:15.

WHY was everyone was running so fast? I ended up slowing down and running in the back by myself, then I kept running while everyone else was at the 1.5 mile water stop. The group caught up to me, then passed me, just before the next water stop at mile three. I knew I couldn’t keep that pace up in the humidity, so I turned around and ran the last seven miles by myself.

The run sucked. That’s three consecutive long runs of suck in a row, if you’re counting. I ran a 10:17 pace which isn’t bad (and is better than last week) but I paused my Garmin and walked a lot, so who knows if that even counts.

When I got home, I crashed. After a glorious two hour nap, I went to Crossfit for workout number two. We did a double deck of cards workout which officially wiped me out for the day. I took another two hour nap when I got home, which didn’t include the laying on the couch comatose time beforehand.

Before we left, our trainer gave us this.

His wife made those. He also brought us giant cupcakes that she made the week before. I’m fairly certain he is working out a plan to fatten me up so I never leave him.

Then, my trainer went on to tell me how he’d love it if I went on the Paleo diet. Suuure. I’ll get right on that after I finish those 10 pastries.

Saturday night at some point, I finally got out of bed so hubs and I could meet Lisa at Ember downtown. I thought it would be a good idea to make my trainer proud, so I started off the night with a no carb shot of tequila.

That’s part of the Paleo diet, right? Also, that might be the biggest shot I’ve ever had. Ridiculous.

We ended up going to three more of our usual spots including a stop to say hello to my co-worker, Lee, who can pretty much be found downtown on any given night.

Then I ended the night with another nap. That one lasted about nine hours. 🙂


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31 responses to “There's a Nap for That

  1. Can’t go wrong with a good nap or two!

    Lame on those runners for going so fast! Didn’t they get the memo that long runs are supposed to be slow?*

  2. Amber K

    Another one of the many reasons I simply choose to only work out alone. Other people suck 😉

  3. Lame on your group. Where was Brad?

    Glad you took my advice on the tequila!

    I don’t know when we can run together again – but I need to put in some longer miles! I apparently can’t run them by myself anymore. I’d say Sunday, but that’s my only day to sleep in this week. Blerg.

    • Paula

      Brad accidentally slept through his alarm. He texted me that he wouldn’t be there about 10 min before we were supposed to run. 😦 I *almost* waited 30 min for my old group to meet but I didn’t want to wait that long.
      Once it gets cooler, we can sleep in AND run together!

  4. I admire your willingness to even attempt to run with a group that you have doubts about. I am too chicken to even try group running. I guess I am a lone wolf at heart. Also, my first four long runs of marathon training have also sucked. Could have something to do with the godforsaken heat and the fact that Summer is not taking the hint and getting out of here. Hoping it gets better for both of us southern ladies soon.

  5. That’s crazy!! Why are they running so fast?
    Those pastries look sooo delicious. I die for pastry.
    My long run yesterday sucked too so you’re not alone. Meh.

    • Paula

      That’s not even the “good” stuff she bakes. I should ask him for some pictures of the stuff she makes so I can post it. It’s ridiculously intricate.

  6. Your trainer giving you pastries is about the most ridiculous thing I can think of. Does he not know that automatically makes it sanctioned food and you’ll for sure eat them now?? Ugh!
    Sometimes I want to go out there just to do some of these double workout days with you, they sound kind of epic. I read that working out twice in one day is more effective than the same amount spread over every other day, so you’re obviously doing it right! Monstahhhh

  7. I totally thought your run group was going to get better! Sorry about that–that is so frustrating. I can’t decide whether a trainer who gives out desserts is the best trainer ever or worst. I’m leaning toward best.

  8. Ananda R.

    I’m interested in your double deck of cards workout. Do you go through 52 cards twice?? That sounds awful! How long does it take?

    • Paula

      Sort of. Our trainer shuffles 2 decks together. If there are multiple cards of the same suit in a row, he just adds them all up and has us do that number. So instead of having us do 2 sit-ups, then 7 sit-ups, then 10 sit-ups, he’ll just make us do 19 at once until the next suit shows up. It took us an hour. We were exhausted afterward!

  9. I heard any food you get at Crossfit is automatically paleo. It’s like the WODs produce magic paleo dust that blesses all that it touches.

  10. Victoria

    I don’t get running a minute per mile faster than your goal pace, especially in this heat. Maybe I’m dumb, but I thought you were supposed to run slower than goal pace? I know someone in the 4:00-4:15 group and she ran a 10:00 pace on Saturday and she’s shooting for closer to a 4:00 marathon.

    • Paula

      I saw Kristi Lynn out last weekend and talked to her. Her group is a 4:15 now and she said they run a 9:15 – 9:45. That’s still slower than my group. Crazy! I think my group is too all over the map for me. One week they run a 10:00, then next a 9:00. It’s stupid.

  11. Verlin

    You’ve got to ditch that group before you get stabby on them. They had their chance to hang out with you and they blew it! You deserve better. Make your own group or something – people like you – gather them up! Also, a trainer who brings pastries – hmmmm – that is wrong/right on so many levels that I really can’t pick a side on that one. Is it kind of like the crack dealer who gives “the first one free”?

    • Paula

      I’m going back to my old group for sure otherwise I’ll have to invest in some Chinese stars to throw since they are so far ahead of me I wouldn’t be able to stab them.
      Trainers giving pastries is genius. It ensures their employment. If I ever take that path, I’m opening a gym that is also a frozen yogurt bar.

  12. runderbykat

    Geez that group sounds like it suuuuuuuuuuuucks. The volunteer coaches need to be fired…and at the very least someone needs to show them a working watch and what 4:30 divided by 26.2 miles is…jerks.
    Plus, aren’t you supposed to train slightly slower than you expect to run, because of all the race day endorphins, etc? On the plus side, you got some delicious looking doughnuts for putting your body through 2 tough workouts in one day… completely worth it.

  13. This is pretty much my most favorite blog title of ALL TIME. So kudos!

  14. Nicole

    I got tired just reading about all that activity! I would be surprised if you didn’t take a nap. I’m sure the massive dose of sugar and bread afterwards led to some drowsiness too. Still, you are amazing!!!

  15. Katie

    ok, You are freaking hilarious. love the blog. glad I found you. good stuff here, girl. good stuff!! i’ll be stalking you like crazy now. 🙂

  16. His wife MADE those? Geez. No wonder he married her. I need to find someone who will bake things for me.
    Sorry your running group sucks 😦 I say punch them all (except your friend).

    In other news, you look beautiful!

  17. Stefanie

    I saw on your Facebook page that you were left by the running group again! Do they not have other pace groups? Or is it like, “RUN FAST OR BE LEFT”. What superior fast bastards.

    • Paula

      They have two 4:30 pace groups, the crap one and the one I was in before that was a little too slow. I’m going back to the old one and seeing how it goes. Maybe they got a little faster?

  18. If that diet is real, it sucks no matter the era. Asteroids my aunt fanny, dinosaurs officially popped a stone cap in themselves because of the fungi root diet. Personally, I’m on the eat-lettuce-and-dream-it’s-chocolate-while-you-cry-in-a-bathroom-stall-about-it diet. I’m gonna need some more tissues.
    (I tried to post this from my phone but it kept saying fail, so if you see 8billion comments from me, sorrrryyy and delete.)

  19. I stand by my statement that paleo is only legit if you are also gathering and hunting your own food. It also sounds like you need a better running group.

  20. You are completely scaring me away from joining a running group. Not being able to keep up/being left, is my worst nightmare.

    • Paula

      Don’t be scared! My last group was the complete opposite, which is why I’m going back to them. Those group pacers will walk someone 4 miles back to their car if they aren’t feeling well and can’t do the run just so they aren’t left alone.

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