3M Race Plan

I’ve been keeping my fall 2012 race schedule pretty low-key after last year’s nine race burn-out. Currently, I’m registered for exactly two races: the Tower of Terror 10-miler at the end of this month and the Space Coast half at the end of November.

I don’t necessarily have a plan to register for more races, I’m just kind of playing things by ear. A couple weeks ago, this girl suggested I run the 3M Half Marathon with her.

After completely over-thinking it, I decided to register today. That means I’ll be heading back to Austin in January and running my first race in Texas. (I can cross another race state off my list!)

Anyone else running 3M?

I’m pretty happy about this decision mainly because the course is going to be an instant personal record.  I’ve already decided I’m going to pad myself in bubble wrap and roll down down to the finish.

I know what you’re thinking. There’s some uphill in that race too. Well, I also have a plan for that. Once the incline starts, I’m going to hop on my filly.

Thank goodness I don’t have to leave her at home this time. She hates that.

So that’s the plan.

I expect that I’ll have a good chance of placing in my age category.




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14 responses to “3M Race Plan

  1. I just spit coffee on my keyboard when I read about the filly. Thank you for that.

  2. I might be running this race too! Downhill is definitely appealing 🙂

  3. Ang

    LOL! I’d enter and win every race if I could ride a horse, but I wouldn’t just ride any horse, I’d ride a white unicorn with a purple mane.


  4. A bunch of people in my running group ran this race last year and raved about it! I’m partial the the Austin Livestrong Half in February, but this elevation chart puts that one to shame.*

  5. Michelle

    Oh man. That elevation chart makes me want to book a flight to Austin!! It’s beautiful. (The chart and Austin)

  6. Yay–good luck! Working out would be much more fun if steeds were involved.

  7. Jessica@sweatismysanity

    Sounds good. I’ve never heard of a 3M race?? I’m signed up for four half marathons. I’ve only done one, trained for a second but had to pull out last minute. I feel like I have to do one right after the other or I’ll probably quit running, get lazy and have to start all over again with building my endurance. We’ll see how it goes.

    • Paula

      I think 3M is just the name of the company that sponsors the race. It’s just a regular half marathon. With the option to bring horses, I guess. They get addictive once you start! After I ran my first race, I ended up doing one a month for the next 6 months. 🙂

  8. I’m running the Tower of Terror Ten Miler too! Then my mom is going to make me go on that damn ride at least 10 times.
    Flying in from Iowa for it

    • Paula

      I used to go to Iowa to visit my grandma every summer. My dad and I would drive into Dubuque from Chicago. 🙂 Very cool about ToT. Have you seen the medal? It glows which makes it super awesome. Of course, you’ll need to wear it on the ride (which is equally awesome).

  9. Ohh if I ever run a half I will make sure it is one that is ALL down hill.

  10. Stefanie

    I like the look of that course. Downhill courses are the bomb! I hear a lot of runners complain about it killing their quads, but it honestly doesn’t bother me. I would run 13.1 miles downhill ANY day.

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