Weekend Things

It’s been one of those weekends. It hasn’t been bad but it also hasn’t been necessarily good or productive so it feels like a waste. I never have weekends that are completely free of plans, so I feel like I squandered this one by not doing more. I don’t even know what would have made it better. I just know I was too lazy to do anything about it so instead, I’ll complain.

Hubs has been working from home all weekend, so we’ve mostly stayed in. Since he’s been working and I have been bored for the first time in years, I decided to work on the blog a bit. I changed all of the pages at the top and added some new sub-menus.

There’s a new page for Crossfit workouts, a blogroll, and one for Bunnypants. Diva gets her own page.

I also added my Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter feeds to my Facebook page. So, basically you can follow me everywhere by just following me on Facebook. Fancy, eh?

Saturday after my meh run, hubs and I went to lunch at a burger joint downtown called Hamburger Mary’s. We had the place to ourselves.

I’ve been wanting to go to Hamburger Mary’s for awhile now. They were voted one of Orlando’s best burgers, plus they have a drag show on Saturday nights that I really want to see. I tried to get reservations for my birthday this year, but you have to reserve the show six weeks in advance. Crazy. We settled for lunch (without a drag show) since the only thing that can make me happy after running 10 miles is shoving a burger in my face.

It did not disappoint. I pretty much love this place now and want to raise all my babies there. The burgers were so good, we didn’t even mind paying $7.00 for downtown garage parking. I had the Blue Boy Burger (bacon and bleu cheese).

It.was.ridiculous. I want to go back there and eat all the things.

After we were done, our check came to us in a high heel. You know, normal everyday stuff.

Saturday night, hubs and I watched a movie called V/H/S.  The movie started out with a lot of potential but then went straight in the crapper.

It’s about a group of guys who are hired to steal a VHS tape from a house. Once they get there, they watch the tape (of course), which has a bunch of weird video footage filmed with a hand-held camera. Each piece of footage is a new story. Imagine Tales from the Crypt and Blair Witch Project having a movie baby, and you have this movie.

Once the guys watch these tapes, weird things start to happen in the house. So the story goes back and forth from what’s on the tapes to what’s happening with the guys in the house. Several of the stories were seriously creepy, but the movie was 30 minutes too long so I got tired of watching them. Then, I was waiting for all the stories on the tapes and the story of the guys in the house to tie together somehow but they never did. At all. The movie just ended which was super lame.

Not so lame? Getting to see my bestie last night. Smile

We met up at Ale House for a couple drinks since neither of us worked today. I had to put off watching the Breaking Bad finale (<— omg, did you watch?!) for three whole hours, which is basically like 80 million years in Breaking Bad time.

She’s lucky I like her.


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32 responses to “Weekend Things

  1. So did you watch it?! I’ve been waiting five seasons for that to happen and now I have to wait AN ENTIRE YEAR to see what he does?!? I’m kind of mad, but also kind of glad this season redeemed itself in the last 42 seconds, bc honestly I didn’t feel it was up to par. You?

    • Paula

      I watched it immediately after I got home! I like this season. I like that every season is different and the story evolves unlike other shows that keep doing the same crap over and over (Burn Notice comes to mind). This season COULD use more Jesse but I think everything is just really well filmed and written. I can’t complain. Except for that entire year I have to wait. I’ll complain about that.

      • Ang

        ooohhh… Burn Notice. I only watch it for Bruce Campbell and Jeffrey Donovan. Did you ever see JD in “Touching Evil”? It didn’t last long, but it was an awesome show.

  2. Lee

    What did you think of Breaking Bad? What do you think is going to happen?!

    • Paula

      I loved it! Though, I’ve never seen that many houses tented in such a small area in my life. I really thought Jesse or Skylar would turn him in. Fabian thinks his cancer is not in remission and he’s not telling anyone and he’s gonna check out that way. What do you think?

      • Lee

        I’ve never seen a tented house in real life, period!

        The cancer could have come back but he’s at least alive until his next birthday, as we saw in the first scene of the first episode of this season (plus, he had hair). I wonder if maybe someone from Madrigal is coming after him (because he wanted to get out) instead of Hank. Or both? I also think that Skyler might end up in jail at some point. Not sure what will happen with Jesse and I’m still wondering what the point of Todd’s character was, if there was more than just having his uncle there to help Walt kill the men in prison, if he could do something.

        Clearly, I have given this way too much thought.

        • Paula

          The cancer could be back and he could have hair since he’s not doing chemo. But I totally forgot about that first episode. I was thinking Todd was just there because Walt couldn’t cook alone and get it done fast enough. I really like Lydia. I feel like she’s gonna have something to do with Walt’s demise. (I know, specific!) And you have definitely not thought about it too much. 🙂

  3. Ahhh the breaking bad finale! I am about to watch it! I’m so sad all the good shows are over…but I guess I have the Walking Dead to look forward to.

    Your weekend sounds a lot like mine. A lot of leisuring. It was my most simmered weekend of the summer, and I loved it!

    • Paula

      Mine too! I almost don’t know what to do with myself when I don’t have every hour of every day planned. And yes! Walking Dead in a month and a half. And Dexter and Homeland at the end of this month. And then the new fall season. Watch all the things!

  4. Sadly, no breaking bad for me. I have 3 English speaking channels right now, and AMC ain’t one of them. Also, apparently some things you can’t watch online in other countries! How lame is that?*

    • Paula

      That is lame! Fabian lived on a base in Germany for years and told me the channels were slim pickin’s. Lots of sitcom reruns. Do you have iTunes where you can buy episodes?

  5. I want that gigantic burger so badly. Also, I was reading an Entertainment Weekly article on AHS:Asylum and I think it will be amazing blog fodder for you. It sounds absolutely insane.

    • Paula

      I’ve heard a lot about it. Pretty cool cast this year. Adam Levine? YES please. I need to get my typing fingers prepped for the new season!

  6. I’m still a little freaked out over how good that Breaking Bad was, especially the Crystal Blue Persuasion scene.

    • Paula

      I did see your public declaration of love on Twitter. You were still saying The Wire was better last time I talked to you, so now that you’ve come to your senses, I can take you off of my “to kill” list.

  7. Michelle

    I thought the Breaking Bad finale was a stinker UNTIL those last 10 seconds. I’m disappointed though that they’re making us wait a year for the next 8. I thought it was a good but uneven season and Hank’s revelation was the chance to gain some momentum.

    I watched the worst “scary” movie this weekend. It was called ATM and was about someone terrorizing people trapped in an ATM.

    • Paula

      That’s how I felt about last year’s Dexter finale. A stinker till the last 10 seconds. A year is just too long for me to wait for the last 8.

      I saw ATM on demand and we considered it. Glad we didn’t watch it! I looked everywhere for that Elizabeth Olsen movie you mentioned but it’s not on Netflix or on demand. Why you have to get my hopes up like that?

      • Michelle C

        Oh no! Do you have Redbox in Florida? (It’s like a big red box at the grocery store or walmart/7-11 type places) I know i’ve seen it in those around here. It’s 1.25 per rental per night. I’ll pretty much watch anything for 1.25 (hence ATM.) We have to find it for you somewhere. Soooo goood.

        • Paula

          Yes! We have Redbox but I’ve never rented from there only because I’m terrible about returning stuff on time. So I’d probably end up paying for the whole thing by the time I got it back there. But I might seek one out anyway now that you have me all curious.

  8. Agree on all counts on Breaking Bad. The last two scenes were so tense though. It reminded me so much of the Sopranos finale when you were so tense that you knew SOMETHING was about to happen. And much like the Sopranos, the “something” here was much quieter, albeit, has the potential to be THE biggest thing ever. They’ve been building to this for so long. Since about two seasons ago, there’s been no doubt that Hank will be the one to finally end Heisenberg. He’s too smart not to figure it all out eventually. He’s just been blinded by his love of Walt. I’m so glad Jesse survived. The sad thing is that he’ll never flip on Walt but Walt will think that he will. So I still don’t know that I think he’ll make it out alive.

    And there’s zero chance Walt is out. Remember, he’s in the empire-building business. No matter how big that stack is, it’s not about the money for him.

    OK, yeah, I’ve spent way too much time thinking about it too. I totally forgot that Dexter and Homeland both start again this month. Hooray! I’ll probably stick with the Walking Dead, even though the past season and a half have been horrible.

    • Paula

      I will need to be held like a crying baby if Jesse dies. Can you do that for me? It might take a couple hours and a few pints of Ben and Jerry’s. And so true, it’s totally about the power and not the money. Hmmm. You have me thinking now.

      Also, did you just say the past season and a half of Walking Dead were horrible? I’m going to have to block your comments now.

  9. You can’t honestly say you enjoyed life on the farm on Walking Dead???? By the time they finally got out of there, I was ready to eat all their brains myself. I’m optimistic that this season will be better, based solely on the fact that we’ll at least have three locations — the prison, wherever the Governor is and wherever the blonde they left behind and her weird medieval looking friend is. That’s TRIPLE the excitement of the last year. I hated that farm.

    And P.S. as much as I love Breaking Bad, I still believe The Wire is the greatest show that ever was and ever will be. No competition. Walter White is no Stringer Bell or Omar. #FACT

    • Paula

      OMG. Yes. I loved everything about WD, even on the farm. I think there was one episode I found kinda dull but I love all the interaction with the characters. I’ve read all of the graphic novels too and they are even more amazing.

      I need to check out The Wire.

  10. When I read this last night, all I could think was: man, that burger looks GOOD! maybe I won’t be a veg forever haha

  11. Hamburger Mary’s is so fun! I haven’t been yet for a drag show either. I really want to go for Bingo night!

  12. Amber K

    I hate it when movies just…end. Who decides that’s a good idea? Ugh.

  13. Did you say, “you’re my boy, Blue!” when your burger came? Cuz I would have.

    My weekend consisted of a whole lotta laying on the couch and then some more laying on the couch. HOT.

  14. Ang

    A Hamburger Marys opened recently where I live here in St. Louis, it’s on the list of places my hubby and I want to try out. I can’t wait.

    BTW, your bunny is adorable. How did she lose her ear? Or was she born that way?

    • Paula

      You will love it. There were so many things on the menu that we wanted to try. The Cherry Coke Martini there is amazing too.

      Thank you! We think she was born that way since she didn’t have any scarring or scabs when we got her at 8 weeks old. We thought she might be deaf in that ear at first but she responds to sounds like a champ.

  15. Whenever I read your blog I laugh out loud and my coworkers give me dirty looks. Just wanted to tell you that.

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