Have All the Fun

Now that I got eating all the things out of the way, let’s talk about the fun part.

The Austin thing worked out a lot better than I thought it would. I was expecting to drive there on my own, site see on my own, and meet up with Melissa in the evening. A couple of my co-workers, Mike and Kelly, decided they wanted to join me, so I was able to drive down with them and share a hotel room which made everything way cheap.

We found that almost every hotel was around $200, a little pricey when we only wanted the room for sleep. So Melissa suggested we bid for a hotel on Priceline. We did and won the bid at The Intercontinental, a 4-star hotel downtown, for $100. SO cheap.

In case you’re wondering, the girls got the bed. *Cue eyebrow wags* Mike got the uncomfortable couch.

You can bet I will be using Priceline bidding ALL the time now. How have I not used that before? The hotel was really nice, but for 4-stars, we all expected more. I’ve definitely stayed in nicer 2 and 3 star hotels. But it did the job and it was in a perfect location.

Once we checked in, we did a little site seeing. I forgot my camera in the hotel in Killeen, so I had to use my cell phone camera the whole trip. I was so annoyed. So, just imagine all the pictures in this post do not look like total shit.

We started by walking a couple blocks down to the capitol.

And that’s about where the site seeing stopped. It was hellishly hot, so we decided to go to lunch so we could get up in some A/C. We walked to Ten Oak where we met up with our other co-worker, Lee, who drove into Austin the night before.

After lunch and some drinks, I left my co-workers there to get their drink on while I walked back to the hotel to get ready for my big night on the town. I made the executive decision to wear boots. I know it’s 104 degrees out, but it’s Texas and when you’re in Texas, you wear boots.

Or so I thought. Because I swear I was the only one in Austin with boots on that night. It was a little disappointing. I really could have gone for some more cowboy action on the streets.

I met up with this little cutie for our quasi-blind date at Roaring Fork.

Melissa and I only knew each other through our blogs, but even so, I was fairly certain she wasn’t a creepy serial killer. Well, mostly sure.

We had some good food and good drinks and then walked to a place called Cedar Street Courtyard, which Melissa picked by going on my personal fun criteria of loving “bars and live music.”

This place was awesome. I mean, she seriously couldn’t have picked a better place. We got there pretty early and it was really empty. So, we grabbed our spots on the bar stools, ordered some drinks, and took advantage of the bar tender’s photography skills.

That’s when Melissa introduced me to Three Olives Loopy vodka. Have you had that stuff? It tastes exactly like Fruit Loops and is magical. MAGICAL! I want to eat it with actual Fruit Loops. But I had to settle for mixing it with club soda.

After an hour, we made our way to a table outside. Kelly texted me wondering where we were, and shortly after Kelly, Mike, and Lee met up with us since they happened to be at a pub next door. Let me just say, Melissa was a trooper. I didn’t expect my co-workers to meet us out; I was planning to meet up with them later on. So our hot date turned into a quadruple date and she didn’t even seem to mind. 🙂

It was about that time that the band went on. Oh. The band.

And the pants!

They’re called Metal Shop and they played all hair band covers. It was basically heaven. And we may or may not have danced on stage to Pour Some Sugar on Me.

(No approval from Kelly on that one, sorry.)

Not only did all of us love the place and the band, but my co-workers kept talking about how much they loved hanging out with Melissa. We all had so much fun.

After Melissa left around midnight, the rest of us went to Barbarella but didn’t stay long because we were wiped out. Kelly, Mike, and Lee did a good job evading most of my pictures. I managed to get this one of me and Lee at the end of the night.

Neither one of us remember taking it. So there’s that. Our eyes are open and that’s all we can ask for.

I had so much fun in Austin and loved meeting Melissa. I want her to live in Orlando so I can take her everywhere with me. It felt like we had already been friends for a long time and we were just meeting up for a night out. It’s amazing how blogging can do that and has helped me make some of the most awesome friends.


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15 responses to “Have All the Fun

  1. tiffy

    i can already tell that that band would be my favorite of all time. *love*

  2. Aww this post makes me so happy 🙂 So glad you (and your co-workers!) had such a great time in Austin. Come back in Jan for 3M! Pretty please 🙂

    And then maybe I should start stalking the FL spring race calendar and plan a weekend of racing & cocktailing?

    • Paula

      Um, YES! You always have a place to stay in Orlando. I’m gonna ask Fabian if he wants to come out in Jan. He’ll love Austin but he doesn’t love races. haha.

  3. you have got to try that Loopy vodka with cream and sprite. it’s like a fizzy bowl of fruity pebbles milk. not just for breakfast anymore!! ❤

  4. This may be the most jealous I’ve ever been of you. That concert looks AMAZING. At the very least, I hope you momentarily thought of me during “Livin’ on a Prayer.” Please tell me they played some Bon Jovi.

    Yup, pretty much obsessed with getting to Austin asap. I have no excuse either. My best friend’s younger sister who was also briefly one of my roommates post-college has lived in Austin for the past 5 years. What the hell is wrong with me?

    Glad you had so much fun.

    • Paula

      They did a couple Bon Jovi songs. You would have LOVED it. I’m not sure if it was just in my imagination, but I think they also did In and Out of Love. One of my faves. ❤ ❤

  5. Looks like such a fun night! Love your outfit too. The singers pants make me…..laugh, cry, wanna steal them?!

  6. The boot stereotype! love it.

    From my experience, Austin is the least stereotypical Texas city. When I go out in Houston I don’t really see anyone wearing boots unless I go to the country bar. I hadn’t had boots since elementary school, but finally got a red pair this year so I would blend in when we wen’t two steppin. I’ve lived in Texas my whole life.

    • Paula

      That’s what my co-workers were saying too. I think Florida malls are more Texas than Texas. 🙂 I definitely need to get my hands on a red pair of boots. Those sound saucy!

  7. SkinnyRunner

    i love priceline and use it for everything. i tried to “name your best price” on a car fill up the other day…. the gas attendant was not as amused as i was.

  8. Soo…you are saying there were no cowboys in Austin? Disappointed. Metal Shop almost makes up for it though.

  9. If I got a dress exactly like yours and started wearing it that wouldn’t be weird right? Because I love it!

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